5 Design Tips For Your Website

Digital trends change daily, and it is sometimes difficult to predict the development of the web industry, even for several months. But one thing we know for sure – the selling site is not enough to be in the first place in the search results so that the user who has got to the page has taken the target action. The look and structure of this page play a key role in this. To succeed and get the desired conversion, a company needs to create attractive and intuitive websites for dentists. This is exactly what web design trends do as one of the practical CRO tools.

Since there are a huge number of sites on the Web and users go through dozens or even hundreds of web resources every day, it is difficult to surprise them with anything. This is where fashion for technical and visual solutions comes to the rescue. In this article, there is a trendy website design.

Dark mode

Dark theme can be represented as an additional option. Nowadays there can be easily found an example of website design, which already use in their products. This variant looks rather stylish and with the help of it it’s possible to highlight the main elements. One more benefit is that it helps to reduce eye strain. The decision is rather friendly for users.

Realistic textures

In website design for the last few years was fashion for unearthly gradients and smooth isometric objects. But now situation changed and realistic textures are on top. This trend has great potential. The attention of users is case of such decision is guaranteed.

It is necessary to create pleasant and harmonious visual effects for the human eye. UX / UI designers recommend choosing the most appropriate texture types for your theme. For example, for online stores selling furniture, textures of wood, brick, dim light are perfect.

Voice interface

It’s rather new feature, but i has all the potential to become the mainstream.

The introduction of a voice user interface into the website design will help you stand out from competitors and become a leader in your niche by expanding coverage. However, tips for designing a website are that voice search is different from the traditional search for information by the user.

UX writing and micro-copywriting

Great product and impeccable service are just one of the ingredients for successful online sales. Users want to be part of a popular brand and its history. To achieve this “match” with your audience, use the copy on the site. Make them more informal, lively, interesting.

Lately, many companies have changed their communication style in marks of modern website design inspiration. The main goal is to make the texts look like dialogue, evoke emotions, and feedback from users. Humor, sincerity, and knowledge of your audience will help you find a method of communication with the audience that is unique to your company.

UX writing and micro-copywriting

Soft shadows and layers

It’s part of an innovative design trend that will definitely bring only positive emotions for every visitor. The final web page with such approach would look like three-dimensional figure. This technique is a universal solution.

All trends are centered around creating a unique and attractive user experience. Each introduced trend should help people achieve their goals on the site, and not repel them from the expected action. The proposed tools are interesting novelties, the most “trendy” for the coming years, to make finding a person on the site more convenient and comfortable. But this is not a complete list of them, and they are definitely not suitable for all businesses. Don’t try to overload your resource by blindly following trends. Consider the existing user experience of your audience and improve it.

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