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Kicksta – Grow Your Instagram Account!


Kicksta is known as one of the best organic growth tools on the market for Instagram. Unlike many other Instagram automation tools on the market, Kicksta does not use bots or fake followers. 

Let’s take a more in-depth look into what exactly Kicksta can do for you.

Instagram Growth Services

Instagram growth services are exactly as they sound. However, not all growth services are created equal. For example, many growth services will “grow” your account with fake followers as well as fake engagement. These engagement services will boost your numbers but will not retain the engagement.

Many of these Instagram growth services will use botting software, increasing the risk of your account being banned. The software will do things such as follow a certain number of accounts each day and leave comments. While that sounds good in theory, it does not do much for overall engagement and certainly goes against Instagram’s terms of service. Botting on Instagram at one point was relatively safe, but with the rise of automation services, Instagram now has a zero-tolerance policy of account botting. Kicksta uses zero bots, which means there is zero risks of your account ever being banned. 

What Makes Kicksta Different

What makes Kicksta different from one of these spammy Instagram automation services? Kicksta will target accounts within your niche that have active followings. By targeting these accounts, your Instagram will begin to like photos of their following. For example, say you run a page that is all about fashion. Kicksta will target fashion pages on Instagram and start liking the photos of the people who follow the account. By liking the photos of their followers, the followers will be curious to check out your page. If your content is interesting enough, those followers will follow your account, and slowly, you will be on your way to becoming a major account. To know more in-depth about the tool, I advise you to read kicksta review online.

Can’t I Like Photos On My Own?

Sure, manual Instagram growth works, but it is painfully slow. The growth level you will get based on manually liking a handful of photos a day vs. Kicksta safely liking photos 24/7 will be night and day. With Kicksta, you can set it and forget it. You don’t have to worry about your account ever being banned, and you can know that no matter what you are doing, your account is growing.

What Are The Benefits Of Growing My Instagram?

The higher the follower count you have on Instagram, the better your social proof is. This will help you increase your brand awareness, which will lead to more customers, partnerships, and overall increased interest in your brand.

Closing Thoughts

Kicksta is a fantastic service for anyone looking to grow their Instagram while eliminating the risk of being banned. The followers you will receive from the service are real and interested in whatever niche your account is in. By targeting specific accounts in your niche, you will begin to engage with their followers and will be on your way to making your account a huge success!

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