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The Common PC Problems And Their Solution


It is hard to think of even a single day without being on PC. you are a student, an office worker or a gaming freak, something that you cannot survive without is the PC or the laptop. It is for this essential and frequent usage that as the PC goes out of order you start feeling bad. It seems as if the things will come to a stand still. Broken parts, faulty software, failing hardware is all that can curse your PC. The accidental deletion of the files is another problem that is often reported. There is no need to panic if any of these problems are bothering you. There are solutions both DIY and professional that you can use to handle possible complaints. 

Here is a guide to resolve five of the most common problems related to the PC. 

Five Most Reported Problems And Their Solutions 

1. My Laptop Screen Is Broken 

Think of the moment your laptop slips out of your lap or a child running round hits it against it. In both the cases once it falls down you will see the screen having cracks or a spider web like impact spreading all across the length or width. This means you are about to face a big problem. Before resolving the problem make sure of what has actually happened. Never go for a hasty decision of thorough repair. Check the laptop thoroughly to be sure that the problem is only with the screen that is broken and no other part has gone out of order. If the problem is only with the visuals the rest of the system will keep working smoothly. Let the system run until you are sure that the rest of the functions are absolutely fine. 

If you the problem is not just with the visuals then add an external monitor to your device with the output port. If your laptop has an external display, you can simply activate it with the Function keys. In this way you can be sure that there is no problem with the external display and it is only the screen that is faulty. 


It is now time to find the solution to your problem. A hairline crack will not matter much provided it is not a touch screen laptop. In this case you have to be very careful especially when you are trying to move it around. You have to close it very carefully too otherwise they think hairline cracks can become longer and wider. 

There are two options to fix the screen. Use the DIY ways or check for an expert repair shop to get the screen replaced. The DIY repair is helpful only when you are using a simple and basic laptop. If you have a specialized laptop or an ultrathin laptop then you may not try going for the DIY option. 

2. A File Got Deleted

What do you consider as important data?

It is either the memory based collection in the media gallery or the file from the office or school that you may need in the future. The other important kind of files are the system files that keep running the system. Experts always suggest that the system files must be kept in a folder that you do not access often. It is also not recommended to keep checking such files unnecessarily. If any of the PC’s root folders are mishandled you may lose the important files. The other sources of deletion can be the system crashes, malware or an infected program. 

If the deletion was accidental you can either go to the search tab and look for the file or you can simply check the recycle bin. If the file exists there, right click and choose to restore the file. If the things are not going the right way you can choose to use a recovery tool and reclaim the lost data. 

In some situations the recovery application may fail too because the file is no longer in the recycle bin. If you are using Windows 7 it is easy to get back the files as this version creates “previous versions” of your files. You need to turn on the feature manually in Windows 10. 


If despite trying hard you are not able to find the deleted files don’t worry.  There are alternate solutions to it. For those who keep regular backups the task is not too hard to manage. The systems using backup drives like Dropbox, Copy, or OneDrive, hardly come across such hard times. If the lost file is your personal data file then you need to use data recovery software’s or go for professional help. The things are different if it is a system file. In that case you have to get the PC repaired. 

3. My Beverage Has Spilled Over My PC

One of the most common accidents reported related to the PCis spilling either a cup of tea or a whole glass of water resting next to the system. It is important to address it immediately otherwise it can be really risky. The spillage can damage the circuits within. Make sure that if the system is in use, shut it off, unplug it, dissemble it and remove the battery. It is better to do it as quickly as possible.


After switching off the system take out all the components that you can and turn the whole unit upside down. In case of a laptop make sure if the liquid spilled on the keyboard it is not going to the screen. Mop the liquid thoroughly to make sure that not a single drop of water is left in the unit. You will need a lint free cloth to complete this task. Remove the keys on the keyboard and dry the keyboard thoroughly. Once you are done use the circuit cleaner for a thorough cleaning. Once you are done with all the steps leave the system aside for a considerable time before starting using it again. 

4. I Am Not Connected To Internet 

Do not curse your service provider every time the screen shows that you are not connected. The problem can be with your connections or the system too. The internet problem can be due to three basic reasons. The ISP which is local, regional, or national outage; the modem that is not working properly ; and above all the wireless router that can be malfunctioning. The ultimate source of the problem can be the computer itself. 


If you are sure that the problem is due to the ISP check the DownDetector and go to the provider. DownDetector will help you in reporting the problem with the internet services. In case you are not able to reach the DownDetector you must check the modem and the router. Unplug both the router and the modem. After half a minute plug in the modem again. After 30 more seconds you can plug the router too. If the problem persists even after restarting the PC then plug the PC directly to the modem. If the problem is over it means it was the router giving you a tough time. 

5. I Have An Intruder 

Whether you are working offline or online you must be ready to face the intrusion of an unwanted visitor. The viruses can visit you anytime and from anywhere causing severe damage to the system. They can even deprive you of your essential data and this will only take a few minutes. Some viruses may come with the emails or the chat messages. The first sign is the system crashing frequently


Choose to restart the PC in the safe mode. Keep pressing the key F8 continuously after restarting the system. There is no need to hold it for long. Stop pressing it after you see the Advanced Boot Options menu. With the help of the arrow keys you can choose Safe Mode with Networking and press Enter. Use an antivirus program in the safe mode. The program will run and then remove all the possible threats in the system. There is a best all time solution and that is to shield the system by installing the antimalware. It will come into action as soon as the virus is detected. 

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