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Created in 2008Kickass has been one of the best websites to access any form of torrent content, such as videos, shows, games, music, and many more. Although at the moment, there is an issue that we normally face strict prevention, indeed, as ISP blocked it, we can not make use of that. So, we have to use other ways to access the KAT

Are you looking for the Kickass Proxy and mirrors that are frequently updated and suggest trackers that really work? If yes, then you’re in the right position and we have also shared the kickass alternatives. Luckily, the owners of Kickass Torrents and other freaks from the Torrent have from time to time provided us with the newest kat proxy/mirror websites. Exactly the same info, indicators, and upgrade as new content is found at the Kickass mirror pages.

kickass proxy and mirrors
kickass proxy and mirrors

In most cases in some countries, kickass proxy torrent websites are banned. And not only that but even Google’s tech giant has also taken steps to keep users from accessing torrent. If you just want to be anonymous while you access them, so the only thing you can do or use is a VPN. Finally, as we have the ultimate list for you after performing lots of searches on each of the well-known web sites.

As we all know very well that it is not an easy feat to plan a list like this because all of these websites will vanish overnight; thus, there is no promise of survival.

Overview of Kickass Torrent – The Best Torrent Site of 2020
Prominent Features TV content and movies; Verified torrents.
Types of Content Movies, TV shows, anime, software, graphics, ebooks.
Why use Kickass?
  • Neat and Clean Design
  • Huge Number of Database
Torrent Files More than 20,000,000 files.
Started in 2008
Kickass https://kickasstorrents.to/
Download Speed 5.2 MB/s – Above average download speed.
Alexa Ranking 1000-5000

With a large number of changes and disappearances over the past three years, and so many common websites full of malware, low-quality torrents, and even fake files, you need a list of reliable torrent sites, offering torrents of good quality without any malware.

List of 45 Kickass Proxy and Mirrors Sites in 2020 to Unblock Kickass Alternatives

Here is the list of the working kickass proxy and mirrors sites. All the proxies are tested and working well without a VPN. So, if you are a frequent KAT user then you should bookmark this list for the future.

Kickass Proxy & Mirrors
Kickass Proxy 1 ONLINE
Kickass Proxy 2 ONLINE
Kickass Proxy 3 ONLINE
Kickass Proxy 4 ONLINE
Kickass Proxy 5 ONLINE
Kickass Proxy 6 ONLINE
Kickass Proxy 7 OFFLINE
Kickass Proxy 8 ONLINE
Kickass Proxy 9 ONLINE
Kickass Proxy 10 ONLINE
Kickass Proxy 11 ONLINE
Kickass Proxy 12 ONLINE
Kickass Proxy 13 ONLINE
Kickass Proxy 14 ONLINE
Kickass Proxy 15 ONLINE
Kickass Proxy 16 ONLINE
Kickass Proxy 17 ONLINE
Kickass Proxy 18 ONLINE
Kickass Proxy 19 ONLINE
Kickass Proxy 20 OFFLINE
Kickass Proxy 21 OFFLINE
Kickass Proxy 22 OFFLINE
Kickass Proxy 23 ONLINE
Kickass Proxy 24 ONLINE
Kickass Proxy 25 ONLINE
Kickass Proxy 26 ONLINE
Kickass Proxy 27 ONLINE
Kickass Proxy 28 ONLINE
Kickass Proxy 29 OFFLINE
Kickass Proxy 29 ONLINE
Kickass Proxy 30 ONLINE
Kickass Proxy 31 ONLINE
Kickass Proxy 32 ONLINE
Kickass Proxy 33 ONLINE
Kickass Proxy 34 ONLINE
Kickass Proxy 35 ONLINE
Kickass Proxy 36 ONLINE
Kickass Proxy 37 ONLINE
Kickass Proxy 38 OFFLINE
Kickass Proxy 39 ONLINE
Kickass Proxy 40 ONLINE
Kickass Proxy 41 ONLINE
Kickass Proxy 42 ONLINE
Kickass Proxy 43 ONLINE
Kickass Proxy 44 ONLINE
Kickass Proxy 45 ONLINE
The torrent sites mentioned ahead are just for an informational purpose. We don’t support using them to download copyright-protected content.

Why was Kickass (KAT) Blocked?

