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How to Get 1000 Free Instagram Followers in One Day


Instagram can be a little tricky if you are going to market a brand on Instagram. What could be the first thing you need to do? Get free Instagram followers fast. But the real concern is how? 

The days of buying Instagram followers or using bots are over. These tricks might boost your Instagram follower count for a short time. But they will not do you any favors long term. That is because the only true valuable Instagram followers are real people who care about your content and engage with your brand. 

Here are 10 tips to get 1000 free Instagram Followers within 10 days

Practice a thoughtful Instagram advertising strategy:

To use any social media effectively you need a clear plan. Think about the reason why you want more Instagram followers. Here are 3 reasons. 

  • Increase Brand Awareness
  • Boost Product sale
  • Drive organic traffic to your website

Define your audience; to define your target audience, ask yourself some questions;

    • How old are they, 
    • Where they live
    • What do they do for work?
    • When and how they use Instagram
    • What are their challenges

How to Get 1000 Free Instagram Followers in One Day

Upload a regular aesthetic and brand story:

Maybe you want to clear the air how products are made. No matter what is your ultimate goal on Instagram, it is important to maintain a consistent brand look and personality.

Use keywords to boost organic traffic:

Before people follow you on Instagram, they are going to find you. Not a lot of text is searchable. In fact, only the name and username contribute to the search result. 

Use top hashtags to call out new users:

The text of your Instagram is not searchable but hashtags do appear. Instagram users also follow hashtags so your hashtagged content appears in the feeds of content that do not follow your account yet. 


Optimize your Instagram profile and Bio:

Two-thirds of Instagram profile visits are from visitors who do not follow your account. Those new profile visitors are new potential for free Instagram followers. It is only possible if your profile and bio convince them to click the follow button. They will not do so if your Instagram profile is incomplete, unclear, or unappealing.

Design an eye-catching Instagram grid:

Every post on your Instagram grid needs to be high quality and visually engaging. When the user visits your profile it should want them to see more. 

free followers

Write long compelling post captions:

Put the important points upfront, ask a question and try emojis. It also boasts free Instagram followers.

Pin your best comments:

One of Instagram’s underrated features is the ability to pin up to three comments for each post. 

Share your Instagram account on other Social networks:

Your Instagram account should be discoverable. If you have already built an engaging audience or the rest of social networks, let them know you have an Instagram account. You do not have to invest a penny to buy Instagram followers because these pro tips will do all the magic.


If you buy Instagram followers, it might satisfy your ego but it will not help your Instagram strategy. If you are starting new brand-getting initial followers can be tricky but with the smart technique, you can build a sufficient audience in one day. Your audience drives your success. Above mentioned 10 tips will help you to drive 1000 followers in one day.

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