Maybe the idea of seed ratios doesn’t float your boat, but there’s more to seedboxes than just torrents. There are several reasons why you may want to invest in a decent seedbox, especially since you can get one specifically tailored to your needs and, yes, budget, too.

You get privacy

Using BitTorrent on your home computer means that everyone sees what you’re doing. Using a seedbox will cloak your computer, allowing you to torrent as you please somewhere in the cloud. Nothing about your identity or your computer’s IP is connected to the seedbox. If you’re looking for a seedbox provider, make sure they are reputable because reputable companies also won’t record your activities.

You can access sharing-friendly locations.

Seedboxes are usually hosted in countries that have a proper, yet favorable legal framework when it comes to peer-to-peer technology and file-sharing. The Netherlands, Spain, Mexico, and Switzerland are some countries that offer a safe haven for torrent services, whether an unmetered seedbox or metered seedbox. This is actually a double-layer privacy factor.

You get to share files easily.

It’s not all about downloading stuff when it comes to torrent. Seedboxes are also a tool to enable proper and easy file sharing. This is particularly important with websites. Sometimes, regular hosting is too expensive or slow, so with seedboxes, you can make your files available via torrent. If you hit the bandwidth limit on your seedbox, you can easily upgrade with just a minimal fee and get an extension.

You can save bandwidth.

Well, we can’t deny that torrents use a significant amount of up and down-stream bandwidth, and this can degrade the overall experience by decreasing your bandwidth for torrents. Using seedboxes, this is a problem of the past. Your seedbox keeps your files until you actually need them, and until then, your bandwidth is untouched.

You have convenience

A seedbox is literally a remote computer that runs on the cloud, which you can access from anywhere and on any mobile device, as long as you’re connected to the Internet. Sounds good? This also means you can download torrent links even through your phone to your seedbox. You don’t have to be physically tied to your seedbox at home to make this happen. When you get back home, it’s just a matter of downloading these torrents into your local hard disk or PC. Seedboxes of today also come with valuable interfaces that make managing files and torrenting a whole lot easier

You can use them without VPNs.

If the above reasons don’t excite you, then maybe this one will. Seedboxes are a great alternative when VPN isn’t available, as you can still maintain your privacy and enjoy top bandwidth speed. Even if you’re okay with your VPN, using a seedbox gives you a much better torrenting experience.

What are you waiting for? Get a reputable seedbox provider and start experimenting! You’ll find that you’ll love all of its benefits and functions.