What is EZTV?

EZTV was created in 2005 and the premise behind this initiative was to provide consumers around the world with high-quality video content. The EZTV and the EZTV proxy and mirror sites provide access to films, TV shows, documentaries, and many more. Of course, things are not necessarily easy because of the rivalry between the various websites that provide identical services. EZTV has, however, been able to establish a name and is most commonly used by consumers to easily and without any chance to access all sorts of media content. With EZTV, you don’t have to watch a movie or a TV show all over the Internet, you only visit this website, use the search box to automatically find your video, and then download it securely. In those times when you are not 100 percent of what you want, the pre-configured categories are also a good touch.

Is EZTV / EZTV Proxy blocked?

Were you looking for an alternate means of unblocking EZTV? There are many options for accessing EZTV while it is blocked. Nonetheless, the feasible approach is EZTV Proxy & Mirror pages. However, it is not so easy to find working EZTV Proxies and Mirrors.

The List of EZTV Proxy & Mirrors 2024:

EZTV Proxies To Unblock EZTV Site
SR. URL Status Speed SSL
1 eztv.unblocked.llc  Online Very Fast  On
2 eztv1.unblocked.is  Online Very Fast  On
3 eztv1.unblocked.si  Online Very Fast  On
4 eztv1.unblocked.lol  Online Very Fast  On
5 eztv.unblocked.pl  Online Very Fast  On
6 eztv.yt  Online Very Fast  On
7 eztv.unblockit.me  Online Very Fast  On
8 eztv.tf  Online Very Fast  On
9 eztv.d4.re  Online Very Fast  On
10 eztv.unblockninja.com  Online Very Fast  On

Where is EZTV Blocked?

Governments not only block access to EZTV pages, but they also block EZTV proxy and mirror sites.EZTV websites and the associated proxies are mostly blocked in

  • United Kingdom
  • Ireland
  • Australia
  • United States
  • Canada
  • Argentina
  • Spain
  • Portugal

Steps to Access EZTV Proxy with VPN

You can still use the mirror list for EZTV with a VPN to improve your privacy further as previously mentioned. Next, the VPN provider you want to use would have to be picked. A secure VPN helps you to access the Internet without having to think about the ISP or some other third party tracking your behavior or the details you exchange with different Websites.

You’ll need to run it and select the country from which you want to navigate, once you’ve downloaded and installed VPN software. This app is an outstanding alternative because you can also open the contents of certain websites that are not available to your country in addition to viewing EZTV mirror pages.

You disguise the name on the internet with the aid of a VPN. So, you won’t be able to tell your ISP that you have been prompted by your IP address when you access any EZTV Proxy. It will instead display a separate IP address, most of the time in another country, ensuring that no one can access your browsing history or other personal information you share.

How to Download from EZTV

Step 1 We recommend you use a VPN to hide your identity
Step 2:Choose one EZTV Proxy/Mirror from our list above.
Step 3: Once you are on the homepage, search for the Movie or file you are looking for.
Step 4: On the download page click on the “Download Torrent” link.
Step 6:Open downloaded torrent file with uTorrent or some other client.
Note: you can also download some TV Shows directly from the EZTV download page.

Best 18 EZTV Alternatives & Similar Sites

  1. Torrent Reactor
  2. Toorgle
  3. Torrentz2
  4. TorrentFunk
  5. BTscene
  6. Movcr
  7. Demonoid
  8. LegitTorrent
  9. Limetorrents
  10. PirateBay
  11. Extratorrent
  12. Zooqle
  13. Rarbg
  14. 1337x
  15. Kickass Torrent
  16. TorrentDownloads
  17. YTS
  18. Torlock

Torrent Reactor

Torrent Reactor is known to be one of the most active torrent suppliers in the world of the Internet with millions of legitimate torrents that carry the latest torrents for its users and the best alternative to eztv proxy. The torrent file categories available here are in the form of a male, animation, music, film, TV shows and films, seasons, episodes, etc.
Torrent Reactor visitors can also check for torrents in compliance with the common and latest choices. The most sophisticated search engine is Torrent Reactor, which guarantees its guests the term torrent. Torrent Reactor helps visitors to share the files that make them better than others.


