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How Does Website Content Affect Sales?


How to understand that it is time to update your site? The answer is simple: when the site 

And how to understand that the site is ineffective – you have to ask the question: “what tasks should this site solve? Each company may have different tasks, but the main task of the site is to sell. To sell goods/services directly or indirectly – to become a tool to spread information about the company and its activities.

Trend 1: The number of online sales is growing

The number of online sales is growing very actively and is predicted to continue to grow rapidly. Growth is observed in both the B2B and B2C sectors.

The boldest predictions predict the death of the classic retail market, which will be finally replaced online.

Accordingly, the higher the competition, the more demands customers will place on the sites. This is a clear and simple interface of the site, full information about the product, how to buy and return it, simple and transparent methods of payment and delivery, reliability, and trust in the supplier.

Trend 2: Viewing and ordering from the site comes from different devices

Moreover, 20% of all transactions through a personal computer are made after clicking on a mobile device. That is, they often choose a product from a smartphone or tablet. And they complete the purchase already on the desktop device. Perhaps it is a matter of habit, or its role is played by the inconvenience of the mobile version of online stores.

Communication of clicks from mobile devices and PC and transactions

What conclusions do we draw?

Today’s buyers are active on all channels and devices, their interests are not limited, they increasingly make purchases on the go. Accordingly, the site must be adaptive for any type of device: computer, tablet, phone.

Trend 3: Need more quality content

Reason 1:

Now the number one criterion for search engines was the usefulness of content for readers, not the exact occurrence of phrases. Placing on your site useful content for the buyer, you influence the ranking of the site in the search engine and its attendance.

What does it mean?

The better the content on your site, the higher the site occupies lines in the search engine. Important point: the content should be constantly increased and updated in order to maintain these positions. You may visit https://writemypaper4me.org/  to get nice content.

We need to work on photo content for the site. To make high-quality photos of goods from different angles. Experience and research show how branded content can increase sales. However, to positively affect your bottom line, this content must be very high-quality and authentic. It should feel as less promotional as possible. A good idea would be to use social media creators to work on user-generated content for your brand to complement your branded content.

Reason 2:

Another coefficient is introduced – ROPO (Research Online, Purchase Offline). Shows how many visitors to the online store site did not make a purchase for this reason: the visitor used the trade site only as a place to study and select products, read reviews about them. And the purchase was then made offline. Example: a buyer stands near a clothing store and studies the goods on the site, then goes to the offline store and makes a purchase. In this case, the site serves as an informational training of the buyer.

What does it mean?

The description of the product should be as detailed and clear as possible to the client in order to prepare him for the purchase. Information about the availability of goods and available sizes in the offline store must be specified.

Reason 3:

The practice of searching for “approximately such images” of goods is developing. Instead of entering words, many customers use an image-based search. Absolute predicts that image and voice searches may represent 50% of all searches by 2020.

What does it mean?

We need to work on photo content for the site. To make high-quality photos of goods from different angles.

Trend 4: Slow site loading discourages customers

57% of visitors will not wait more than three seconds for the site to load. They will close the tab and go to the competitors. The slow download increases the percentage of bounces, which leads to lower conversion and search engine rankings.

Think about the style of your brand, as a combination of qualities and ideas that you want people to associate with your company. The design should help you bring these ideas to your audience.

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