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Penji Review 2021


Have you ever been on freelancing sites like Fiverr?

Do you want to develop your skills as a freelancer?

One of the most popular genres of freelancing is the art of creating design works. Any freelancing site you visit has a great deal of work for those who know what to design. Amid the times when everything is going online, and several Apps are there to help you, one name that the creative designers love is Penji. It makes work more accessible and helps find the best creators to help you get the outclass design every time you want. The risk of spending more than you consume is also minimized. 

If you want to enjoy Penji, then you need to know about it to the fullest. Here in this article, we ensure that you acquire the best information about one of the favorite software available for freelancers working as designers in multiple categories. 

Penji, An Option To Create Unlimited Designs

Many creative clients planning to get a perfect design think that switching to Penji will be as expensive as in similar applications. They also fear the restrictions related to the number of designs and the revisions. With Penji, there is no fear like this. Whether you are looking for logos or social media content or you need some infographics for your assignments, it gives access to unlimited designs and revisions. For this unlimited feature there are no hidden charges too. All you have to pay is a monthly fee and then Penji services are all yours. 

The turnaround time is a life savior. Instead of waiting for days and hours you can see the results coming in just a few hours. 

Who Can Use Penji?

The use of Penji is not confined to a particular set of people. It is equally good for the following:

  • The bloggers who want to create an impressive and eye-catching material that includes enough textual details along with powerful images and informative additions like infographics. 
  • Social media marketers who seek assistance in creating the materials for popular platforms including Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook.
  • Different creative agencies who want to accomplish creative goals without hiring more manpower. 
  • Businesses that plan to launch PPC campaigns on Facebook, Google, and Instagram
  • Popular names in the market who are constantly seeking rigorous screening processes for on demand graphic design.
  • Small business owners who are looking for something to boost their business goals

What Can Penji Do?

The Penji platform will let you create the following 

  1. Logos
  2. Infographics
  3. Websites
  4. Landing pages
  5. Apps
  6. Print material
  7. Tshirts
  8. Social media
  9. Illustrations

Penji, The Good And The Bad 

What Do We Like About Penji?

  • Penji aims at delivering the best productivity and designer output. 
  • You can expect the results according to the kind of project that you have on your list.
  • Penji comes with both the aoo and the web design.
  • The onboarding process is quite impressive. In the initial phase you can get designs from multiple designers. The designs are based on different approaches. Being the design seeker you can choose any design that is close to your heart. You can ask the designer for alterations if you want. 
  • Designing with Penji is pocket friendly. There is no need to worry about the hidden charges. All you have to pay is a monthly fee. 
  • Penji believes in giving quality and for this they hire only 2% of the applicants who stand out as the most professional in the list. 
  • Using Penji does not mean that you have entered into any contract. If you want to back out or cancel the commitment it is not hard. You can do it any time. 
  • You can customize the design by finding and using the royalty free images in the design brief. 
  • Penji is not just the team of professionals but it is the team of the happy and the cooperative who are ready round the clock to help you with the best designs. 
  • You can get unlimited designs for just a monthly fee and after that things will go the way you want. 
  • If you are not happy with the designer you can ask to switch the designer and Penji will do so. 
  • You can get the design in 24 to 48 hours. One of the recent support Penji is extending is related to the day time support for lesser revision. If the changes are not extensive you can simply see them settling in a day’s time. 
  • The dashboard is user friendly, impressive and so you can leave the feedback on the images.
  • If your workload is hard to handle for a single designer you can ask the agency for multiple designers. If your business is ascending and there is ever increasing demand then you have the choice to upgrade the plan. If the spike falls on the other hand you can switch back to the low price plan again. 
  • The design seeker can promote the profile by sharing the logos and even the business profile. As you start creating the project the designer can check this profile and get an insight into what you need thus reaching out to you with impressive designs. 
  • Each design accompanies shareable links that you can use to access your friends or other clients. 

What Do We Not Like?

  • If you are not in need of designs on a regular basis then it means that you are making use of the full value of the monthly fee that you have paid. Penji will work wonders only if you are making use of 8 to 10 hours in the month. For those who are spending only a few hours can contact the agency but they need to keep in mind that in that case the freelancers are not available all the time..
  • You can access the designers only through the platform of Penji. It is either the email or the dashboard that permits you to get access to the designer. It is not possible to contact the designers directly or through telephonic conversation. Many clients want to talk to their designer directly to explain what they want but in case of the Penji based services it is not possible as the Penji is there in between the client and the designer..
  • You can use a number of source files that you can get from Adobe Creative Suite which means Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, or PDF formats. You may not be able to use the sketching option that is mostly preferred by the Mac users. Many of the fonts are not added too. 
  • As you are not in direct contact with the designer therefore in order to let him know about the intended design you have added a very detailed design brief. If you are not clear you may be getting clarification requests. Under communicated and over communicated specifications are never catered as a mistake on the part of the designer or the agency. 

How Much Will Penji Cost 

There are three different plans under the Penji namely Pro, Team, and Agency. Each of them offers certain distinct features. These three plans include the following: 


  • You need to pay a monthly cost of $399. 
  • It is only assisting in graphic design. 
  • For simply $399 you may get unlimited graphic design projects, unlimited brands, one Penji designer, and two users.


  • In this plan, you need to pay $499 per month.
  • After paying the required monthly plan you can enjoy getting the graphic design, illustration, and UX/UI design. 
  • Under the Team plan, it is possible to get unlimited design projects, 24/7 customer support, one Penji designer, five users, unlimited brands, custom illustrations, infographics, and website and app design.


  • This is the most specialized plan that you may get for $899 per month. 
  • Under this plan, the user can enjoy unlimited design projects, 24/7 customer support, prioritized support, two Penji designers, ten users, unlimited brands, custom illustrations, infographics, and website and app design. 
  • It is just the right solution for implementing team plans and so it gives a boost to the client’s output.

Besides the three pricing plans mentioned above here are the basic features that you may enjoy with Penji: 

  • Unlimited design projects
  • Unlimited stock photography 
  • Unlimited revisions
  • Unlimited brands

If you are not happy with Penji then they allow you to get back the money within 15 days. 

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