Google-powered Toorgle is an online search engine that enables users to locate and view available torrent files with any information related to your content similar to eztv. The website explores around 450 torrent-related websites that simultaneously provide the best search results.
Toorgle currently has over 55 000 000 torrent indexes and is now one of the most popular torrent search platforms for Facebook and the Firebox app. It includes a search bar like Google and enables you to search for different terms and download various files like films, videos, games, and much more.

toorgle as eztv alternatives


Torring2.eu is a powerful yet straightforward metasearch engine, where all films, videos, games, software, and other digital content can be downloaded. This blends search engine information with a huge torrent website. This still provides over 61 million torrents, much like Torrentz.eu, and its work reveals more film torrents than those similar meta-search engines.
With it, you can also get a comprehensive solution for games, software, and other digital content. In your search bar, you only have to type the name, tag, or other words. Within a minute you can conveniently access all the related findings without restriction. The best thing about this meta-search engine is that it is free and that you can enjoy it worldwide.

torrentz2 similar to eztv proxy

Torrent Funk

Videos of all forms are available on our website TorrentFunk just like eztv, which would be of interest to archivers, primarily on movies and shows. This website also offers old material, which is impossible to find on any other torrent site. In addition to new material. The website has been one of the most common and stable torrent download sites for around 10 years. It certainly has too much room in the lists of 15-20 torrent websites recommended to users on forums and blogs, amongst the most popular or optimistic. The only thing that people can be vigilant of is that only the home page includes pornographic content.

TorrentFunk just like eztv proxy


BTScene is another EZTV alternative, whether you choose to watch instant films or TV shows. Luckily, you will quickly boost your media sharing needs to new heights through BTScene.
You will find any torrent file of your choosing, videos, anime, etc. Nevertheless, by using the app, you can protect your privacy online. It believes that the idea of a region is blocked in its real spirit and letter. A secure VPN torrent is therefore necessary if DMCA notifications are to be avoided.



MovCr is a popular forum for torrent sharing and is highly recommended as another option for eztv. Users will view new films and TV shows in the segment where new films are listed on the site’s page.

In the featured menu that highlights the famous films and TV programs, you can also access the most common and recently downloaded movies. On the website, which classifies productions by language, you may watch movies or TV series with a variety of language options. The platform is also important, where film series and television series are separated by gender because it is user-friendly and offers numerous files for the download of its users.



A considerably old private General Tracker is demonoid (DMN). The platform is known for being always filled with plants and leaks so that problems like low velocity and dead torrents can’t happen. The index can be checked for better navigation via torrents uploaded. Over the course of the demonoid system, the computer had to be shifted due to some downtimes. This was normal because of local political pressure to suspend the ISP operation. At the end of 2013, a website of the placeholder was published, serving the old Demonoid rivers from the beginning of 2014. Since its maker died, the original Demonoid was shut down. On 29 March 2014, a new website produced by the original staff and moderators restored the actual Demonoid torrent archive with the name demonoid.ph. Later, several times they renamed their website, which is now Demonoid.is.



Legit Torrents is a tracker site for torrents with a live community. LegitTorrents, as the names themselves imply, is used to download torrents completely legally. As of now, there are over 3,900 legal torrents on this website which can be used for any reason. A search bar works well and the page’s style is clean and modern. Coming from a safe and critical source, free and lawful movies, films, songs, books, apps, and others. This time you don’t need to use a VPN as Legittorrents.info means anything that is 100 % legal on your website similar to eztv



Lime Torrents is another EZTV option that is well-known and common because of its authenticity. It has a list of verified torrents. Moreover, the site provides the best torrents for movies and TV shows. Therefore, you can check for torrents with keywords that make the app a user-friendly one. In fact, the torrents found on the web can be easily downloaded. Hence, the recommendation is on point as to eztv.

limetorrents simlar to eztv unblock

The Piratebay

Clearly unconstitutional, however, I shall call it blessings to all. The website began in 2003 and has been banned in lots of international locations on many occasions. The Pirate Bay permits the shoppers to search for Magnet hyperlinks. These are utilized to reference belongings accessible for obtaining through shared programs which, when opened in a BitTorrent buyer, begin downloading the desired content. So, it needs to access like eztv proxy sites

The Pirate Bay allowed shoppers to obtain BitTorrent information, little paperwork that comprises metadata necessary to obtain the knowledge information from totally specific shoppers. The content material is sorted out into lessons: “Sound ” , “ Video ” , “ Purposes ” , “ Diversions ” , “ Porn ” and “ Different ”.



With hundreds of thousands of legal torrents, Extratorrent is believed to be one of the key powerful torrent suppliers on the earth the site that delivers the most current torrents for its customers. The groups of torrent knowledge out there described below are within the context of grownup, animation, songs, motion pictures, series and TV shows, seasons, episodes, and much more.

