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7 Tips for Looking Your Best With Gynecomastia


Gynecomastia is a condition Gynecomastia can be challenging to deal withthat’s often referred to as “man boobs.” Though people like to pretend this isn’t a serious condition that individuals of all ages may experience, it is. Gynecomastia can negatively affect one’s self-image and could very well be a warning sign of health problems or harmful drug interaction. Whatever the cause may be, finding ways to look and feel your best while dealing with gynecomastia is essential. Thus, to better assist you with managing your condition, here are seven tips to try to look your best with gynecomastia.

Compress your problem. 

One of the easiest ways to feel and look your best when you have gynecomastia is compressing your problem. Of course, this doesn’t mean pretending the issue doesn’t exist. Rather, it means it’s time to do a little online shopping for gynecomastia compression wear. Since this condition can happen to just about anyone, there are specifically designed t-shirts, tanks, vests, and more for people coping with gynecomastia. That said, if it’s your first time looking for compression apparel that’s tailor-made for your condition, then visit  https://www.confidencebodywear.com/product/gynecomastia-t-shirt/ to get a feel for what’s available.

Hide big issues with small patterns.

While you’re perusing your options and finding the right compression wear for your needs, you should also keep in mind other style tricks that can help you feel and look great. For many people diagnosed with gynecomastia, their go-to option is something baggy. But then, honestly, it doesn’t have to be baggy t-shirts for the foreseeable future. Instead, you can use patterns to camouflage any problem areas. Typically, smaller patterns (small checkered designs, plaids, etc.) work best. Even if you’re not a big fan of prints or shirts with designs on them, trust us, it will make a ton of difference in the meantime or until you find the compression wear of your dreams.

Think thick.

As the holidays steadily approaching, you should absolutely consider thicker fabrics and layering. The colder months are the perfect time to bring out your layering essentials—long john, undershirt, flannel, light jackets, etc. That said, if you live in a warmer climate, i.e., there are no colder months, you can still look for tightly woven textiles. If you’re like most people, you’re probably asking yourself, what are tightly woven textiles? Well, shirts or clothing that’s made with Oxford or pinpoint fabric usually works here. Think of button-down collar shirts mainly.

Find the right fit.

As briefly mentioned, resist your urge to reach for baggy clothes. A shirt that fits right and is made from the right material will do wonders. Remember, clothing that’s too baggy or too tight will actually highlight your man boobs, which is exactly what you don’t want. Furthermore, when you find the right size of the compression tank or undershirt, make sure you account for it. In other words, if you wear an X-large in shirts without your compression wear, see how a large feels with it on. You might find that you’ve been wearing a larger size to compensate for your chest’s appearance. Now, thanks to your compression garments’ naturally slimming effect, you can size down.

Turn down the contrast.

Another tip here is to turn down the contrast. For instance, if you’re wearing a darker shirt with lighter-colored pants, you’re visually cutting yourself in half (stark color contrasts like the example above usually make a person look shorter and wider). Moreover, bright or light colors will accentuate your chest, and not in a good way. Remember, there’s a reason dark hues and same color tops and bottoms are flattering. Not only will you look slimmer, but you can also downplay your chest.

Watch out for white.

Moreover, make it a point to stay away from white-colored clothing. Neutral hues are the better option here if you prefer something lighter. Of course, no one is recommending that you throw out all your white shirts. Just keep in mind that, even with a compression wear tank or undershirt on, it’s hard to camouflage enlarged breasts. That said, if you must opt for white for work or a special occasion, then consider layering with a darker jacket. Note that matching your shirts with other items you’re wearing will do little to hide the appearance of your chest. Similarly, coordinating your shirts with your eye color won’t draw attention away from your chest, either.

Slim down with pinstripes. 

Lastly, if you want to look slimmer and disguise your chest’s appearance, a uniform pinstripe suit never hurt anyone. Pinstripes are a great pattern because they easily create a straight vertical line from head to toe. Thus, this is the optics you should be looking for, especially when it comes to business attire. Furthermore, if possible, try to find a narrow pinstripe suit for an even better visual effect. Finally, if you prefer to wear a suit most of the time, try to avoid large patterns, windowpane suits, and glen plaids.


These are just a few suggestions to keep in mind when trying to look and feel your best. Gynecomastia can be challenging to deal with at times, but that doesn’t mean you can’t manage it. You can take the best estrogen blocker to balance your hormones and reduce male breast tissues. Moreover, if you’ve self-diagnosed yourself, to avoid talking with someone about your enlarged breast tissue, don’t just put on a flattering suit and order a gynecomastia compression shirt. Instead, see your doctor and talk about your condition. There’s a huge possibility that your body may just be reacting to a medication you’re taking, or you might just need to update your diet routine. Ultimately, there are things you can do to make gynecomastia easier to deal with, so what are you waiting for?