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What Industries Employ AI?


Artificial Intelligence (AI), the computer science discipline of machines performing tasks like humans, hasn’t quite hit Hollywood levels yet — robots can’t fly spaceships on their own, partner with smart-mouthed cops, or cook us five-star meals. 

But that doesn’t mean that AI-powered machines and systems aren’t useful. In fact, thousands of companies across various sectors use AI to enhance their products and services. 

Let’s look at some industries that use AI to serve us in interesting ways:

#1 Cybersecurity 

Just a few decades ago, antivirus tools detected malware like computer viruses by scanning for signatures. Antivirus companies entered the signatures associated with known viruses in a database for antivirus tools to access. Malicious software with registered signatures was immediately blocked. 

The system was left inadequate, however, by more intelligent malware. New malware can change its code to avoid detection. Additionally, the sheer volume of emerging malware is mindboggling. Nowadays, researchers find over 500,000 strains of new malware a day. 

Of course, these emerging threats don’t have registered signatures. 

This is where AI comes into play. Cybersecurity tools still use signature detection as the first layer of defense. But they also use AI-powered behavior recognition technology to proactively stop malware with threatening behavior. This analytical technology stops emerging threats in their tracks. 

For examples of cybersecurity software that leverages AI and its subset Machine Learning (ML), check out some of the software on the Malwarebytes download page. Their anti-malware software scrutinizes a program’s overall structure, programming logic, and data with AI to detect malware. 

#2 PropTech

The property technology (PropTech) industry employs artificial intelligence in fascinating ways. It helps investors make more intelligent choices by crunching Big Data to find the best investment opportunities. For example, it may zero in on neighborhoods where property values are likely to rise soon. It can also help rental property businesses determine areas where tenants will likely end their leases soon. AI reduces the risk of fraud for the financial industry by analyzing a mortgage applicant’s history and documents. 

AI helps homebuyers too. AI-powered chatbots can offer homebuyers the ideal place to buy homes. For a young family, it may offer homes with at least two bedrooms located in low-crime neighborhoods with excellent parks and schools. AI-powered chatbots also help buyers prequalify for homes by crunching their data on the spot. 

#3 Ridesharing

The ridesharing industry benefits from AI in multiple ways. For one, AI helps drivers navigate maps by offering shorter and more fuel-efficient routes with fewer speed traps. It may also help match riders with the type of drivers and vehicles they’re looking for. 

AI also helps recommend products and services. Customers ordering food on ridesharing apps may be presented with suggestions that suit their tastes and budget. 

#4 Automotive 

The self-driving car industry uses AI and ML to train its vehicles to drive more efficiently and safely. At a basic level, self-driving cars recognize road signs with AI. On a deeper level, they employ ML algorithms to learn from other vehicles.

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