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5 Best Group Video Call­ Apps for Desk­top, Mobile, and Web

5 Best Group Video Call­ Apps for Desk­top, Mobile, and Web

Video calling is easily overusing social interactions. Though there are several applications for creating video calls, choosing one where it matches your needs can be difficult. Furthermore, Covid-19 demands social tried to distance. Therefore video calls are ideal for keeping up with each other.

The software folks mention is being used to organize instant team/group video calls for both specific and business uses.  Whereas users prefer to organize a video call for quite a huge and though the confined audience, consider your options carefully. After all, you must consider everyone else’s access. And also avoid limiting yourself via used Video conferencing. Thereby, we listed the Best Group Video Call­ Apps for Desk­top, Mobile, and Web. Let’s start….!



Zoom has become one of the quickest video-calling and video-conference-hosting software. The software has around 10 million users.

However, Zoom also provides a free version to all users. Zoom provides excellent content when you are hosting a conference. When you just choose to use the free option for a short period of time.

The time limit will quickly run out, as well as all attendees can enjoy the trial’s simplicity. Although, you may also use a video call to exchange laptops, applications, slideshow displays, pictures, and several other media.



Skype is amongst the most familiar video calling software. Although, Skype is not quite as widely known on mobiles/lap as WhatsApp. This is quite a useful platform for free contact on personal computers.

Moreover, Skype provides HD-grade video and it is frequently regarded. As the highest in terms including both audiovisual performance. In addition, video calls amongst Skype participants are free.

Furthermore, video calling in ultra HD performance. Though, the Shareit and video conferencing are simple to use.



WhatsApp is amongst the most common chat software on mobile devices/desktop nowadays. However, since it is simple to sign up with a mobile number and partially.

Furthermore, WhatsApp’s video calling functionality it’s not the most advanced. However, this altered when the maximum user capacity is increased. The one drawback to WhatsApp’s video suite is that, although the company has desktop and web applications. The video calling is only available to mobile participants.

Nonetheless, WhatsApp video calls and messages are encoded. Under those terms, you didn’t need to concern about most of the messages been disrupted by malicious usurpers.



Viber is a full-featured option for Video calling. This is originally intended to have been a platform for calling indirectly through users. Therefore it includes WhatsApp-style chatting and the ability to exchange data.

These are some of the nicest options for Viber. This is how broadly this is accessible via devices such as Android iOS, Windows Phone, or others. This ensures video calling through the desktop or interacting uses Instant Message with memes ought to be smooth and convenient. Although, this is a free platform.

Viber lets u data be transferred that off video at any time, silence the call, or sometimes even pass the call. However, it can be one of the easiest apps on this list to use.

Google Duo

Google Duo

The Google Duo software is yet another of the best video calling software for Desktop. However, it is intended to run through all platforms, that let u connect with buddies. Even though those who are using a Smartphone or a computer.

Google Duo’s basic components provide the following. Video calling is of exceptional consistency. whereas it Will also group/team talk alongside up to eight additional people at a time.

However, Like a web voice Mail, users can also get instant updates of who has been calling when choosing to respond. It is entirely consistent including all Google apps, this is how it consistently receives positive feedback.

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In conclusion, above we listed 5 Best Group Video Call­ Apps for Desk­top, Mobile, and Web. Each app has its own specifications. However, u can choose one of the finest apps from here according to your requirements. I personally suggest you the zoom is the best video calling app. You can easily use this app for taking lectures or u can also use this for pro work without any hassle during Covid-19…

Stay safe and Be positive!!!


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