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With the big waves of the customers who are turning to the websites and mobile apps to find the information and services they want, the responses of the concerned parties are amazing.

Nowadays, it is easy to find that the enterprises and brands are using the custom software engineering services to answer the demands from the market. If you are like any other business owner, you will want to address your business needs against the conventional off the shelf software. In this case, getting help from the software engineering trends company is a great idea.

Speaking of software engineering companies, you must have come across dozens of the providers who offer similar services. The real challenge here is to find the best companies out there. But don’t waste your time on research by yourself. Instead, take a look at our unbiased list of 10 custom software engineering companies below.

software development

ERBIS – The Leading software development firm

Although it is relatively new amongst the competition of the emerging trends in software engineering, the company’s achievement has been overwhelming the average achievements of their competitors.

It is sensible because the company has been working on projects for big companies around the world.

ERBIS brand itself is popular amongst the construction tenders, big data supply chain platform fans, as well as the industry-centric products which explains a lot why this company has always dealt with high-profile clients.

This company has more than 12+ years of experience. Although not the oldest software engineering trends 2020 firm you can find, it already has a matured portfolio which proved the collaborations with big parties such as Sabre Holdings and Deutsche Bank.

One of its strongest selling points is Erbis Cloud Services. The current software trends focuses on the solutions for innovative business which run in the US, European countries, as well as the rest of the world.

The software trends 2020 team from Erbis offers various engagement models which aim to suit the clients’ business needs.

Their dedicated team is ready to help you out with digital improvement in different fields like Healthcare, finance, construction, manufacturing, logistics, and many more. 


Zco has been operating for over 31 years. It is one of the oldest software engineering companies in the world. With the decades of experience, the company has evolved to a great one with multiple specialties. They have ample skill sets and experience to work on different fields such as Hybrid App Dev, Custom Mobile App Dev, Enterprise Software Solutions, Enterprise Mobility, AR development, and so on. They can adjust their team based on their client’s requirement.

Atomic Object

When it comes to soft trends in software engineering, you must add Atomic Object into your watch list. Atomic Object has such considerable rates with high quality of deliverance. Their focus is on the development of the custom apps for website, mobile, desktop as well as companies’ customized software.

Their products are matching the requirements and needs of the client. They will help you to develop the software engineering that is prevalent for your products or services.


ScienceSoft have proclaimed themselves as the  latest trends in software engineering firm and IT consulting company. This IT firm has been tied to the giant companies including Oracle, Walmart, IBM, Magento, Nestle, and many more. They have the great resources, set of skills, and expertise to help you in these aspects: software development, software engineering, mobile apps, web apps, etc. They have ample experiences in providing the services in the retail industry, healthcare industry, banking, telecommunication, entertainment, and so on.

Table XI

Table XI is a new trends in software engineering company which focuses on UX software and software design. It has over 15 years of experience in the working of the popular fields such as mobile apps, websites apps, web development, digital UX, and many more. There are also a lot of ecommerce stores and brands who have attained the benefits from this company. However, their UX and design of software are the golden items.


Scand is a true custom future trends in software engineering  company. Based in Minsk, Belarus, it has over fifty dozens of successful projects coming from global customers.

They offer outsourcing services. Their specialties are the web app dev, custom app dev, mobile app dev, mobile apps, cloud computing big data, desktop app dev, and many more.


Simform the tech company which focuses on research for mobile apps to help their clients to maximize their tech capability. This software company is a prevalent choice amongst the startups, small to mid sized businesses, and the non-profit organizations.

Their focus is on innovation. So, they are more interested in developing distinct software from different companies. Their specialties are custom software dev, mobile app, software product dev, web app, artificial intelligence, cloud migration, software testing, internet of things, and so on.


Oxagile is located in NYC. They have been operating since 2005 and attained great feedback from their customers. The software engineering team specializes in big data consulting, AI, software engineering development, as well as web apps and development.

They have been working with various industries including finance, advertising, real estate, healthcare, as well as banking.

They have confirmed portfolios of e-commerce, e-learning, online video management, video conferencing systems, OTT platforms, as well as multicast apps.

Django Stars

Django Stars has been a recognizable recent trends in software engineering company who focus on software engineering and digital transformation for their clients’ needs and requirements. There are many global companies who have confirmed to be using their service. They have ample experience in handling the software engineering trends such as data science, mobile app development, crypto, UX design, quality assurance of software, and many more. Their specialties are Android and iOS development Python django development, mobile dev, web dev, reactJS, and more.


DockYard is a true software engineering company because their focus is software development centric. They claim to aim to provide the UX, design, and engineering of the services and software.

It is arguably the best current software engineering technology trends  company in the US because it has been nailing with tons of US companies. Some of the high profile clients are Netflix, Apple, Nasdaq, and so on. They provide the reliable software products that are best tailored for the specific products of the companies.