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What You Can Learn From Social Media Influencers


According to Influencer Marketing Hub, influencer marketing was a $9.7 billion industry in 2020. How are social media influencers able to charge that much money? Are there digital marketing tips to be found here that we’ve been overlooking?

If you’ve been looking at marketing strategies and you’d like a few audience outreach hacks, you’re in luck. We’ve got a list of four valuable lessons that marketers can learn from social media stars. 

Lesson #1: Always Be Delivering Value

Bad content can have a chilling effect on an influencer’s earning potential. So what do internet stars do to avoid losing their audience? They deliver value at all times.

A lot of companies fall into a cycle of posting about flash sales and making announcements. But how can you deliver A-list content that drives value?

Do you have any insider tips you can share? Is there advice you can give to help people use your product better? Do you have an entertaining story from the trenches to share?

When you think in terms of giving value to your customers, it becomes a lot easier to grow an audience.

Lesson #2: Engagement Is the Metric That Matters

Have you ever wondered what separates internet personalities like Pressley Hosbach from other would-be personalities?

Her YouTube subscribers and Instagram followers don’t just follow her and ignore her. They engage with her content.

In a lot of marketing circles, people will set goals like “X amount of likes.” or “Y amount of followers.” without considering the fact that likes and follows don’t always lead to sales. For that, you need to have an engaged audience.

Love them or hate them, when social media stars make posts or get embroiled in drama, their followers listen. And that’s where you want your marketing efforts to lead you.

Lesson #3: Post Frequently

In 2011, Malcolm Gladwell became famous for his creation of the 10,000 rule. The basic premise is that if you practice something 10,000 times, you can become an expert.

While the exact number is currently being disputed in certain contexts, the general principle still stands. Crafting and creating social media content is hard work. The same goes for finding the time to post regularly.

But the truth is that you rarely ever hear of social media influencers randomly quitting and coming back successfully. To get results out of social media, posting consistently is half the battle.

Lesson #4: Collaboration is Not a Dirty Word

Have you ever noticed how social media stars are always collaborating with each other and exchanging shout-outs? 

Many brands see other companies as competitors. But social media personalities see audience overlap as an opportunity.

While you may not be able to run a full-on collaboration with your competitors, maybe you can partner with industry-adjacent businesses. Are there audience-growing opportunities you’ve been leaving on the table?

Here’s What Marketers Can Learn From Social Media Influencers

As far as marketing tips go, the biggest lesson marketers can take from social media influencers is that they’re not afraid to try new things. Whether it’s content, post scheduling, or collaborating, they’re always experimenting and learning more about how to connect with their audiences. 

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