7 Reasons Why You Should Do a Coyote Swap

Have you been thinking about doing a Coyote swap for the longest time ever? If you’re a car enthusiast and love everything about cars, car modifications, and car upgrades, you’ve probably been thinking of doing a swap, but for some reason or another, you’re not convinced yet.

The costs involved with a swap prevent most enthusiasts from getting it done and rightly so. It’s not easy to put a price on a swap because it depends on the parts and the body style you’re swapping. To give you an idea, be prepared to spend anywhere around $15,000 to $25,000 for a decent swap.

The Coyote engine from Ford is a fan favorite, as you may already know. It’s reliable, efficient, and has tremendous raw power. The Coyote swaps started becoming popular because the engine’s flexibility offered many car owners the ability to fit Ford’s modular V8 into a car body of their choice.

That’s not all. There are numerous reasons why these swaps with a Coyote engine are in demand, apart from the immense degree of flexibility. If you already have the budget for it, but you’re still deciding, here are seven reasons to convince you to get a swap done:

1.It’s the smarter choice.

1The Fox Body Mustang is a smarter choice for a swap for car owners who want to modify their cars. For starters, the Fox Body Mustang is already a great body for modifications. In the arena of car swaps, the Fox Body Mustang has a light body, trim, and weigh around 3,000 pounds, making it significantly lighter than today’s Mustang standards. Now, when you pump it up with awesome horsepower, you’re getting more speed.

2.Automotive tech keeps improving.

Technology in almost every industry keeps improving every year. Automotive technology didn’t have massive changes twenty or thirty years back. They may have come with different styling and a few enhancements, but overall, there was no major shift in technology. These days, however, technology in the automotive industry is coming in thick and rapidly changing, and cars seem to have new and significant changes every two to three years. Car technology is progressing at a rapid pace, and sticking to a car for too long could mean missing out on all the latest technology, not to mention newer features that make driving easier and safer. Coyote engine swaps enable you to upgrade your car with the car body you have, but with the latest Coyote engine variant.

3.Improving your car’s value

This is a given. The minute your car leaves the dealership, it has already depreciated in value. This is a fact that comes with car ownership, which is why it’s considered a liability. Not everyone is bothered about this because to some, cars are just meant as a mode of transport from getting from point A to point B. However, for car enthusiasts, upgrading a car or doing an engine swap is a passion. If you’re in the latter category, you need to pay attention to the current market value of your car. This will be a factor to help you determine the costs of a swap, and whether or not it’s the right time to swap. You don’t want to be left with a car that has no significant value. Doing this upgrade at the right time is beneficial in terms of financial outlook. However, for Ford Mustang owners, you’re in for some good news because the Ford Mustang does a stellar job at holding its value. To give you an idea, a classic Ford Mustang depreciates 44% after five years, with a resale value of $20,305.

4.Small improvements have big effects.

The Coyote swap is among the most popular because of the great degree of flexibility and adaptability. The Coyote engine is extremely easy to modify the engine, making the modifications among the popular ways to improve and upgrade an engine. These upgrades can be as simple as a basic bolt-on, or adding a cold air intake to increase horsepower.

5.You get improved performance and efficiency.

The biggest and most important reason why car owners do an engine swap is that they want enhanced performance. Ask any car enthusiast, and they’ll tell you that an engine swap is an ultimate point for tuning up and upgrading a car to get the most out of the synergy of the body and the engine. A bigger capacity engine will result in more torque and better power, which means exhilarating performance in light cars. These cars were never designed for the use of high-powered engines, so to be able to swap and get the benefits from it is the ultimate car enthusiast’s dream.

6.You get to revive a classic.

An engine swap increases the value of your car, especially if you own a classic and you want to breathe new life into it. An engine swap would be the answer to that, as it will help you keep your car in good shape. When you replace the original engine with that of a new, modern model, you get the thrill of driving a classic car without the worry that it will die on you when you’re cruising down the road. When doing a swap for a classic car, there will be replacement parts and components that will get too expensive, which is why owners opt for a full engine swap instead.

7.You get something new and shiny, and it’s fun.

Engine swaps are a lifelong passion as it involves numerous hours of research, reading, speaking to swap specialists such as from Revology Cars, discovering what’s right for your car, how you want it to be, and getting down to business. Whether you’re a car enthusiast, a Mustang owner, or a trained mechanic, an engine swap is the pinnacle of an automotive challenge for those who love fixing and maintaining cars. An engine swap may just be the next project for you.