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5 Best Microsoft Project Alternatives


The essential elements of effective project management include an experienced and dedicated professional team and the best management tools. Just as they are critical to the success of any project, using specialized project management software does help. In this article, we review the best Microsoft project alternatives.

Choosing a tool for your organization can become a problem with the Internet awash with too many project management tools. Fortunately, companies have many options, conveniently picking a device that perfectly fits their team and organization.               

1. Freedcamp

Freedcamp is an easy web-based project supervision collaboration designed for individual users and teams to organize and manage projects effectively. It is first in our list of alternatives to Microsoft projects, primarily because the software has a simple interface that makes managing projects fast and easy.

Key Features:

  • Divide tasks into subtasks and set their visibility in public or private.
  • Kanban’s to visualize workflow
  • Milestones that set goals for the team
  • Wall where team members communicate on a platform
  • Documents that hold all data in one place
  • A problem tracker is used to track and manage problems
  • Time monitoring of business days to charge customers
  • Pre-established project templates for repetitive tasks
  • Gadgets in one place can access any information

Free Features

  • Unlimited tasks and projects
  • Unlimited storage
  • Unlimited users
  • Time tracking
  • Walls and discussion

2. Team Gantt

The 2nd free Microsoft project alternative on our list is Teamgantt. Teamgantt’s main job is to create a Gantt chart for all the underlying tasks. The chart is highly organized and has exciting features such as individual color bars for functions and groups. You can quickly combine various sources to your thoughts at any time.

Key Features:

  • Drag and drop tasks to create a schedule
  • Discussions related to related tasks
  • Customizable Gantt View
  • Workload tracking
  • The planned and actual timeline
  • Project template
  • Time tracking of tasks
  • Note for update
  • Task filters for custom viewing
  • Relevance of projects and tasks

Free Features

  • Essential planning and collaboration for up to 3 people

3. Hygger

Hygger is a  project supervision tool that presents an effective backlog of preference features, which is why we’ve figured it into our list of Microsoft project alternatives.

The tool helps the team with project work through the Creative Library, which stores all of the ideas related to product and project development that, once approved, can be moved to the relevant Kanban or Scrum board for further development.

Key Features

  • A library of ideas for storing ideas, feedback, etc
  • Priority matrix for filtering ideas
  • Kanban for identifying workflows
  • Scrum board for visualizing sprint schedule
  • Identify workflow limitations for bottlenecks
  • Swim tags and tags for organizing tasks
  • Roadmap for tracking the overall progress
  • Real-time active flow showing task status
  • Time tracking with detailed reports
  • Team inbox displays only team-related information

Free Features

  • All features in the Standard and Enterprise Plan are available free of charge for 14 days.
  • Supply chain management

4. Mavenlink

Mavenlink consolidates multiple project-based services in one application. It is primarily designed for professional services and teamwork on large projects. A full-featured project management tool that focuses on team task management and supports the integration of various third-party applications.

Key Features

  • The project portfolio lists all the projects
  • Gantt Chart for Tracking Progress
  • Reusable project templates
  • Powerful third-party application integration
  • Resource Management at Task Level
  • A personalized view of monitoring projects
  • Seamless collaboration through advanced collaboration capabilities
  • Public and private posts for easy sharing
  • Securing project data through access rights

Free Features

  • Unlimited Items
  • Unlimited team members
  • 500 MB of storage
  • Integrate with Google Calendar, Tasks, and Contacts

5. Pivot Tracker

Pivotal Tracker is a flexible plan supervision tool devised for agile software teams. The tool facilitates real-time plan collaboration between team affiliates by sharing storyboards and prioritized construction blocks.

Key Features

  • Story points to determine actionable work
  • Activity estimation
  • Workspace for organizing projects
  • My work panel only shows your tasks
  • Multiple charts to visualize team performance
  • The reference used to assign tasks
  • Drag and drop file options
  • Personalized labels for organizing tasks
  • Shared calendar for daily tasks and projects
  • Integration of multiple third-party applications

Free Features

  • Two projects
  • Up to 3 collaborators
  • 2GB of storage

Bottom Line

If you have trouble scheduling and updating projects, Microsoft project alternatives may be the best choice for you. The Intelligent Scheduler automatically updates the overall task requirements when resources and priorities change. These alternatives can easily share the revised timeline. 

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