Set up Alexa

Amazon Alexa device is such a popular and fun smart speaker. Even little kids love Alexa. This smart speaker is convenient and quite fun to use. You can give voice commands to Alexa such as for telling a joke, calling a contact, reporting weather, playing music, video, movie and anything else. If you are getting bored you can start asking Alexa funny questions.

If you have bought a new Alexa device then I know that you are super excited to start using it but before that, you need to set up Alexa device. Setting up an Alexa device might not be as easy as starting a normal speaker as you would have to follow a thorough process to start using it.

Set up Alexa

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If you do not know how to set up Alexa device then don’t worry as below is the complete guide to setup the Alexa device and connect it to your WiFi. Here we go…

Download Alexa App

The very first step to set up your Alexa device is to download the Alexa app on your smartphone. Yes, you need to first get the free Alexa app on your Android or iPhone to initiate the process to set up the Alexa device. Alexa app is available for free of cost and it is necessary to download it if you own an Alexa device so that you can control your Alexa through your phone.

Alexa app is available for iPhone as well as for Android. You need to have Android 5.1 or higher, OS 11.0 or higher, or Fire OS 5.3.3 or higher. If you want then you can even download the Alexa app on your computer. All you have to do is to go to Alexa’s website and download the app on your system. Or, go to Play Store or App Store, simply search for “Alexa app” and download it.

Connect Your Alexa Device

The next step is to connect your Alexa device or plug it in. Alexa device doesn’t need any batteries or something which means that you can directly plug it into any of your power outlets. You simply have to use the adapter and cable you got along with your Alexa device and then connect it to the power supply. When you plug in the Alexa device, the light ring turns blue and that is the sign that Alexa device is connected properly. And after that, it would turn orange which means your Alexa device is ready to setup and would greet you.

Set up Alexa

Connect Your Alexa Device To WiFi

Now its time to connect your Alexa device to the WiFi. This is the longest step among all of the mentioned here. Simply follow the below steps to connect your Alexa to your WiFi.

  1. First, open the Alexa app on your smartphone and the sign in to the app via your Amazon credentials.
  2. Now tap the button to get started you would see on your screen.
    Set up Alexa
  3. Alexa will associate wth your Amazon credentials’ name but if you want to change it you can tap on I’m someone else and enter the name you desire.
  4. Now you have to allow the Alexa to access your contacts and notifications.
    Set up Alexa
  5. After that, simply go to the Alexa app’s menu available at the top left sidebar and tap on Add a device option and then select the type of device you want to set up. Then as you have already plugged in the Alexa device, tap on the continue button when you Alexa’s light ring turns orange.
    Set up Alexa
  6. Now you need to connect it to your home WiFi. Open your phone’s WiFi settings and select the Amazon device’s name as the WiFi network and it will show you a confirmation message.
    Set up Alexa
  7. On the next screen, you will see a list of all the available WiFi networks to connect with. You simply have to tap on the network you would like to connect to your Alexa device.
    Set up Alexa
  8. The connection will start to establish and once done it will show you that your device has been successfully connected to your WiFi.

Start Using Your Alexa Device

That’s all you need to do, your Alexa device is now ready. You have to say the wake word i.e. Alexa to start using it. You can even change the wake word if needed just by saying “Alexa, change the wake word” and keep the word of your choice. So, this was the whole process to set up your Alexa device and connect it to your WiFi.

Once Alexa has been connected to your WiFi and all set up, you can start giving it commands. Remember, Alexa is a cloud voice, it needs the internet to follow your commands and to serve you.

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