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Depending on the kind of business you’re in, making cold calls could be a part of your sales process. If this is the case, then apart from having a call center or call dialing software, predictive and auto-dialers will also come in handy. Not only can you possibly close more sales or get more conversions, but you can also be more efficient with the calls you’re making.

Achieving this means being able to keep up with your competitors as well.

An auto dialer refers to the software that’s used to dial phone numbers automatically from a pre-determined list. The call can be made by a person who is a part of your team, or through a pre-recorded message, once the phone call is picked up. Because this process is now automated, it removes the need to manually dial each phone number, which saves your business more time and money given the hundreds of calls you need to make daily.

Hence, now that there’s an automated system for this purpose, you can focus on other important tasks instead like training your team to get the company’s message across for successful delivery of the sales call.

Different Types Of Auto-Dialers

Before getting into the details of how an autodialer can revolutionize your business, it’s likewise important to discuss the different types of auto-dialers. After reading this article, you’ll have a stronger grasp of how an autodialer works for companies like yours. You can choose the kind that works best for the specific needs of your business.

These are the different types of auto-dialers.


Preview Dialers


This kind of auto dialer is used to give businesses the option of either making an outbound call or skipping it altogether. This can come in handy in situations where your customer or sales representative on the phone wants to gain some more useful information about the person they’re talking to. This enables your team to be more prepared to add a hint of personalization in the call, for a better impression and interaction.


Predictive Dialers


This auto dialer improves the efficiency of your business when making cold calls because of its ability to dial multiple numbers all at once. As its name implies, this auto dialer has the power to predict when your customer service representative will soon be finished with the current call. Before your representative is even done with their sales script, the predictive dialer already starts to place the next call.

With this kind of system, no time is wasted.


Progressive Dialers Or Power Dialers


Lastly, this variation of auto dialer immediately places a call once the current one is done. This is the best option for businesses who want to connect as quickly as they can with as many customers, one after the other.

How Auto-Dialers Can Revolutionize Your Business

Here are the top benefits your company can gain by having an auto dialer for business operations:

It Enables Intelligent Call Assignment

An intelligent call assignment is one of the best features of an autodialer that you should look forward to. Your cold calling process tremendously improves when this feature dials the potential leads, even before an agent gets into the phone line.

This is made possible through the software’s ability to recognize when your agents are nearing the end of their call. A few seconds before a call ends, the auto-dialer already starts to contact the next potential customer on your list.

When it comes to improving your conversion rates and customer experience, having intelligent call assignment software can make all that difference.

It Improves Business Operations 

Among all other goals your business should strive for, one of the most important should be your operations’ efficiency. Time and money are everything—these two are very important resources of your business. When your system is inefficient, then you’re only wasting so much of your company’s resources.

First off, thanks to the auto dialer technology and similar products from reliable providers, one of the many being Call Cowboy, gone are the days of manual dialing to make calls. The system you sign up for cuts the time wasted on call drops, misdialing, and waiting time. If you try to add all the time wasted due to these circumstances, you’ll discover that it could total an hour or so. Just imagine how many calls you could have made and potential sales you could have closed in that span of time.

When your business operations are more efficient, this means you’re able to accomplish more as a team. So, without extending your operation time for hours spent calling prospects and customers, your agents are able to make more calls, and potentially close more deals as well.

That said, here are some of the benefits of increased efficiency in your business operations:

  • Productivity improves since previously manual tasks are finally automated.
  • Reduced risk of error, such as when employees are exhausted from dialing the entire day, it’s not impossible not to make a mistake like pressing a wrong number, which can lead to a wrong call.
  • Higher customer satisfaction, as customer service can improve when your agents can focus on the call’s script and conversation, rather than the dialing and placing of the call.
  • Increased profitability, as an autodialer enables your business to make more calls, therefore also increasing your potential to close more deals.
  • Better optimization of resources, as there’s lesser misuse of time and money.

It Reduces Idle Time

Idle time is one of the killers of productivity and good use of company resources. This idle time may only be a few seconds to a minute in between each call, but when you add this together daily, you’ll see that it adds up to hours.

Unfortunately, idle time also equates to lost resources.

Here’s the picture. Without an autodialer, your customer service representatives will have to manually dial each call. This also means waiting until the call is connected. This can be anything from listening to busy tones, disconnected calls, and even making it to the answering machine of a customer.

