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Desktop or Laptop: Which is a Better Tool for Graphic Designers


Graphic design is a highly-demanding job that requires a decently-powered machine. There are a few things to think about when choosing between a laptop and desktop before getting started. For instance, you should decide which will be a good fit for your job between a desktop and a laptop.

Even though a laptop gives you the flexibility you need, desktops tend to have more power to handle graphic design work. If you’re in the desktop vs. laptop dilemma, this article will help you decide what’s most convenient for you.

Here are a few factors to consider when choosing between a desktop and a laptop.


Think about how vital portability as a factor will be to you. For instance, a student studying graphic design will find portability a critical element to consider. On the other hand, a professional may not take portability very seriously because they can sit in an office and work from a desktop.

Even as a professional, you can consider location and how often you travel. A graphic designer that’s always on the go and wants work done should go for a laptop. That also applies to you if you love working from a client’s premise, making portability essential.

A desktop can be a better pick if you work from home or an office and only physically present your client’s work. In that case, you’ll only need to invest in an external storage device. Otherwise, having a good laptop for graphic designers saves you all the hassle.



The budget should be top among your list of factors. Your financial status dictates what you can buy between a laptop and a desktop. Both laptops and desktops can be relatively expensive, and thus, you should consider how much you’re willing to splash for either.

If you plan to make a profound and long-term investment, a laptop will be a good pick. Although you’re now working from home or an office, your way of work may change in the future. You would save a lot of money if you had initially invested in a laptop.

However, a desktop will be an excellent option if you’re interested in a sturdier machine that’s built for a lot of work, and you don’t mind spending a little more. Desktops can do better work for longer, meaning it could be an investment going for more than a decade.

Thus, desktops can be a little expensive compared to laptops. Your needs, finances and future will determine whether you’re going to pay more for a desktop. Otherwise, a computer wins any day as you’ll spend less and will enjoy the luxury of working from anywhere if you change how you work.


A machine dedicated to graphics work should deliver high levels of performance. If choosing between a laptop and desktop, consider the CPU, GPU cards, and RAM. These three components determine how well your desktop or laptop will perform regarding performance.

A desktop’s CPU power is higher than a laptop CPU. In general, a laptop will only deliver between 40-50% of the CPU power that a desktop can provide. You will realize that desktops also have better heat dissipation than laptops, which makes the former better.

Another reason to choose a desktop is that they come with better quality GPUs. A desktop GPU, despite being of superior quality, also delivers better speeds than a laptop GPU. Experts say that laptops manage only between 70 and 80% of a desktop’s GPU power.

RAM is another strength for desktops. Although you can upgrade RAM on both desktops and laptops, it is much easier to do so with a desktop. Desktops come with more RAM slots compared to laptops. Meaning, you can improve your desktop’s performance as much as you’d like.

Part-time vs. Full-time

Your graphic designing career should help you decide what to choose between a desktop and a laptop. One person working part-time and another full-time will have different needs and preferences. If working part-time, you’re probably doing graphic design as a hobby to help you pass the time.

If that’s the case, perfection is not top of your plan, and investing in a top-quality machine may not be viable. That said, spending on a small fortune will not only give you the results you desire but also save you a lot of money, and a laptop will be an excellent option for you.

Conversely, a professional graphic designer doesn’t treat their job as a hobby – it is a livelihood source. Thus, a high-end machine fitted with the best hardware and software components is best for them. A desktop will be the best fit here as it will deliver even with a long working schedule.



Durability is a significant factor when choosing between a desktop and a laptop for graphic design. Although desktops can be costly, they’re worth investing in if durability is a factor you take seriously. Desktops are usually a one-time investment, making them better in durability.

The best thing about going for a desktop is that you can replace a single part should there be a problem. Laptops, on the other hand, can be a headache if one part fails. Sometimes, failure in one part of a laptop affects another and could make it costly to repair.

That makes desktops a better pick than laptops, especially when looking into the long-term. However, you can invest in a laptop and ensure you maintain it maximumly.


Deciding whether to choose a desktop or laptop for graphic work is not easy. There are lots of factors to consider, including the ones mentioned above. Whether it is about durability, performance, your type of work, budget, or portability, the decision takes a lot of time to make.

It is, therefore, necessary that you take all the factors mentioned above into account. Besides, it would be best if you considered other factors that will favor your personal needs. In the end, you should settle on a machine that delivers the performance you desire and fits your budget.

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