Promoting your brand is an essential part of marketing. This practice helps you increase brand awareness, provide customers with information, and drive customer traffic to your business. Any company can boost their sales and profits by using the right kind of promotion.

Marketers often focus on promoting their brand through social media sites and advertisements. However, many companies also use promotional products to promote their brand.

What are the promotional products?

Promotional products are defined as tangible items that feature an advertiser’s name, logo, or message prominently. These items are specifically designed to raise awareness about the brand they are promoting.

In many cases, these items have nothing to do with the brand’s products themselves. They simply exist to advertise the brand’s name and convey some information about the business.

Studies have found that 6 in 10 consumers keep promotional products for up to two years. This means a single promotional product has the potential to spread brand awareness for a long period of time.

Let’s look at 5 examples of creative promotional products used by businesses.

1. Flash drives

The best promotional products are ones that people use on a regular basis. With this in mind, businesses should consider distributing flash drives as promotional products. These devices are useful for storing and transporting information, so they can be used by anyone with a computer.

Some unique flash drives come with keychain attachments so that they can be carried around regularly. The average flash drive lasts up to 10 years, so users will likely hold onto them for a long time. However, the lifespan of the flash drive you choose will depend on its build quality.

Many cheap flash drives feature plastic housing that ends up fracturing or breaking over time. So you will need to pick a flash drive that is affordable enough to give away for free but also made from quality materials that will last for years.

Some promotional product flash drives contain company newsletters or promotional material saved as documents or PDFs. Users will encounter these files when they access the flash drive for the first time. This is a good way to provide consumers with more information about your company and its products/services.

2. Pens

Pens are another office item that is frequently used as promotional products. Anyone who has visited a business exhibition in the past has walked out with at least one promotional pen from the event.

Everyone has a use for a pen, so you can count on it being a widely used promotional product. However, people also tend to lose pens quite frequently. So your promotional pen should not be too expensive.

The average ball pen holds enough ink to last users several years. So your brand name should be out there for quite some time, as long the owner isn’t prone to losing things.

Some promotional pens feature pull out banners that can be used to include promotional literature about your company and their products/services. Some people have a tendency to fiddle with pens when they are sitting idle at the office, so they may end up reading your promotional writeup multiple times during the pen’s lifespan.

3. Umbrellas

Everyone needs an umbrella at some point. It’s not uncommon to see people on the street using promotional umbrellas that display a company’s logo.

If you are interested in using umbrellas as promotional products, you will need to design them with your company logo in mind. For example, the umbrella canopy should feature the same color as your company logo for better branding.  Alternatively, the umbrella canopy could be a neutral solid color that contrasts well with the company logo printed onto it.

If you’re having trouble coming up with a good looking design for your promotional umbrella, you can use the help of a graphic design agency in London. London has many creative agencies that specialize in designing promotional products.

Promotional umbrellas are especially popular with people who play golf. This makes them a great way to advertise your brand to other players at the golf course.

4. Calendars

Calendars are one of the most Custom promotional products people encounter in their day to day lives. Many companies mail out free calendars to homes and businesses for the purpose of promotion.

Some of these calendars feature pictures that are related to the business, such as photos of their production/manufacturing sites. Other calendars feature stock nature photos with the company’s logo printed close by.

Calendars make great promotional products because they are cheap to print and can be used by multiple people. For example, if someone puts up your company calendar in a central location at their office, anyone who views the calendar will see your branding.

People usually keep calendars for a full year, so creating promotional calendars is an effective way to remind people about your brand repeatedly.

5. Sports water bottles

Sports water bottles are another great promotional product idea. These could be effective promotional tools if your customers participate in sports and other exercise activities regularly. If your customers belong to a cycling group or a sports team, they may end up showing off your promotional bottle to their teammates and spreading awareness.

Businesses can take the idea of promotional bottles a step further by choosing bottles made from environmentally friendly or recycled materials. This fact can also be displayed on the bottle itself to show others that your company is environmentally conscious.

You should make sure your bottle design allows your logo to be visible from all sides. If you’re having trouble redesigning your logo to fit on the bottle, you can seek the help of a digital design agency in London. London residents spend a large amount of time engaging in activities outdoors, so your promotional sports water bottle should be useful in many situations.

These are just some of the many promotional products used by businesses to spread brand awareness. Companies are always looking for unique items to use for this purpose, so keep an eye out for any promotional product ideas that could help your business stand out.

Richard Kearsey is a digital designer at Emerald Colour – a presentation design agency in London that offers various services, like website design, animation, bespoke exhibi�ion stand design, etc. He loves creativity and enjoys experimenting with various design techniques for both we� and print. He also enjoys sharing his thought on the latest design trends and upcoming marketing ideas.


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