Citizens in many countries can not download pirated content under stringent internet regulation. In fact, when someone accesses their products without charging them, actual inventors don’t like it at all.

Why not, because! They have been creating the content for their days and nights, and people access it free of cost! In certain countries, Kickass Proxy is still inaccessible because the inventors of the software asked the owners of torrent websites. The governments have a duty to protect human property rights and to combat piracy. In effect, the copyright holders must agree to their requests.

Is Kickass Torrent safe?

Since then, numerous KickAss copycats have come and gone — some managed to deceive users for a while. It’s also worth noting that with a new website called Katcr.co / full, a group of staffers tried to revive the site’s lost glory.

How to Use Kickass Proxy?

You will use proxies to unblock Kickass Proxy and access torrents if you have blocked the Kickass torrents working website in your area. Right here, we have some websites where you can go via Kickass Proxy.

If you’re not sure how proxies operate, the proxies in our Kickass Proxy checklist function as intermediate servers which cover up your IP to allow the holiday spot website to monitor you.

Those who used torrent websites from Kickass Proxy know how amazing the app. Even the torrents from Kickass Proxy are not entirely reliable and authenticated. However, they do have very good downloads, as torrent files from some other websites are hardly accessible. Free torrents such as movies, TV Shows, games and apps, eBooks, and many other things which otherwise are cheaper and unavailable online are offered by Kickass Torrents.

How to Download Torrents From Kickass Without Registration?

Step 1. Inspect Kickass Proxy Page

Find the torrent you want to use on Kickass and go to the inside. Over there, inspect the page components. To do so, right-click “Download Now” and select “Inspect.”

Kickass Torrent Page
Kickass Torrent Page
Step 2. Copy magnet link from KAT

Click “Inspect” to see a highlighted code. Right-click the link above and select “Edit as HTML.” Copy the text from “magnet” to “announce,” much as the picture below.

Inspect Kickass Torrent Page
Inspect Kickass Torrent Page
Step 3. Open uTorrent to download the torrent.

From uTorrent’s home screen, go to “Torrents” and press the line. A dialog box will appear to paste the magnet connection you copied from Kickass Torrents. Click to follow.

Download Torrent From Kickass Proxy
Step 4. Specify the Output path and download torrent.

You will be asked to indicate the folder where you want to store the game you want to play. After choosing the output path, press “OK” and start downloading.

What Can You Find on Kickass Torrent?

KAT offers many torrents, since, it hosts 20 million torrents, so you can find any kinds of torrents on kickass torrents.

  • Music
  • TV Shows
  • Images
  • Anime
  • Games
  • Applications
  • Other

Why You Should Always Use a VPN to Access Kickass Proxy?

Any file you download can be infected with harmful viruses and other malware, as thousands of people access and upload torrents on any one site.

In addition, you run the risk of having your data intercepted or your online activity tracked using Kickass Proxy.

Torrenting is a risky business! Yet a VPN would take the chance of torrenting the kickass proxy and keep all of your other online operations secure.

Look at the key reasons that you should use a VPN when installing or sharing torrent files at any time.

1. Access KAT By Unblocking Regional Bans

Torrenting sites are also prohibited in other territories or countries due to potential infringements of the copyright. If you live in one of those regions, your favorite torrenting sites may be blocked.

Just make sure you connect to a server where there is no blocking of your favorite torrenting sites. Through selecting a VPN with a wide network of servers, you are likely to be able to connect to the locations you need.

2. Protect Privacy While Using Unblock Kickass Torrents

A VPN provides a secure connection for you and encrypts your data which keeps your information private and prevents ISPs from tracking your online activity.

Three Different Ways to Unblock the Original Kickass 

It is not possible to block a site from a country entirely regardless of what governments or internet service providers do. Various strategies for accessing pages blocked by their respective governments may be used by the consumers. The following are:

  • Using VPN
  • By Using Torr Browser
  • Using Proxies or Mirrors

Most Used 18 Kickass Alternatives in 2020

You can find alternatives to Kickass and related sites in the following section. We consider the best 18 alternatives of the Kickass Torrents mentioned below.

