Second Phone Number for Work

How old is your business phone system? If you’re experiencing poor call quality, and breakdowns, or you’re using a legacy system that doesn’t come with features for digital management and routing, then it’s probably time for an upgrade.

Older phone systems don’t support current customer expectations

Your ability to create happy, satisfied customers or clients hinges on your ability to serve them according to their expectations. What once worked in the past won’t necessarily work now. For example, today’s customers are adamant about not waiting long to be helped and will do business elsewhere if your wait times are too long. With the right phone system, you can control this aspect of customer service and manage their expectations

To avoid losing sales and getting negative reviews from frustrated and upset customers, upgrade your phone system as soon as possible.

With an up-to-date digital phone system, you’ll be able to take better care of your customers for several reasons:

  • A digital system makes call routing possible. Call routing allows you to automatically route a customer to any service rep based on their input at the beginning of the call. This prevents you from having to answer calls live and then route the customer to a second service rep.
  • Digital phone systems can help you monitor call quality. You’ll never know how your service representatives are doing unless you listen in on their calls to find out. Call monitoring plays a critical role in improving the customer experience and you just can’t do that with analog systems.
  • You can hire your ideal customer service team. When your customer calls are routed through a digital phone service, like VoIP, you can forward their calls to any phone number you wish. This gives you the freedom to hire your customer service dream team from anywhere in the world. You can hire the best people from several different locations and have each one manage a different category of requests. For instance, you might hire a security professional to handle security-related calls and they might live 4,000 miles away from the person handling your account support.

Analog systems will inhibit company growth

When your goal is to grow your business, you’ll struggle to achieve that if you’re stuck using analog phone systems. Not only did phone companies become absolved of their duty to offer services that use traditional copper lines in many parts of the U.S., but traditional landlines are falling out of favor with people in general.

Digital phone services provide a better experience and while there are a few downsides, like the fact that you’ll need a UPS to use the phone during a power outage, the benefits far outweigh the drawbacks.

Now let’s look at all the best reasons to upgrade your business phone service provider to voice over IP (VoIP).

Cost savings

Most VoIP business phone systems will give you the option to create a package that meets your needs and you won’t have to pay for additional services or features you don’t plan to use. Plans are usually paid monthly and there is generally a fee per line.

If you don’t have a traditional office where everyone is located in one building, then a VoIP business phone service will cost less than getting traditional phone services for everyone. With a digital phone system, your employees can use their existing phones and retrieve calls routed to them by the system.


If you have remote employees, you’ll definitely want a VoIP phone system. With VoIP, you can offer your customers a local phone number to call no matter where they are in the world and they won’t have to pay long-distance charges.

Improved call quality

Call quality is important for teams and customers. Whether you’re making voice-only calls or video conferencing, VoIP will provide you with improved call quality compared to relying on cell phones. Nobody wants to hear, “Are you there? Hello?” However, that’s common with cell phones. VoIP offers a higher and more stable call quality so you can host your business meetings and conference calls flawlessly.

You can still use a desk phone

VoIP phone systems don’t impact your ability to use a desk phone, which means your employees can still answer a traditional phone at their desk, put it on speakerphone, transfer calls to another department, and check voicemail messages. It’s just that the phone system itself is powered by the internet rather than being connected to traditional copper wire infrastructure.

VoIP is the future of phone systems

Legacy phone systems are dying and for good reason – VoIP is superior. When you switch to digital phone service for your business, you get far more features and flexibility than what’s possible with traditional landlines. If you haven’t switched, now is the perfect time to make that choice.

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