How to Change Fonts in WhatsApp Chats in 2021

WhatsApp is a texting and voice chat app that first appeared in 2009. However, it has grown in popularity although since owing in large part to its functionalities and usability. Whereas, WhatsApp is a free application. It lets users send messages and access the internet through both laptop and mobile phone devices.

Though, WhatsApp chats use fonts to their fullest, although there are techniques of customizing it. You’ve got some strong, italicized typography and striking typeface text. Yes, these typefaces are extremely attractive and they seem nice well. The first one can modify the text’s appearance and style. Therefore u can even change the font style of the images. This is simply just bold, italicized text in the chats.

However, whenever, you thought about uploading an image and wanted a certain word to be conveyed. You can change fonts in WhatApp chats to avoid classic users of WhatsApp. That’s why we learned how to Change Fonts in WhatsApp Chats in 2021. <<<Let’s start>>>…

Change Fonts in WhatsApp Chats

This app is used to alter font styles via Fonts App. This application is free to download since this application is totally ad-free. Though is how you will utilize the font app on the phone for attractive fonts.


  • Firstly, Install the Fonts app from the Google Play Store.
  • When you run the app for the first time. This will request one access to activate the keyboard. Click on the Allow Fonts Keyboard button.
  • When u ok that request, you will be able to the control keyboards settings. Simply touch upon this Fonts option to select the Font keyboard as your usual keyboard.
  • After that, this may display a squeeze notice stating that this entry mode will capture the private data. Well, Click on OK if u agree.
  • This would display a further squeeze stating u might utilize a pin code on the phone. This software may not launch till you open the mobile then again press OK.
  • Rather, Opened Whatsapp or another text message now. There on the lower right-hand side click the keyboard button. Then see the difference between that keyboards or select Fonts.
  • After you have picked the Fonts keyboard the normal keyboard. You may use these to write messages in multiple fonts.
  • However, u can even also use this app in other messaging app and write in font styles.

Change Fonts in WhatsApp Chats

If u want a bold text, firstly u need to select the simple text then this asterisk(*) should be inserted on both sides of the text.

However, if u want to use strikethrough in your WhatsApp chats. then inserted the tilde(~) on both sides of the text.

Whereas, u want to use Italicized characters in your WhatsApp then inserted underscore(_) on both sides of the text.

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In conclusion, above we learned u How to Change Fonts in WhatsApp Chats in 2021. Although, these techniques are very easy and simple to use. Because of the font, u can change the style of your WhatsApp chats. By formatting the text your message looks attractive and elegant. I hope this small guide helped u…

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