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Pros and Cons of Chromebook: Is it Worth the Money?


Chromebook is the new device in the laptop world. A huge number of people buying computers are currently purchasing this model. There is no doubt that a laptop with a cloud-based operating system is enticing.

You could be one of those individuals planning to buy this device in the next few days. This computer will meet your needs. However, evaluating the following pros and cons of Chromebook will guide you in making a good decision.

Here’s everything you need to know about Chromebooks.

Pros of Chromebook

Are Chromebooks good enough to replace your Mac or Windows laptop?  Here are some reasons that make people opt for Chromebooks over other personal computing devices.

Chromebooks Are Cheap

The cost of anything will always be a determining factor for almost everyone. Every person will look for an opportunity to save a few dollars. Fortunately, a Chromebook is a budget laptop, which means that everyone with some reasonable amount will get one.

If you have been operating on a budget, you’ll quickly get a device to keep you going. It is relatively cheap as compared to other Windows-based computers. However, paying low prices does not mean that you’ll be getting the best products in the market.

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Reliable Battery Life

Battery life is always an essential factor to consider when buying laptops. People want a battery that will serve them for 3-4 hours before looking for charging options. Chromebooks have won the battle when it comes to battery life.

In most cases, a well-maintained Chromebook will give you between 9 and 12 hours of battery life. This is the best device to use for traveling.

High Operating Speed

Operating systems usually struggle to run on cheap laptops. That is why many people have a perception that Chromebooks are slower. However, Chrome OS operates at a higher speed in Chromebooks.

Google optimized Chromebook operating system to run at a higher speed. This makes any other system operate as expected on this device. Therefore, when making a purchase decision, you don’t need to worry about operating speed.

Chromebooks Security

Security of computer devices has come into a sharp focus in the last few years. With the growth of cybersecurity challenges, everyone wants a secure device. With Chromebooks, you don’t need to worry about security issues.

The system has an in-built platform that manages all the passwords. In this case, you’ll not forget your passwords. Also, cyber-criminals will not be able to override your security passwords.

Malware viruses are also common security problems in most computers. Chrome OS has a custom malware and virus protection mechanism. You’ll never be worried about virus attack cases because the protection mechanism keeps on updating your laptop. 

Automatic Updates

It is necessary to keep updating your laptop to keep it in the best shape possible. However, with Windows-based computers, you need to look for updates on various online platforms. Sometimes you can forget to update your laptop and suffer some lethal problems.

Chrome OS is like a tablet or a smartphone. It will continuously check for the necessary updates that it can download and install. As such, your system will always be up-to-date and will be safe from malware threats. 

Lighter Than Traditional Laptops

The size and weight of computers have come a long way. However, there is still much work that needs handling to address the weight of computers. Chromebooks seem to have won the race when it comes to the weight of these devices.

They are generally lighter and thinner than traditional laptops. This is because the system does not rely on standard hardware and storage spaces. Both weight and size make it the best computer for those who work as they travel. 

Cloud-Based Storage

Cloud-based storage is a trend in modern business operations. Every other company wants to have cloud-based storage for security issues and remote access.

Chromebook gives you free 200 GB of free cloud storage. This is a huge free and cloud-storage space that you’ll have to dig deep to get in other providers. It is sufficient to store all of the files in a small business.

The standout feature is that you can access cloud storage with your phone as well. Remote employees will also access the same storage without problems. This makes it the best feature for business collaborations. 

Extensive Library of Android Apps

Android and Chrome OS merged to give both users some additional benefits. As a Chromebook user, your possibilities are much higher, and you can do more with this device. With a modern Chromebook, you can easily access the Google Play app and download apps from the Android library.

You can also access apps from Adobe and Microsoft. Android has more than one million apps, and this number is growing each day. With Chromebooks, you have limitless potential when it comes to the use of apps. 

What Are Chromebook Cons?

Everything looks perfect so far, right. But is there anything like a perfect technology device? It’s rare. 

Here we look at some of the reasons some people might think twice before purchasing a Chromebook.

Chromebook Connectivity Issues

As a cloud-based computer, most of the features depend on an active internet connection. Therefore, if you have a school-issued Chromebook, you need to have an internet source to use your device. Some of the apps will not even open if you’re not online, which brings about some significant challenges.

However, developers have realized that Chromebook’s connectivity issues have been denying people the opportunity to use their devices. That is why they have added some offline capabilities. Some apps like Google Docs can now open without active internet.

Small Storage Capacity

Chromebook issues can also be seen when it comes to storage capacity. The system has been focusing on cloud-based storage services. This means that most of the devices have very small local storage.

Some people are not interested in cloud-based storage. Therefore, the 32 GB local storage is not enough. They will have to buy external storage spaces, which is a costly undertaking. 

Video Editing Problems

Chromebook problems are common in the video editing industry. The growth of the video industry is demanding some increased editing works. Unfortunately, Chromebooks are not made to meet the needs of online video editors.

Developers have tried to address this problem by installing simple video editors like WeVideo. However, this is just a basic video editing app that does not have advanced video editing features. As a video editor, it will be best if you can consider another model. 

Using Peripheral Hardware

As highlighted above, Chromebooks use internet services to operate. This is a major issue that many people have not got used to. The problem is that even the simplest tasks must go through some complex channels.

For example, it will be hard for people to get used to the printing process to go through the Google Cloud Print service. You have to watch movies through streaming services such as Netflix. Not everyone will find such innovations easier to use. 

No Microsoft Office

Chromebooks do not work with the traditional Microsoft Office products. Google has its own separate suite of Office-like products such as Google Sheets and Google Docs. This can be a limiting development to individuals who are used to working with Microsoft Office products.

There is no doubt that these features are similar. Google Suit has some of the best features one can use. However, it will take a longer period to get used to operating with something new. 

Graphics and Gaming

Chromebooks have not been designed to have the best processor in the market. Therefore, anything that needs some powerful running is out of the equation. Thus, for graphics and gaming, you need to look for something different.

Google Play will provide some games that you can get entertained using Chromebooks. However, these are low-power games that you can play with your mobile device. Chromebooks are known to have a very low resolution and, therefore, not the best for gaming activities. 

Lack of Compatibility

The popularity of Chromebooks continues to grow each day. However, the lack of compatibility with most of the software in the market may limit their success. Most of the software currently being developed have Windows in mind.

As a Windows user, you can find any software that you may need for your laptop. The same cannot be said for Chromebook users despite the growing Android library. This means that you’ll have to stay without some very essential software.

Software compatibility is an essential aspect of the modern world. Every laptop user would like to have it because it will be easier to incorporate some innovative software. However, with Chromebooks, you’ll have to play catch-up, and hope developers will enhance software compatibility. 

Understanding the Pros and Cons of Chromebook

Are Chromebooks good enough to replace your laptop? The answer will depend on how you use your computer. If you spend most of your online time browsing websites, then a Chromebook will serve you better.

We hope this guide on the pros and cons of Chromebook will help you make the right decision.

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