  1. Limetorrents
  2. Extratorrent
  3. 1337x
  4. Torrentz2
  5. Tamilrockers
  6. Bitsnoop
  7. Zooqle
  8. YTS
  9. TorrentReactor
  10. EZTV
  11. RARBG
  12. TorrentDownloads
  13. Mininova
  14. TorrentProject
  15. IsoHunt
  16. Demonoid
  17. Movcr
  18. TorrentKing


Limetorrents was among the most important torrent services as opposed to Kickass, but after its brief shutdown, it lost multiple online users who migrated into various torrent search engine websites. One of the alternatives such as Limetorrents is the best kickass alternatives one.

limetorrents just like Kickass Proxy

Likewise, Limetorrents torrents have an individual voting system as full community cooperation to maintain your new content, not as a LimeTorrents proxy intermediary torrents. It is also worldwide accessible, as it offers a website in several languages.

Visit Limetorrents


The most prominent and popular BitTorrent site destinations are ExtraTorrent, where free torrents are accessed. For KAT, ExtraTorrents is best kickass alternatives, offer the perfect way to store torrents downloaded at no expense and without limitations.


The aim is to provide a search engine for a wide variety of torrent content, which is simple to use. Items such as videos, TV shows, toys, songs, apps, and e-books can be downloaded from this website. It is an outstanding choice for all alternatives to Kickass Proxy

Visit Extratorrent


An alternative pirated website to the LimeTorrent site must be described as the best kickass alternatives. The GUI of the web is very simple just as Kickass proxy. To access this web you don’t have to be a technologically competent guy. You don’t require videos either. A huge variety of videos, web series, movies, shorts, TV shows are available on this webpage.

In addition, original content is available for viewers to stream and to download in any language of their choice in their dubbed versions. Free of charge on all services. The web contains all sorts of content such as science fiction, suspense, mystery, horror, satire, and so on.

Visit 1337x


If you have already used torrentz2, but you will not be able to access any material from this website, but that it works as a search engine and would have specific torrent links from which this stuff may be downloaded. If you use torrentz2, so you are already aware that you are a nerd, you will also realize that it is not a torrent site.

Visit Torrentz2


You can download free, Hollywood-based, dubbed films in HD resolution from Malayalam, Punjabi, Bollywood, Tamil, Telegu, Gujarati, and Hollywood its like the Indian version of the Kickass. The content can be viewed and downloaded in any medium by consumers in several languages. There are videos on the website to teach the fans. The design of this website is special and offers the public those messages. The site uses mainly non-commercial material to increase awareness of social, political, and other topics. Since the launch of the web, it has supported people around the world with commendable services.

Visit Tamilrockers


BitSnoop is the torrent provider based on the peer-to-peer network. This has hundreds of thousands of backup files that are useless because they are useless. That is BitSnoop’s outstanding standard, which also provides legitimate torrent files to its customers its on the best kickass alternatives. This guarantees that its customers get the correct speed in the least amount of time possible to access the torrent files.


There are currently almost 24 million torrent files and hundreds of other torrent files have been frequently downloaded. It is one of the torrent file ‘s main repositories since it depends heavily on the torrent providers’ repositories. Now, it relies on the almost 300 torrent website. 

Zooqle – kickass alternatives with better listing

Zooqle is an online portal for downloading torrent files that allows access to all the apps, devices, games, films, themes, user customizations, apps to personalize, etc. The app is unique in its application, which allows a stable and easily downloading interface and a remarkably secure mobile file capacity.

You ‘re happy with this package as it contains both applications and services that can help you not go anywhere. It’s a highly recommended replacement of Kickass by us. Both films and seasons can be downloaded quickly, depending on the curiosity and the special events that are on the air. Zooqle is useful that you can check for files that you have to match to storage based on your download requirements.

Visit Zooqle


You will view and import films of outstanding content, even in the smallest file size. YTS.to is a free platform for video sharing. The website is designed for entertainment lovers who want to experience TV shows every day in HD. It has a broad variety of HD content and frequently publishes new content to include up-to-date material. There are also other types, including action, humor, battle, war, romanticism, and several more. There are choices for each group.

YTS.to is completely open for all and no login or membership is required to view and stream videos, but you need to subscribe to a single email address if you want to be updated with the new phenomenon. This also offers popular features such as a quick GUI, a diverse content selection of films, which can be downloaded in several languages,, and many more, like all video sharing platforms. You’ve got to check it out if you want to import new or classic movies into HD-format.

