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The 10 Best Mini PCs in 2021


Purchasing a mini PC is a perfect solution for those who would like to buy a powerful but budget-friendly machine for comfortable work and play. But how to choose the best PC for your needs? What are the real advantages of mini PCs? In this post, you will find all the necessary info about mini computers and will pick up the most reliable and cost-effective machine. 

Before You Start

There is nothing new that choosing a new PC is not easy. You will need to consider lots of solutions available on the market, compare their features and prices, as well as read the reviews of other customers. But what if your computer is broken now? How can you cope with all your work or academic assignments if you are a student? Fortunately, you can start using one of the writing services and find the freshest speedy paper promo code to get the lowest possible price for your essay. This way, you will not need to hurry up with choosing your new PC and will be able to make a purchase wisely. 

The Advantages Of Mini PCs Any User Should Know 

The number of mini PC users continues to grow. More and more customers choose this type of device for personal, office, and family use. But why do most of them prefer buying mini-computers rather than choosing a common PC or laptop? To get the answer, you will need to find out the benefits of this type of device:

  • They are very compact but still powerful. Now, you don’t need to buy a regular PC to get a smart and reliable machine
  • They are cheaper than laptops and desktop machines
  • They have a brilliant and top-notch design that will satisfy even the most demanding customers
  • They don’t need much space. Desktop PCs always require lots of space on your desk. This rule is not working for mini versions. 
  • They need less power. In case you have a very high electricity bill, using a mini PC might also help you save money. 

Top Mini PCs In 2021 

The number of mini-computers you can choose from is surely impressive. However, we are always ready to help you with the best choice. Take a look at our hottest list of the most effective devices that worth your money below. 


This is a light-weighted device that will bring you all the functions of a traditional desktop PC. It has a 4K video input, all the necessary ports for connecting additional devices, and a very attractive price. It has an amazingly powerful processor and 6 GB of RAM. As for its portability, it weighs less than 1 kilo, so you can take it anytime and everywhere. 


This device is a perfect alternative for those who want to purchase a handy device and use it both at home and in the office. This miniature computer has the power of a big one, so you will always be able to work on your documents in a fast and handy way. The machine is very slim, so it won’t bother you to find a place on the desk. 

Lenovo ThinkCentre M700

This device has a very attractive price that makes it stand out from the crowd of computers with similar features. It can be used as a DVR and can easily help you work and study in the most comfortable way. 


In case you are not looking for the smallest mini PC on the market, CHUWI might become a nice and quality device to fit your needs. Although it is a little bit bigger than its analogs, it can boast of having an Intel Core i5 processor and excellent properties. 


This device can have various processors, so you can easily pick up a computer according to your particular needs. However, it will still have an amazing performance, lightning speed, and top-notch functions. It has a Micro SD slot and several USB ports for maximum convenience.

HP EliteDesk 800 G2

This computer has a fantastic interface and one of the most powerful specifications compared to its analogs. This device is also considered to be one of the most popular minicomputers for regular travelers. As for the storage, you will surely have enough space for your files since the machine has 512 GB SSD. 

Beelink U57 

This mini-computer is also included in the list of the most popular devices you can buy in 2021. Although it is considered a bit thick, you will surely find it extremely easy-to-use and super effective. It supports two drivers and has a reliable processor. 

Azulle Access3

This fanless and quiet machine is one of the most demanding devices on our list. It has a very small size, powerful processor, and card slots for the best performance. Just place it in your pocket and take it wherever you go. 


This machine is a great option for those looking for the highest possible quality and a reasonable price. Being a perfect home theater computer, AWOW  offers crystal clear images and an unforgettable experience of watching HD movies. You can take it to the office, too.

Acer Revo Base

This mini PC is a flexible device, where you can choose a processor for your needs. It will deliver you the perfect quality of images and videos. The device is a top choice for home entertainment. 

Final Words

There are also tons of other mini PCs you can find online. Feel free to choose any according to your needs and expectations.

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