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How To Build Quality Backlinks: 5 Easy Tips


Traffic is sought after by every website owner and blogger on his/her website. There are numerous ways and hacks to generate traffic on our websites. The most important part is to improve the SEO of our website. A great way to improve the SEO ranking of your website is by building backlinks. Backlinks are used by a plethora of bloggers and website owners to generate traffic.

Many agencies like StudioHawk use this backlink strategy in their SEO services. They focus on both paid and free backlinks in their services. Well, if you are a beginner, you must focus on free backlinks to grow. There are numerous ways to build backlinks for free, and all of these ways are easy to implement.

Backlinks are a game of quality. A quality backlink is more fruitful than several low-quality backlinks. In this article, we will discuss 5 tips to create accessible and quality backlinks for your website. These tips will help you generate traffic on the platform.

Build Profile Backlinks

Building profile backlinks is an excellent step towards creating quality backlinks for your website. You must make at least 20 profile backlinks when you publish your website. This will help the crawler to know about the existence of your website. The main objective of building backlinks is for crawlers.

Various websites allow you to create free profile backlinks. Some of these websites are blurb, speaker, genius, cplusplus, and many more. These websites will help you to build profile backlinks on their websites quickly. You need to register on the websites and publish your website link on the platform.

Use Web 2.0 Links

Most SEO experts use this strategy to generate traffic on their websites. These are places where the Google crawler visits the most. You don’t need to spend much time on these links, but you must include them. This strategy will help in introducing traffic to your websites from Web 2.0 platforms.

Some well-known web 2.0 platforms are blogger, Wix, WordPress, Blogspot, and doodle kit. You must create your account on these platforms and publish these websites with some content—all the while including the links to your main website in the content of Web 2.0 websites.

Target Long-Tail Keywords

This is one of the best strategies to improve your SEO ranking on Google’s search engine. Most SEO experts include their strategy in their routine. They have organic backlinks in their content. Organic backlinks are the links of other websites that you provide on your website. This helps in increasing the traffic on their website.

You can quickly build organic backlinks for your website. You need to search for long-tail keywords related to your niche and start selecting sites. Use the URL of these websites in your website content. You can search for long-tail keywords on various free platforms available on the internet.

Start Using HARO

HARO is a great website to earn quality backlinks from high DA websites. You need to work hard to get these backlinks, but it’s worth the effort. It is a platform used by journalists for collecting content. They provide different topics on this platform, and if your content gets shortlisted, you get quality backlinks in return.

You must register yourself as a source on this platform. Focus on creating quality content and try to get shortlisted. The entire platform is free, and you get rewarded for your qualitative work. You can get a detailed explanation of this website from various sources on the internet.

Pitch other Bloggers

This is the traditional method of building quality backlinks. It is still a powerful way to build backlinks for your websites. There are various ways to generate backlinks by pitching other bloggers. You can approach linkers by contacting them through email. This is a monotonous task and will need a lot of effort from your side. 

You must use the free tools that are available for backlinks and generate quality backlinks. You can also use strategies like guest posting and providing free content to get backlinks. It is a traditional method; it requires a lot of effort, with no guarantee for rewards.


Getting traffic on your website is very important for any online business. So, if you are running an online business, you can’t ignore the concept of backlinks. It is one of the best ways to improve your SEO ranking and attract an audience to your website.

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