Visit YTS

TorrentReactor – kickass alternatives with better magnet links

Torrent Reactor is said to be one of the internet’s most active providers of torrents with the latest torrents for its users with millions of valid torrents. Torrent files in the form of an adult, anime, music, movies, shows, seasons, and episodes are all categories available here.


Torrent Reactor visitors should also look for torrent, based on common and recent torrents. Torrent Reactor is best served by its advanced search engine system, which ensures its visitors have the torrent typed word. Torrent Reactor helps its users to spread files that boost it.


When uploading TV shows, EZTV is a common term. Complete TV shows are supported by EZTV TV Torrent, years of anime series and EZTV consumers can’t find a solution to this streaming network so soon that they can find these fantastic torrents. The website also changes over the years, adds new functionality, tabs, enhanced torrents, etc.

Due to the restrictions in the UK, EZTV can be accessed through only eztv proxy and mirror sites.

And, if the platform won’t load for you, it is very irritating. If the site is down, it is understandable but you can’t reach EZTV directly through your browser, whether it is not blocked from your ISP or government offices, etc.

Visit EZTV

RARBG – kickass alternatives with huge database

RARBG is Kickass next alternative option, which operates in the same mechanism for file sharing. RARBG is currently the third most popular online torrent site where people can create an account and publish torrent data in addition.

In addition to passion, RARBG was introduced at the moment in 2008 and is now impeded in other continents. SimilarWeb research reveals that RARBG receives over 96 million users a month.

Visit Rarbg


One of the sites that provide you with torrents of consistency is TorrentDownloads. The website is easy to access and retrieve the appropriate details from a broad directory.

There is a feedback section on the website, where users can test the torrents after installation so that easily falsified torrents can be avoided. Of premium content, this site will be on the top web list and similar to Kickass.

Visit TorrentDownloads


Monova is the online internet torrent server and archive. It is designed to cater for all forms of torrent files an easy to use directory and search engine. Torrents monitored by any BitTorrent server can be anonymously hovered by guests at Monova.


Monova offers anime files, books, games, films, music, books, photos, software, TV programs, TV shows, and much more. All Kickass Torrents are also available on this site. But Monova is not as detailed as other torrent services with respect to the torrent list. In most cases, you are therefore unlikely to find the torrent file you are looking for and it can deceive you.

Torrent Project

Torrent Project is also one of best kickass alternatives torrent sites you can see. Torrent Project’s best thing is its simple and well-organized GUI. In addition, 10 million torrent content is provided in the Torrent Initiative. You can find almost everything on the Torrent Project as movies, tv shows, sports, etc.


IsoHunt is another big site in the torrent list and our fav kickass alternatives, which every day receives millions of hits. IsoHunt’s great thing is its clean, well-organized interface. IsoHunt now has more than 10 million torrent contents available. From movies to games on IsoHunt, you can find almost everything.

isohunt as Kickass proxy

IsoHunt is an online torrent provider listed in the BitTorrent peer-to-peer torrent system. The database of torrent files in the categories Songs, Videos & Films, books, applications, services, apps, and many more are available online in hundreds and thousands.

Visit Isohunt


Probably the oldest torrent site on the list that currently has over 8 million torrents is Demonoid. However, the pages go offline very frequently due to legal problems. The website includes all categories, including videos, apps, books, and games when we talk about the torrent stuff.


Demonoid is a BitTorrent tracker that went online for the first time in 2003. It offers open, peer-to-peer encrypted file sharing. The website does not permit users to share malware or pornographic content. Demonoid was semi-private during its first decade and is seldom offered periods for entry.

Visit Demonoid


Kickass KAT is a torrent provider in video, tv, web, applications, animation, gaming, and many more, which is verified as a torrent provider. We tried our best to share kickass proxy and mirrors to unblock kickass and 16 alternatives for you. Let us know what do you think in the comment section. 🙂

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Frequently Asked Questions Related to Kickass Proxy

What is KAT (Kickass Torrent)?

KickassTorrents was a website that provided a directory for torrent files and magnet links to facilitate peer-to-peer file sharing using the BitTorrent protocol

What are the best Kickass Proxy & Mirrors?

In this article, we have shared the best kickass proxy and mirrors site.

Is It Safe to Use Kickass Torrents?

Kickass will be safe to use with VPN, Proxy server, and Tor Browser.