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6 Benefits of Online Advertising


Did you know that Americans spend up to 23 hours per week (on average) either online or texting? That’s right. If you’re not on the web, you’re missing out.

This should be a clear indicator that it’s time to start online advertising. Whether you take your efforts to social media or start an SEO plan, there’s no time to lose.

Read on to learn all of the reasons that you should be marketing your services online as soon as possible.

A Wider Reach

If you’re only advertising in your local area with traditional advertising, you have a somewhat narrow reach. How are you going to access people who don’t see your business cards, flyers, or billboards?

If you’re a business owner that’s trying to get a national audience, there’s no way for those people to notice you. Even if you own a small business that focuses on a local audience, potential customers noticing you is all based on luck.

The internet allows you to reach anyone and everyone as long as you work on your digital advertising. 

Competing with Other Businesses

The fact is that other businesses within your niche are already taking to the internet for their business advertising. If you’re not doing it, you’re already falling behind. 

You need to be working on your social media presence and your SEO. Look at what other local businesses are doing. How can you keep up? 

Customer Engagement

Digital advertising allows you to connect with your pre-existing customers while you’re attracting new ones. Consider social media for example.

When you’re active on apps like Facebook and Instagram, you have the opportunity to socialize with your audience. This engagement will increase their trust in you and encourage more people to use your service. 

Easier Targeting

Speaking of your customers, finding and reaching your target customers is easier than ever when you take advantage of online advertising.

Once you know who you’re trying to target, you can use specific influencers, hashtags, and even targeted Facebook ads to reach them. They’ll see you while they’re browsing the web, even if they weren’t looking for you. 

Learn more about “what do Facebook ads cost” to see if they’re right for you.


All things considered, the return on investment for online advertising is high enough to make it worthwhile. Once you start your digital marketing strategy, it continues to work for you long-term.

Social media marketing, for example, will keep helping you once you have a large number of followers, even if you aren’t posting every day. SEO continues to drive traffic as long as you’re making occasional updates. 

Measurable Results

When you take advantage of online advertising options, it’s easy to see results. Whether you’re tracking followers or engagement on social media, page visits, or conversions, you can see all of these things from your computer with little effort.

This makes it easy to know when you need to re-route and adjust your marketing strategy.

Online Advertising: Are You Doing It?

If you haven’t already invested time and money into online advertising, what are you waiting for? You need to be online if you want to compete with other businesses and gain new customers that will love your products and services.

Reach out to an online marketing company today to get started.

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