Torrentking is the leading meta film search engine to help you locate and merge torrents on the website. You will discover all the files for this specific film easily on this website.
You will use the software completely free of charge and take advantage of it worldwide. It has a huge range of films that comprise a number of categories, just like most film streaming sites. Per group has its own download titles. You can also find what you are searching for with your custom filers.

TorrentKing Overview
Best Features TV content and movies; Verified torrents.
Services provide Movies, TV shows, anime, software, graphics, and ebooks.
Why use TorrentKing?
  • A lot of categories
  • Huge database with a lot of seeders and peers
Database Size It has a database of more than 10 million torrent files.
Banned in Region It is not banned in any region
Speed 4.2 MB/s – Above average download speed.

You need to visit the site, place it, or select your contents for download and that is it. No registration or personal information is necessary for Torrenting. The most popular aspect of the company is its recommendation, quick interface, night mode, various categories, and free for all. Relative to some, Torrentking is the best Meta Film Generator.

List of TorrentKing Proxy and Mirrors

Why Would Torrentking Be Blocked?

In countries with stringent copyright laws, torrenting sites such as 1torrentking are routinely blocked by the ISPs. You would not be able to connect directly to the web if you live in one of those countries. If you downloaded content, you might also be subject to prosecution. It has been blocked by your ISP alongside other torrent sites like movcr, eztv, limetorrents, etc
Your ISP can block your bandwidth or throttle the speed of your download. This is intended to discourage the use of the site by making the installation of media files highly time-consuming.

How to Unblock TorrentKing?

You will use various forms to unblock TorrentKing if it is blocked by government orders from your ISP. The most preferred of them are below.

Tor Browser

To anonymously browse the Internet, TOR is a private network of single computers linked to one another. You can conveniently access geo-controlling websites such as Desitorrents with the TOR Browser. Only type the URL on the window address bar to unblock desi torrents and press In.

Web Proxy

Secondly, a third network proxy and VPN applications fall into our heads when you visit a blocked link. The proxy pages, however, do not guarantee protection and often delay your Internet connection. They could even have malicious scripts that could damage your machine.

Unblock via VPN

VPN is a better way to access torrent pages. It also ensures increased protection when browsing these pages. The VPN also only opens disabled pages.

Top Alternatives Sites like TorrentKing

The Pirate Bay:

It has been around for a very long time, in one way or another. One of the most popular sites to download torrents is considered and it has functions that show whether a seeder is a trustworthy and best alternative to Torrentking. The search engine is usable and new material can be submitted relatively quickly.


You may find it difficult to access the website because it moves a lot, but once you have the site, downloading is simple. It is a great sign that the content is safe and that you do not have to deal with possible malware problems. VIP seeders are recommended.


TorrentDownloads is another platform that offers you simple and succinct torrents of price. The platform has a clear details page so it is easy to find something that you might be searching for in a large index. Each torrent you can select will also display all information.

The best choice would be to browse torrents if you were searching for book torrents. The site also provides a feedback forum that allows users to test torrents as they are downloaded, making it easy to prevent bogus torrents which help the group find out what it needs. If you look for reliable torrents, this is one of the top options.


If you want to stop possible false torrents, TORLOCK is one of the best sites. It is easy to access the website and includes a broad domain store that you can use. It also has a top 100 list that tells you what you need to learn about today’s most popular content.


Torrentz2 is a clone, copycat is a meta-search engine and a multi-search server. is a clone. This means that we are only looking for other search engines.

Torrentz is a popular search application for internet pages. Torrentz is neither a torrent cache nor a file tracker. No file or torrents in any manner, form, or type would be uploaded or “made available” to Torrentz.


Torrentz links to other independent file torrent search engines. We have no influence whatsoever over these regions. The process of indexing is entirely automated. We do not check it.

We do not check it. Nothing that the dumb bots suck back. The nice, the bad, the horrific.  Files in the torrent are just metadata and are not copyrighted. Upon file naming and extraction of space, we do not host torrents, we do not save torrents for ourselves.


Zooqle is a Google that has been decentralized. But it focuses more on television shows than on films. That said, HBO’s latest Chernobyl mini-series tells a devastating tale frankly on this website and the last season of the famous Medieval Throne online.


Furthermore, you can also browse movies, fantasy, theater, comedy, sci-fi, horror, and more, from numerous genres.
Zooqle is decentralized, as mentioned above. It includes registration info, offers rigorous password protection encryption algorithms, and log removal 24 hours after the last login.

However, nobody will be able to track you using this network. It’s supported by ads, of course, so expect some nervous pop-ups.


LimeTorrents is easy but gives other torrent sites an overwhelming majority of content. You will scan famous films, TV shows, animation, documentaries, songs, games, and much more use it. You can find new torrents, popular films, and a lot more by alphabet. This website also provides alternative proxies if they are disappearing.


