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Moving The Complicated Data Centres At Your Office


During an office move, one of the most complicated jobs to do is to move data centres. Data is the most important element of any office and there is no business presence out there that can afford to lose their data. Therefore moving it with great care is crucial for any business. If you hire a full-time tech moving service then you don’t have to worry about anything and they will migrate your data centres with the help of IT professionals. Check tips to do it by yourself: 

Plan The Entire Relocation Process: 

Any successful relocation of complicated data centres begins with a good plan. While relying on the best state to state moving service specializing in tech is advised, you can always try to do it yourself. It is essential to determine the type of relocation and identify the tasks to be undertaken to complete the whole process. The plan does not only consider the activities to be carried but also considers the risk before unplugging even a single piece of equipment. After deciding the tasks, responsibilities of carrying these tasks are also to be assigned to the employees. A manager to handle the working of the entire project team should be appointed. Make sure that the team is made up of the staff having technical knowledge of setting up the data centres.

Prepare A Budget And Assess The Efficiency Of The Data Centre: 

It might be possible the relocation of data centres exceed the budgeted cost due to poor planning and risk evaluation. This situation can be avoided by the companies by adopting a realistic approach. Before getting any data centres for your office you should be aware of the application requirements and expectations of your company. Also, see to it that the modernized computer systems that are being relocated are equipped with everything that will be required to accommodate their existing IT infrastructure to avoid any shock that a company might get after shifting the data centres into their facility. 

Make A Schedule For Relocation: 

It is a far more difficult process to migrate the data centres than just unplugging the servers and shifting them into a new place. A detailed schedule defining the steps and timeline of each step should be prepared so that the process of relocating the data centres can be completed in a sequence and within an appropriate time. A properly defined moving procedure will ensure the proper functioning of the data centres at a new location and it is also taken care that no data is lost when shuffling data centres. 

Storage Of Data: 

After assessing the environment, it is important to decide the place where you want to migrate it. For this, three main options are used by all the organizations depending on their needs and requirements. 

  • Cloud: A cloud portfolio helps simplify IT management and enhance performance. Most organizations are using a mix of cloud and on-premises solutions.
  • Hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI): For easier scalability and efficiency of the process, HCI is a great solution. The platform allows multiple components into a single unit and it comes preconfigured to use for businesses
  • In-house: Migrating data in a modernized way to in-house provides a business to have more control over the data and they can easily keep their data secure. As it limits the interference of the third party, therefore, the organization can grow in a better way weneedprivacy.  

Planning The Replication Of Current Data And Application: 

It is usually challenging to manage the existing data and applications when relocating data centres into the business unit, especially if the applications used for accessing the data during the relocation process are critically programmed. There is a possibility that you might lose your important data when relocating data centres. Therefore, you must plan a backup strategy before you shift data centres. When migrating new data centres the currently stored data and the applications that are being used in the company are to be replicated into them. So, it’s better to plan more than one data and application transferring or replicating method. 

Determine The Team To Remove And Transport The Equipment: 

Relocation of data centres requires more than just unplugging and transporting the hardware via moving truck. The IT hardware is fragile and can be easily damaged if not taken care of. Therefore, it is necessary to employ an eternal team of experienced technicians who specializes in dismantling and transporting the IT hardware without any damages so that organizations need not spend extra money on replacing the equipment. Also, the team should be capable to provide data centers reinstallation services. 

What Are The Data Center Migration Tools?

To minimize the risk and to keep the data secure, it is important to have proper tools during the process. Having tools also help you to reduce downtime and streamlining the entire process. Though tools and techniques vary from one office to another according to the business type and size but the right technical capabilities are crucial to protect network performance

Bottom line

Migrating data centers is a very complicated job but now by using the above procedure, you can do the process with ease. Taking the help of IT professionals is also a great idea to do the job easily. 

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