Best Exchange to Buy Cryptocurrency
Best Exchange to Buy Cryptocurrency

If you are new to the crypto market, you may be wondering what the best exchange is. Well, the answer is not so straightforward. Many factors have to be taken into account. You want a platform on which you can buy and sell crypto in the easiest and most secure way.

When all the relevant factors are put on the balance, a website stands out. This is, a place where you can buy crypto with credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Maestro). Debit and prepaid cards are also fine. Major fiat currencies like dollar and euro are accepted. Using this platform is easy and you have the lowest risk on it. No scams, no frauds.

Thus, buy crypto with with visa and decide by yourself whether this is the best site for you. Security is top on this platform, owing to several measures that include:

  • Mandatory registration on to buy cryptocurrency with debit card. This ensures that no one trades on crypto anonymously, thereby reducing the chances of illegal activities;

  • Different tiers of data verification. You can buy more crypto through the verification of some personal data. For instance, the verification of your ID allows you to convert a maximum of 550 USD into crypto. If you verify your bank card and address, the limit grows to $1,100 and $5,500, respectively. You can buy cryptocurrency with credit card without any limits after verifying proof of your income;

  • Partnership with Crystal Blockchain Analytics, which provides a tool to identify suspicious transactions. This way, you are guaranteed that the crypto you buy on  is clean.

Moreover, all the operations are transparent. There are no hidden fees. When you use the online converter to purchase crypto, the total to pay will be displayed. This amount will be charged to your credit card. Not a single fee will be charged later.

Buy and Sell Crypto on

On this platform, you can buy crypto with mastercard instantly. Major cryptocurrencies like BTC and ETH can be purchased. Currently, EST is not on the list of cryptocurrencies you can buy. You can also swap cryptocurrencies on the same platform. The payment method used on this platform enables fast operations.

Upon confirmation of your payment, you get your purchased crypto in an instant. There is no delay since the service is non-custodial. This means that your assets are not kept or retained by You have to provide your wallet address to which they must send your crypto assets. That is all.

If you buy or sell crypto regularly, you can benefit from this site’s Cashback Program. You can cashback up to 1% of the value of your transaction. The cashback percentage increases with the number of transactions you perform.

For any questions or inquiries, you should contact the site’s customer support. You can send them a message via email, or you can call them. A representative of the company will be quick to answer your questions. This service is available 24/7.