10 Best Accounting Softwares in 2020

10 best accounting software is required for the smooth financial working of all kinds of businesses and commercial organizations. The key purpose of this software is to keep track of the financial happenings in the businesses and then help in processing the transactions with the assistance of appropriate modules. Very often these modules are available as payroll, account payable, receivable, and ledger. The people in the business are always in need of accounting software.

Here is a list of the best options that you can use for business financial matters. These easy to handle accounting software can make work easier for you and help in finishing the essential tasks in limited time and with using less energy.

1) Freshbooks

Created under the complete technical guidance of @ndsite Inc. company, this is an excellent tool for handling the accounting matters related to businesses. For those who have just started the business, it can be a really great opportunity as it ensures complete safety and convenience.


  • Creating invoices is just a few clicks away.
  • The user can comfortably organize the expenses without any hassle.
  • Add the log hours into the invoice without any extra effort.
  • It becomes easier to coordinate different projects.
  • The financial reports can be easily interpreted.
  • This also comes for the Androids so it allows the business owners to stay in touch with their clients even when away from the working desk.
  • The auto-check and balance system ensures complete accuracy.

2) Xero

Xero is an online solution to financial problems. Due to its astounding features and amazing performance it stands out among the top 10 best accounting software. If you are using the said for your business then it is not hard to stay connected and collaborate with the ones in your business list. This connects together the advisors, clients and the employees so that the confidence is maintained. There is no need to wait for the profit and loss calculations as it will keep doing it automatically.


  • Get all information about the bank cash flow in no time.
  • There is an option of online payment as well.
  • The Xerox can stay connected with your bank to keep track of the situation.
  • It is convenient to keep the record of receipts and expenses.
  • The employees can get the information related to payroll quite conveniently.
  • The monitoring of accounts becomes really easy for those new in the business world.

3) Kiwili

kiwili is another accounting software that is available online. It is an excellent choice for small business owners and those working with their careers as freelancers. Hence, it becomes possible to manage financial matters with no chaos.

If you are planning to get the Kiwi services for accounting then you will definitely enjoy the following features of this software that make it stand out among the 10 best accounting software.


  • It allows us to keep a close check on the cash flow.
  • Accounting automation has become possible.
  • The income and expenditure can be studied separately.
  • The accountant can get reports that are easy to study.
  • The task of generating balance sheets and income statements is no longer tedious.
  • There are multiple modules to handle the basic and extensive accounting tasks like a ledger, trial balance, and journal.

4) Kashflow

While talking of the online alternatives, one name that is often mentioned among the 10 best accounting software is none other than Kashflow. Many accounting firms rely on their services for maintaining the payrolls and the ledgers. It is also helpful in bookkeeping. The HMRC can get the details of the VAT after they are automatically updated with the software.


  • The software allows us to enjoy the complete view of the financial status.
  • Get the quotes converted to the invoices without any hassle.
  • The software allows for managing different payment modes.
  • Get a perfectly crafted report on the stock control and profit-loss situation.
  • It is easy to keep the bank connected with the KashFlow accounts.

5) Freeagent

FreeAgent is an online option that is often quoted while talking about the top 10 accounting software companies. It ensures maximum efficiency while dealing with income, profit, and overall resources. The invoices are designed according to the latest professional trends.


  • Get the self-assessment tax return filled and filed in the least expected time.
  • The corporation can get a forecast related to the tax bill.
  • The tax bill due date is shared.
  • It is possible to keep track of the cash flow, VAT, income, expenditure, and profit.

6) Clear Books

Clear Books is a unique way of handling the accounts. It works with the cloud-based (SaaS) technology. The user can get the bank transactions directly from the bank.


  • Reminders for payments
  • Financial management
  • Easy to interpret profit and loss reports.
  • Can handle more than 170 currencies.
  • Tracking the stock levels
  • Recording the time needed for different tasks and even clients.

7) Patriotsoftware

Patriotsoftware is also one of the online accounting software that are also acclaimed for being the best payroll management software for any kind of business. It keeps the data safe and allows doing things in a controlled environment.


  • Support through multiple gadgets including the phones.
  • Tracking financial payments and their status.
  • Secure bank information with the encryption option.
  • Departmental maintenance of finances.

8) Easy Accountax

While talking about the top 10 accounting software systems it is important to mention the Easy Accountax. The user can easily manage the accounts in the following manner.


  • Highly impressive and professionally made invoices.
  • Can create all kinds of payrolls.
  • Hassle-free working.

9) Tally

If you want to keep the day-to-day record of the financial transactions then it is important to have an ERP software and Tally falls under this head. For perfect business dealings, it ensures automated operations related to manufacturing, budgeting, finance, sale, and finally inventory.


  • Can assist in GST billing.
  • Helpful in all kinds of transactions like payments and purchases.
  • Easy to create complex sheets like trial balance sheets.
  • Keeps track of the outstanding finances

10) Waveapps

Don’t worry if we’re having problems with the invoices, expense tracking, and other financial matters. Waveapps is simple but extremely helpful in doing all kinds of financial tasks with perfection and ease. Here are some of the amazing features that are worth enjoying while working with the Waveapps.


  • Easy tracking of income and expenses.
  • Can end up creating extensive professional invoices/.
  • Smart dashboard for complete information.

Final Words

The above list includes detailed information on the software that is much needed by the accounting company in London and the business owners. This software can make life easier and work perfectly. The user can go through the features and find the one that he prefers and considers as one of the 10 best accounting software.

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