The guests of Extratorrent will search for torrents based on the option of that and the newest torrents as effectively. One of the things about Torrent Reactor is its superior search engine feature that makes sure that its guests have received the typed word torrent. Extratorrent permits its guests to share their torrent information that makes it higher than others. Extratorrent is similarly accessed by proxies just like eztv proxy sites.



Zooqle is a flexible platform, with over 172,000 TV episodes and 38,000 motion pictures in its database. Its format is just a little totally different from the extra typical, old-school websites, but it surely is nonetheless extremely straightforward to make use of.
A singular feature of Zooqle is its “my subscriptions ” area, which alerts you when new episodes of your favorite exhibits turn out there to look at.

You’ll certainly need to maintain the advert blocker on, however, because scrolling through the page creates quite a lot of pop-ups. Most consumers discover this minor concession to be worth it for Zooqle’s offering of every little item from TV displays to computer games and wireless classrooms.



RarBG shortly expanded to become well-known since its launch in 2008. Wanting the design of the web page you can think it’s old and stale but it surely is quite a lot alive and one of the key important ones.

Attending the search web page requires an additional click and is much less intuitive than PirateBay or Kickass Torrent for instance but when you get familiarised with the location it’s simple. RARBG has all the same old shopping filters and groups to guide your approach through the wide variety of torrents it has mentioned. It is also accessed through proxy sites just like eztv proxy and rarbg proxy.



One of the most experienced and best torrent streaming sites is clearly there for you to move from EZTV to it, Since 2008. And on the off risk that you can’t get to the site, at that stage 1337x torrents is your next best option.

1337x has a massive torrent network, with more than 5 million functioning torrents. The site additionally has a huge network of enthusiastic users. Users frequently leave comments on the site’s posts that can reveal to you much more about the past than the torrent’s depiction itself.


Kickass Torrents

The authorities of the United States in 2017 shut down the popular torrent site, Kickass-Torrents. This was the biggest torrent platform in the world at the time and soon took over from the PB After police shut down the original KAT site, a group of workers opened the Katcr.co website. In the hope, the KickassTorrents download sites could return to their former glory.

With the change came a new web KickAss web. The team launched a new torrent website, which looks identical to the original Kickass site.
It hosts a large number of torrent files and magnet connections for torrent videos, TV shows, songs, apps games, and many more. It delivers the same great experience and is comparable to any EZTV website alternative.



This website launched in 2007 and is as easy to use as the name suggests. It survives along with a few others following numerous efforts by the government to shut it down
This website similarly focuses on novels, TV Shows, Technology, and film. The most noticeable drawback is the website shows multiple advertisements. Some of them are distracting, so you can not stop them, except while using ad-blockers.

Nonetheless, they also consider using ad-blockers as it prohibit a decent amount.
TorrentDownloads.me is another popular torrent site because it keeps everything in order. If other crawlers crash, this would be the best opportunity to find any outdated program that is used seldom. You will also come up with little-known ebooks you have been looking for to read again. TorrentDownloads.me isn’t a low-profile site and is banned in many countries.



YTS is another of the top video torrent sites on the planet. It is well known for a vast selection of movies and TV shows including all the new releases. The great thing about YTS is that it lists torrents on different torrent sites. They can see it as a torrent scan where it exchanges the torrent files it discovers.
YTS.AG focuses primarily on film, and therefore it doesn’t offer other categories. You may need to pick other places for sports, music, or TV shows. It comes with a nice style and a range of titles, which makes it suitable for movie lovers. Torrent files are easy on your bandwidth, which is one of the main advantages of going for this site.

yts as eztv proxy


Torlock is a brand-name torrent platform and is on the list of torrent sites renowned for its large collection of torrent content. Torlock is working to become one of the best EZTV alternatives and is introducing new tools and niches at a rapid rate.

It makes it easy to browse a wide range of torrents that satisfy all your needs. The torrent download platform provides songs, games, apps, the latest TV shows, and movies online. This site only has links to checked torrents. The GUI is simple to use and looks amazing. To stop this, Torlock displays the most downloaded torrent files directly on the homepage.


With both of these EZTV Alternatives we described, you are probably curious about which one is the best for you. Regardless of what you want, let FastestVPN be your guide to ensuring you get the best experience from any of these torrenting sites. Whether it be malware security, 24/7 customer service, P2P configured servers that enable you to torrent anonymously, and not to forget ad blocking functionality. In this case, you will now relax and watch your favorite TV shows, movies, documentaries, and much more.

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