Nowadays, many people across the world now own mobile phones. These gadgets have made communication more comfortable and more convenient. With just one click of a button or tap of a finger, you can now keep in touch with your family and friends wherever they are.

Not only that, but mobile devices have already evolved through the years, including mobile games. Unlike before, there are now thousands of mobile games that you can download on your mobile devices. There are offline games, games that need an internet connection, and games that you can play and connect with your friends.

Mobile games have come a long way from being pixelated to having 3D effects and animations. With that, let’s take a trip down memory lane and look back to when mobile games were invented and how they evolved through the years.


In 1998, the first-ever video game was released. The game was named “Snake,” and Nokia introduced it. The game became the new beginning of a mobile gaming era, and many people were hooked by it. The game became so popular that it was considered a massive success in mobile gaming history. It was the best in mobile games.

Snake garnered about 400 million players worldwide, and it has changed the world of the mobile gaming industry. Along with that, it also made a bright future for the entire mobile phone industry.

The interface of the Snake mobile game was with pixelated graphics and in 2D. It was also only in black and white. The game’s mission was to keep the Snake alive as it grows whenever it eats its food. The longer it gets, the harder it is to control the Snake. The game was indeed challenging way back in the days, which people liked.


After the massive success of the game Snake, a new video game was released on mobile phones that were first introduced in arcades and video game machines. Tetris was also a huge success when it was launched on mobile phones.

The mission of the game Tetris was to control every piece of block that comes from the upper part of the screen. Gamers should ensure that it fits the ones at the bottom. It is a fun puzzle game to play, whether in the arcade or on mobile.

Just like Snake, the first Tetris mobile phone version was in pixelated graphics. However, it comes in different colors and not in black and white. This game was a favorite pastime, and you could even play it with your friends and family.

Sonic the Hedgehog

This mobile video game is the first-ever virtual game that featured an actual, colored character. It was Sega’s iconic character that brought color to mobile games. The game revolved around Sonic, saving the world from the evil character named Doctor Robotnik.

Many gaming enthusiasts and gamers were thrilled about this game, which set the standard of the modern gaming experience. It has captivated the hearts of many players, becoming a significant game distributor to many companies.

Asteroid Zone

When increasingly and more apps were being transferred to cell phones at the period, several creators took the opportunity to step the famous Atari game in 1979 via arcade to cell devices for firing missiles in outer space.

Titled Asteroid Zone, this simulation was among a sort and can be regarded as being one of the ancestors to constant action games, including Temple Run and many others nowadays. Among each significant iteration of the play, the phone and video gaming industry was growing better and more diverse.

Tap Tap Revolution

Cell electronics were becoming increasingly sophisticated, and video games reached a new change away from traditional progress with the introduction of the iOS device. Apple iOS offered players greater control to drive their apps with the introduction of tablets and phones, such as the Tap Tap Revolution.

It resulted in stunning and far more fun play. Hitting arriving spheres on any soundtrack rhythm that plays in the backdrop was the primary goal of this game. The graphics of the game were also phenomenal.


Mobile games, whether old versions or new ones, are always fun to play with family and friends. Even up to now, the first few mobile games have integrated into a more modernized and high-tech end. Although the graphics have changed and there might be some changes in the game, it is still fun and enjoyable to play anytime.