Quick Printer buying guide


The most popular printer brand, Dell now provides many other electronic peripheral devices such as data storage systems, printers as well as tablets and not just desktop PC or laptops. Without compromising on the quality of printers, Dell provides purchasing at a very minimal rate. Get 10% on using ICICI bank credit card and additional cashback of up to Rs. 8000 as well. Make use of the favorable Dell coupon codes and offers on any category at check out to get several benefits on your shopping experience.

Tips and Tricks to Save on Printer Purchases

Necessary in offices to print general documents relating to the work. Aside from this, people have now begun to purchase home printers as homework assignments for students, for railway and airport printing cases as well.

1. Want to make copies or just scan documents

If you want a printer that can scan, copy and fax as well then go for an all-in-one printer. Many all-in-one printers don’t cost more than a regular printer but can take a little more space. It can even be cheaper than many other individual devices when combined with a regular printer.

If you just want to print your documents then a regular printer is good for you because printing is the only feature of a regular or simple printer.

It should be noted that most all-in-one printers have specifications that are less than stand-alone scanners, copying machines, and fax machines. A separate scanner would have more choices if you need to do very advanced scanning.

The printer according to your requirements can save your money. Bring home HP DeskJet 1212 regular printer for Rs. 1899. It has a USB port that makes the printing process easy. It comes with paper input as well as an output tray. Hp has the ongoing offer of no-cost EMI as well.

2. A printer with huge memory

The prime consideration is to purchase a printer with more memory (RAM) than you need for regular use. However, in the case of concerns, purchase an upgradable model at least. Speed and consistency are closely correlated with memory. You’re going to want more memory if you would like to print quickly and create better graphics.

Many models of printers can be upgraded. If you need more storage to accommodate either smaller or greater volumes, some models offer integrated SD card slots to quickly add more storage to your printer.

In the offer period of 50% off on printers when availed from Amazon, avail Epson ET 7750 printer which has connectivity options of SD Card, USB flash drive, wireless, and WiFi direct. It comes with 5 numbers of inks.

3. Are you purchasing it for office use?

When dealing with many different users, protection is of prime importance, in particular when confidential information is printed. Security options can be used in many office printers, even user authentication tools that need ID or passwords. Data security and authentication stored can be used to secure saved information and tools for network monitoring to identify problem malware.

You can shop for Brother HL-L327OCDW which protects users’ data. This printer can be used via Google cloud, Android devices, or iOS devices. The printer can be used for 30,000 pages per month.

4. Looking business travel printer 

There are many types of smaller, compact printers equipped with durable cases and power consumption. However, for the size, it’s possible to print huge quantities and it works as a substitute for the bigger printers.

Get your hands on HP OfficeJet 200 mobile printer if you are looking for a portable printer. It weighs just 5.4 kg which holds a capacity of 10 papers. It is slim and light which can be carried easily.

5. Printer for printing photos

The kind of printer is an ink-jet printer using a technique for kinetic dye transmission that heatsink until it blasts with the specific photographic paper used to print images. These printers have higher prices than regular ink-jet printers. Like Epson PictureMate PM-520 photo printer which allows you to print from mobile. Not only this, Epson gives many discounts on its website to reduce the price even more.


With most of us employed at home, our homes and workplaces now feature the latest printers. Nevertheless, there are various brands in the market for printers. You can choose printers such as Epson, Dell, or HP. With many ongoing offers, you can save more on printers. Check TechieMag for more!