The future of waste management

Rubbish is produced on a daily basis and produces business opportunities for startups. This is a win-win situation whereby you make a profit by hiring recycle waste services while at the same time conserving the environment. This article is about seven Skip hire ideas for startups and businesses.

  1. Residential rubbish removal for effective waste management.

Every homestead has rubbish to be removed on a daily basis. Starting a residential garbage collection business addresses this need. You need a waste disposal truck to start with. You also need a waste collection center to dump the garbage once you collect it.

The next thing to do is to advertise your rates and services. See how many orders you can get by charging customers a token. You can make a choice of how often you can make garbage collection from homes depending on how many skip bags you can handle and the number of homes you service.

You need to factor in the fuel cost, truck service, wear and tear, and employee payment, and your business will be up and running.

  1. Building a bathroom facility and a public toilet to promote efficient sanitation.

There are places that lack a public toilet or bathroom facility. You can provide such services to a community at an affordable fee. People will be pleased to relieve themselves at an affordable and clean facility.

Find out where the sewage is located, set up a permanent source of water, and once these are achieved you can build a facility and hire individuals to manage it, clean it and collect the fee.

  1. Constructing a recycling plant to offer employment opportunities for locals.

This business venture is capital intensive but profitable in the long run. You can set up an area where garbage collectors can sell their recyclable products in bulk and then you can resell them to companies or factories that need them.

  1. Recycling rubber waste to make other valuable products.

Rubber is always recyclable and cannot go to waste. Rubber can be melted and turned to something else. Collected rubber shoes, discarded tires, slippers, or buckets that other people consider useless can be a lucrative business. You can sell them to companies that make plastic or rubber who will gladly take them from your hands.

  1. Recycling bottles and cans to effectively conserve the environment.

Cans and bottles cause environmental damage and are an eyesore to cities. Taking them from the streets and recycling them will play a big role in environmental conservation. Recycling cans and bottles is a great business venture. Having a center where people can bring their collected bottles and you can sell them in bulk to manufacturers.

  1. Electronic waste recycling for proper E-Waste management.

Electronics use is on the rise and everybody in cities has a mobile phone, laptop, TV, or a radio that are spoilt and just lying around. You can collect these items and sell them to manufacturers who will remove some useful parts and reuse them.

  1. Recycling of paper rather than throwing them into landfills.

Paper is used for many functions. Paper can always be recycled and turned into tissue paper. You can start collecting discarded paper and start a tissue collection company or you can even sell them to companies that collect tissue paper.

With these waste management ideas, you are on your way to conserve the environment and make cash along the way. Skipbag is the subsidiary of Clearabee which has grown into UK’s largest man and van rubbish Clearance Company. We have a big fleet of in house vehicles and clean track record of effective waste management.