It is worth remembering that, while you are not allowed to use LimeTorrents to download movies and television shows, you can subscribe and connect. Please note: If you like 18+ content you won’t have to be able to function elsewhere. LimeTorrent doesn’t endorse or encourage adult-based search videos.


OrrentRover is the last option to TorrentKing on our list and, in addition to the website’s mobile app, it also supports your go-by looking for films and other media. This is the ad-free interface for its customers that distinguishes TorrentRover from its
competition. Nonetheless, a donation account is available to assist the business in operating and supplying its customers with web content.

You will scan movies, television programs, songs, computer games, and more with it. The only downside is that it will come down and return every now and then, making it an inconsistent replacement to TorrentKing.


TorrentProject is a torrent search engine for virtually any form of torrent file, including videos, games, and apps. This extracts and verifies torrents from the distributed hazelnut network of BitTorrent and from up to 300 other torrent pages.


One of the best facts about this search engine is that it offers several tracker compilations per torrent that are not necessarily in the original torrent file. The web interface is very basic, like a search engine from Google where you will type in the title and click the search button of your torrent page.


BitSnoop is the torrent provider focused on the peer-to-peer network. It offers hundreds and thousands of torrent files if these are invalid. This is BitSnoop ‘s outstanding consistency that also provides legitimate torrent files to its customers. It guarantees that its users can access the torrent files in the shortest possible period of time with fair seed.


At present, nearly 24 million torrent files are open, and hundreds of other torrent files are frequently downloaded. It has one of the largest torrent file repositories and it depends heavily on other leading suppliers of torrent files. Now it relies on the torrent website, which is almost 300.


YifyTorrents is also known as YTS, a torrent site of the internet that includes millions of torrent files. Yet YifyTorrents only deals with videos only, so don’t think about getting the apps, cards, songs, tv shows, services, and others that you have recorded.

And then can YifyTorrents supply you with the latest films and even the newest videos in real-time, when it comes to films and media. The biggest benefit of using YTS is that it comes with the newest, best content, from the few leading platforms.


1337x is a specialized portal for torrent-based files which can be accessed in the form of a magnet connection, or filtered into two alternatives. The 1337x magnet download system allows users to download torrent files via any torrent client or via any download manager. This is the world’s leading provider with millions of users sharing torrent files.


The 1337x provides the best and most valid torrent of animation, applications, original documentary material, films, music, films for adults, television, and shows, and many more. is another useful alternative. It has a huge array of TV shows, films, animations, documentaries, mangas, and much more. It is not flattered with a futuristic design or a creative user interface, as does some other torrent website. But searching for series or films is relatively easy.

If one of the other apps doesn’t operate or is laggy, torrents are a perfect option for TorrentKing. It is supported through ads; its services can, therefore, be used free of charge. To achieve a reliable and quick download speed, users need to look for things with numerous seeders.

There is a page with a list of Torrent sites if the site is not working. You can conveniently pick one for yourself from those lists. In addition, the proxy server list is available to back it up.

Torrentreactor is a common and trustworthy torrent tool. In five minutes, anything you want can be searched and downloaded quickly – a variety of copied torrents are already available.

The key aim of Torrentreactor is to find out all the good torrents from other websites and also to list all the good torrents on Torrentreactor websites. This torrent website has no files on this list, provided by BitTorrent partners. It is not supplied with files.

You can download your favorite songs, videos, TV shows, applications, software, and several more from the Torrentreactor. Briefly, you can scan, handle, and access BitTorrent data files directly from your laptop.

Mininova is a website that provides downloads of BitTorrent. Mininova is the biggest site with torrents of famous items, Mininova is a popular BitTorrent platform that offers a brand new bookmarking feature that makes it easy to start downloading BitTorrent from anywhere in your browser.

The new feature creates all your bookmarks with a private RSS feed. Bearing in mind that famous BitTorrent customers accept RSS torrent feeds, which means your BitTorrent client can automatically start downloading a torrent if you bookmark a torrent.

All you have to do is sign up and get bookmarking for your personalized feed. It is a very good element. But you can check out the way for uTorrent or Internet remote control if you select much more control over your Downloads of BitTorrent when you are away from your computer.


In this article, we tried to cover a list of sites that can be the best torrentking alternatives. Torrenting is a torrent-finding website. Torrenting can handle the search and store it to prevent you from missing your search progress. It automatically switches search results to a timeline that you can alter. Torrentking will manage consecutive updates automatically for a weekly TV broadcast. You can download the most popular music, video clips, TV shows, apps, applications, etc. Before you start Torrentking first, you can see the fast start video.

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