With an autodialer system in place, the software is able to recognize any of those signs, enabling it to skip these calls, so that only the answered calls are attended to by your agents. This results in increased time for them to make new calls.

Along with employing an autodialer system, here are other strategies you can apply as well, to reduce idle time:

  • Improve team planning for your call agents or customer service representatives, so they know how to handle potentially idle situations, even when there’s an autodialer making the calls more efficient for them.
  • Provide opportunities for your calling team to improve by ensuring that they are well-versed in using the latest technology, especially auto dialers.

It Allows Blended Call Centers To Operate More Effectively

Depending on the kind of business you have, a blended call center can work to your advantage. This setup involves call center agents who don’t simply place outgoing calls, but also receive incoming calls from customers. The call center you’ve outsourced also addresses the concerns of your customers when they phone your hotline.

An auto dialer, on top of the calling software you’re currently using, helps your blended call center operate more effectively.

Here’s how it operates. When a caller or customer phones your hotline, they’re placed in a queue, depending on the number of ongoing calls and the availability of the agents to answer the call. As soon as an agent is available, the system automatically places the call of the next customer in line with that available agent.

In effect, the waiting time is reduced and your blended call center now operates more effectively. Customers are also less likely to lose their patience with the length of time they’ve put on hold, just waiting for a representative from your end to address their concerns.

It Improves Your Agents’ Efficiency

Apart from time and money, another very important resource of any company is the workforce. In this case, this refers to your agents. For your business to be able to maximize its full potential, you should also give priority to improving your agents’ skills, talents, and in turn, their efficiency. This means that your team can now do more, without the need for constant supervision.

You can achieve this with an autodialer. Let’s say that your agents’ skills are top-notch, the best of the best. However, how can they top competitors who use auto-dialers when you don’t? Thus, you have to keep and use technology to your advantage.

Also, when there’s an autodialer system, your agents can have more phone time with your prospective customers. This makes your agents more efficient with their jobs, simply because talking more means increasing their opportunity to close a deal, which also increases your profitability.

It Brings Higher Conversion Rates

Your business’ calling process becomes more agile with an autodialer. Connecting all of the advantages relating to efficiency and more chances of closing sales, an autodialer can bring in another significant impact for your business: higher conversion rates.

Remember that not every call you make will result in conversions. This means that while the prospective client at the end of the line is listening to what you’re saying when the call ends, this doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re automatically converted into paying customers. So, you have to do your best to ensure that every call results in a sale. This is when you can claim that your business has achieved a higher conversion rate.

An auto dialer enables you to achieve this, for the very reason that your agents have more time to prepare for the call or conversation. For instance, rather than getting busy dialing the numbers manually and waiting for someone to pick up the phone, your agents are given important information about your customers, supplied by the predictive autodialer.

In effect, the conversation becomes smoother and more effective. The customers at the end of the line will get the impression that your agents are not simply memorizing a script. This is because they’re able to add a hint of personal touch to the calls, all thanks to predictive auto dialers.

Along with using an autodialer system, to increase your chances of higher conversions, here are other ways you can achieve this as a result:

  • Add a ‘testimonials and feedback’ section on your website.
  • Enable live chats or chatbots on your website, apart from the phone number that connects to your auto dialer system.
  • Address any customer concerns in a timely manner.

It Works Well With Other Systems

When automation of manual tasks becomes a crucial part of your company’s culture, this means that you have other software in a place like an organization and database management or your customer relationship management (CRM). Your business improves even more with an autodialer, through its ability to integrate seamlessly with your organization.

The expected outcome is overall improvement and efficiency as an organization. Every department can connect seamlessly to another with the help of these technologies. Relaying information has never been so easy.

For instance, crucial information like the following are now more securely and efficiently stored:

  • Demographics of customers
  • Previous interactions with a caller (to check whether the call was successful)
  • Location


As gleaned from the benefits mentioned, having an autodialer system in your business has many advantages that go beyond the expense of maintaining and handling one. When it comes to lead generation, cold calling, closing sales, and even performing market research and analysis, there’s no denying the efficiency and practicality of having auto dialers.

When the tasks that used to be manually done by your team are automated, it frees up so much of their time to give way to more important tasks for business operations. The benefits of using auto-dialers are many and the results are unmatched, and it all boils down to one goal—revolutionizing your business.

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