How To Customize Windows 10 Startup Sound in 2021

In Windows 10, the startup sounds as usual. These are designed to accelerate the startup phase and maybe save battery capacity. However, a lot of people need to disable the startup sound.

However, in Windows 10 its start-up sound is disabled by default, sounds setting help consumers to activate it. In addition, throughout Windows 10 users could update machine settings to set up customized startup sound.

On further execution including its start, Windows performs a sound to remind users. Although the desktop application is efficient to still use. However, a workable solution for using your favorite content after loading Windows was consistent. With its prior iterations through developed settings. And yet here, u want to get the support of a third-party app. Whereas, Startup Sound Changer seems to be a very popular tool. Because of its a simple design that helps u do this quite effortlessly.

Rather, throughout this post, a specific guideline on Customize the startup sound of Windows 10 in 2021 will be provided. Let’s get start…!

How to Activate Windows 10 Startup Sound

However, if you really have to Activate the Windows 10 startup sound option. As well earlier you change the startup sound. Rather, Pursue a few of the small processes underneath to Activate Windows 10 Startup Sound.

  • Firstly, click on the sound button there in the device tray, and afterward tap the sounds.
  • Well, that is supposed to unlock the Sound tools. Then click upon this Sounds section.
  • Now however scrolled down and activate the choice Play Windows Startup Sound.
  • If once complete, press the Apply icon and afterward click the Ok icon.
  • You are executed. That’s how the Windows 10 Startup Sound can be activated.

How to Customize Windows 10 Startup Sound?

We suggest using WinAero Tweaker to customize the Startup Sound. Though, since activating the Startup Sound. Even though start-up sound needs machine files to still be edited. That’s not just fast when using WinAero Tweaker, it really is fairly decent.

Well after adjusting the startup sound, we also suggest you build a device repair stage. Consider the following basic ideas to adjust the startup sound of Windows 10.

  • Firstly, on the Windows 10 device, u can install and update WinAero Tweaker. Then Open the application right from the start.
  • And afterward, choose Startup Sound from its left side of the window. Though upon this right panel you have to click Replace Startup Sound.
  • Then pick the sound file which u want to customize. The data in the format.WAV ought to be audio.
  • Then after the restart, the computer once more plays the latest sound for the startup.

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In the end, aforementioned we learned How To Customize Windows 10 Startup Sound in 2021. We hope this small guideline will help you a lot.


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