Best Voice Changer Apps for Discord in 2021

Discord’s growing success between many players and YouTubers in recent years. Everybody is creating applications for the site to serve customers better.

If you asked a famous streamer, they would almost certainly recommend using the best voice changer for Discord. As either an easy method to attract readers and secure u upon this app.

Some do this for safety interests and others do that for fun. Yet, regardless of the objectives, there is little doubt this is an incredible weapon to do in certain collections.

Although you want to change your voice when using Discord, above are the five best voice changer apps for Discord.



This app is incredibly simple when using, works in actual time. As well as being completely free on all Microsoft windows. Voicemod is a visually attractive app with a much more amazing library of sound filtering. You may prefer a variety of voicing abilities that are used for both enjoyable and realistic purposes. Voicemod will assist you in making the vocal inflection rather than as a machine. This method would assist you when u have to create a powerful bass to the tone. On Windows, it is completely free.



It is a concise voice changer with quite a basic layout. You could choose to edit content to add voice effects and record it with a recorder.

And merely, this also allows users to make their own audio effects. Although, it could even make voice out of writing. It is a useful voice changer software with a variety of special voice features.

It is simple to use. Allows for the development of personalized sound effects. There are several voice effects. Rather, Windows is one of the tools that is assisted.

MorphVOX Junior

MorphVOX Junior

MorphVox is software to control speech-free sound effects. You could make yourself appear as a man, girl, boy, and robot. However, all of those provided voices by using the designed voices and sound effects.

You need to utilize the online voice changer software to transfer the voice into a male to female or conversely.

The app explores the accent to select the best voice change results to help you feel as real as possible. However, here also a few disadvantages of using free software. The disadvantage is that this is ad-supported. Although, it only has two voice options.



Clownfish is a very standard voice-altering feature. However, it performs fantastically very fine Discord. But rather with certain chat apps such as Skype and Steam.

It’s very easy and quick to use. The software is widely functional for all variants of the software. Despite the fact that we feel that it has more sound effects. This is still a software we can suggest due to its simple layout.

Super Voice Changer

Super Voice Changer

This is a very compact tool that needs very minimal Computer resources. However, you ought not to be prevented from being used it. Although have three sounds where u might twist and control.

You can exploit it on a quite basic level Workaround on the controls. Whereas, when you discover the sound you need, and still, preserve the preferences for future use.

However, it enables a decent amount of choice. You have to download the interests for future needs. It plays easily and utilizes little Processing power.

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In the end, above we mentioned the best Voice Changer Apps for Discord. Voice changers are entertaining instruments that, interestingly though, often have such a practical function.

Stay safe and Be positive!!!


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