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Vintage and Retro Wallpapers: What to Choose?


Not only ordinary people but also professional interior designers tend to confuse retro and vintage styles. And in today’s post, we’re going to talk about retro and vintage wallpapers and the effect they can produce in your home. 

Vintage Wallpapers 

If you want to lend your room a timeless charm, you may consider installing some great vintage wallpaper. Or, maybe, retro wallpaper? So, is there any difference between those two wallpaper types, and how can each of the best complement your interior design? Well, as you’ve already guessed, retro and vintage are not the same. Vintage wallpapers are those that were manufactured decades ago. Yes, you heard it right. Vintage wallpapers represent authentic pieces that were created, say, back in the 90s, 70s, or even 50s. They are true originals from the bygone eras. They retain not only the authentic spirit but also patterns, décor, and style characteristic of those times. Hence, their name and inherent exquisiteness. You can only guess how much money true connoisseurs of everything vintage are willing to splurge to get that coveted wallpaper roll manufactured in Provence in the second half of the 20th century. 

Vintage wallpapers also can be found in old mansions, museums, and castles. They are being restored and taken care of to maintain their historical worth and authenticity. This responsible task requires substantial costs and professionalism. So, choosing, putting up, and maintaining vintage wallpaper can be a real ordeal for their owners. Moreover, their look and feel also might be somewhat alien to modern customers. If you’re not an avid collector crazy about everything vintage, chances are you might not have enough time, skills, and money to properly take care of your vintage wallpaper. Still, this doesn’t mean that you should ditch your idea of adding a more classic look to your room. Retro wallpapers might be a great alternative. 

Retro Wallpapers

Retro wallpapers are just as effective and authentic as their vintage counterparts but at the same time, they are not so pretentious, expensive, and exotic. Retro wallpapers mimic design, décor, patterns, or prints associated with a certain era or reminiscent of some earlier time. The modern market is teeming with retro wallpapers that come in different sizes and colors. Paper, acrylic, vinyl, foil, and retro peel and stick wallpaper can make your interior shine in the blink of an eye. The major benefit of choosing retro wallpaper is the ability to instantly spruce your space and give it a gorgeous look. 

Wallpaper with paisley and floral prints is now making a rapid comeback in modern homes. Classic geometric shapes, stripes, and vignettes are also not going anywhere anytime soon. And for good reason! Not only is this type of wallpaper a versatile and convenient wall covering, but also a great design solution that can help you showcase your unique taste and recreate a specific vintage look. Modern retro wallpapers are easy-to-apply, eco-friendly, and reliable.  They possess the same advantages as modern wallpaper, but preserve the authentic retro design and add a luxury feel to your interior.  

Final Words

When choosing your wallpaper, be sure to pay particular attention to its quality, texture, and durability. And also don’t forget about health and safety aspects. If you’re not sure whether your preferred option can fit with your interior, you’ll be better off taking in a professional designer who can help you pick the best solution.  

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