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Should I Hire a Lawyer for a Car Accident? – TechiMag.net


In 2018, California had more than 39,000 fatal traffic crashes, and this number keeps on soaring high.

Understandably, in the event of a car crash, the last thing in your mind would be filing an insurance claim- after all, health comes first.

But apart from filing your claim, there are many other reasons you should hire a lawyer for your car accident

Handling YourInsurance Company 

As a client, your insurance company should offer you a reasonable amount of settlement a few weeks after you file your claim. 

The settlement is meant to help you cover your medical expenses and repair the damaged vehicle immediately.

Sadly, this is usually not the case with many car accidents. The insurance companies will do everything to ensure the minimum settlement is paid to your claim. Sometimes they may even fail to honor the claim.  

Having an experienced lawyer familiar with all the insurance company’s tactics will help you obtain the amount of compensation you deserve.

Investigation of the Accident

 Road accidents are either minor or fatal.

If your car accident was fatal and complicated, a thorough investigation should be conducted. 

Investigation helps in determining who is blameworthy and who is supposed to compensate you. 

A qualified lawyer can conduct an in-depth investigation to determine whether the accident was caused by a reckless driver or a fault in the car 

Determining Your Compensation Claim

It could be difficult for you to receive a settlement equal to the true value of your damage. The settlement is determined by the nature and extent of the damage and injury caused.

Insurance companies are good at convincing victims to accept lowball compensation.

Hiring an experienced lawyer to represent you during the process will ensure that the insurer does not violate your rights. 

Moreover, a good lawyer can ensure that you receive compensation for all your losses including your future suffering. These may include future medical bills, future income loss, pain, and suffering.

Negotiation of a Settlement

Many car accidents and semi-trailer truck traffic collision claims are sought out in court. This means you require a car accident lawyer with skills to file your claim and see to it that you get the highest possible settlement

Without professional help, you are vulnerable and the insurer may take advantage of you by making a low-ball offer to reduce the claim payout.

Lawyers Operate on Contingency Fee Arrangements

A professional lawyer will only charge you if you win and recover compensation. This allows you to access lawyer’s services without the worry of covering your financial costs upfront.

Besides, good lawyers give consultation services free of charge. You can get a free consultation with car accident attorneys in California anytime you need help.

Filling an Injury Lawsuit

Another benefit of hiring a car accident lawyer to deal with your claims is when you need to fill a personal injury lawsuit. A lawyer can help when the insurance company is not willing to pay a reasonable settlement.  

With the influence of a strong lawyer, you can get a fair settlement even before going to court. 

While filing a lawsuit the discovery phase allows both parties to share information and documentation. This can help lead your investigation into the accident and liability, unearthing new evidence that will support claim compensation

Helping You Understand the Laws Relevant to Your Claim

You should hire a car accident lawyer to help you understand the insurance policies. Insurance policies are contracts that explain the responsibilities of both the insurance company and the client

The lawyer will read the policies and ensure that the company is acting faithfully according to the contract requirements.

You Need Peace of mind

Last but not the least, hiring a lawyer after a car accident will ease the stress of following up on the claim process. This will help you to focus on your recovery from injuries and continue with your day-to-day activities.

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