Magento 1 EOL

With forthcoming Magento 1 End-of-Life, the platform transition becomes the urgent matter for store owners who still can’t say goodbye to the system. Undoubtedly, migration is a tedious business one would prefer to avoid, but it’s a little bit late to let things slide. If you allow for delays any longer, you might not recover and stay on the same line with your competitors. 

Luckily, you’ve come across this post. Here we’ve gathered the important info you’ll need to hope in the last car of successful Magento 1 migration.

Magento 1 EOL

As we all know, June 30, 2020 marks the end of Magento 1 support. After the date, merchants who still sell at the platform will be at a disadvantage as their site lose any chances to stay relevant.

The end of official support means the great risk of security breaches for the system. Without the patches constantly provided by the Magento team, you are no longer eligible to engage customers in your store activities as your site is not safe to browse according to the standards of search engines.

Moreover, after Adobe stops to support Magento 1, you lose your PCI compliance badge, which means no payment system will provide their services to your store. Some have already finished their partnership with Magento 1, so it’s high time for you to look for a good replacement.

These are not the only problem you are going to face with Magento 1 going down, but these examples must be enough to make you move towards a reliable solution for your migration project. Still, considering the platform to select? You can consider a BigCommerce development company. Look at Magento 2, it has everything you need from an ecommerce platform and even more!

Magento 1 EOL

Magento 2 migration

Magento 2 can become great support in delivering your services to the general audience. Once you finish preparing the data list for your migration, you can turn to numerous agencies out there for help. Magento community is a strong long-lived phenomenon where you can find any assistance you need.

Even though Magento 2 introduces the new interface and a bunch of new features, it is extremely user-friendly. We are eager to encourage you to try the system for your store as you will be able to experience an innovative approach to ecommerce. With Magento 2, you get opportunities for your business growth that you haven’t come across before. And what is most important, you stay comfortable in managing those multiple built-in tools. 

So, let’s not waste more time and explore how to finish your migration with a pleasant outcome.

FireBear migration services

FireBear is a developer team with 10+ years of expertise working with Magento. Currently, the agency provides services of Magento 2 migration, and ERP/CRM/PIM, dropshipping integrations, custom development, and consulting. Migrations of Magento databases are the focus of the team activity, so you can rest assured your store is at good hands with FireBear.   

Magento 1 to Magento 2 transition is performed based on the functionality of Improved Import and Export — a best-seller among the data transfer solutions. Thanks to the advanced logic of data extracting and implementing, it is possible to achieve astonishing results in performing accurate error-free database transfers. 

Magento 2 migration with FireBear falls under the following principles: 

  • Full-cycle data migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2 Open Source, Commerce, and Commerce Cloud.
  • Assisted migration of customizations, themes, and third-party software.
  • Fixed cost with no extra payments.

So simple yet so trustable, FireBear has gained its name for following its own rules of providing the best services while avoiding overflowing customers with additional offers and subscriptions. If you need a Magento 2 migration, contact the team and see for yourself.

Migrating with Improved Import and Export

FireBear Magento ecommerce Improved Import and Export is a data management tool that enables data transfers from all kinds of sources to Magento 2 and vice versa. The extension is great for arranging automated routines, enabling complex data exchange, or connecting Magento 2 with any application out there seamlessly.

Improved Import and Export guarantees your transition goes stress-free. The built-in feature set makes any migration project flexible and highly personalized. Explore the list below to learn what you get with the tool:

  • Full or partial database transfers.
  • Cron-based import and export.
  • Support of all Magento 2 entities (both B2B and B2C).
  • REST and SOAP API, Google Drive, Google Sheets, FTP/SFTP, URL, Dropbox, file uploads and downloads as data sources.
  • CSV, XML, Excel XLSX, ODS, and Json files (and those in ZIP and TAR) as supported file formats.
  • Data mapping and content modifications.

Keep in mind that FIreBear offers a free Magento 2 migration add-on for Improved Import and Export, which allows you to try out what kind of services you get by hiring the team. You can find the software following the FireBear site by the link at the end of the post. 

To enhance your experience of working with Magento 2 FireBear has developed a bunch of must-have apps. Explore some of them in the chapter below to see how to expand your business opportunities. 

improved import export

Magento 2 B2B add-on

Migration to Magento 2 is a great incentive to scale your business. If you decide to upgrade changing the focus to B2B will be a smart move. 

Magento 2 with the relevant B2B extension introduces unique to the platform features aimed at creating comfortable B2B client service. However, to provide thorough management to the new entities you can’t do without turning to professional third-party software. And that’s the reason why FireBear has developed the B2B add-on of Improved Import and Export.

The add-on brings out the most of all supported Magento 2 B2B entities:

  • Quotes and negotiable quotes;

The main point of exploring the B2B entities with the help of the add-on for Improved Import and Export is to automate the routine related to handling complex company hierarchy. In addition, the ability to integrate Magento 2 with ERP or CRM on the base of Improved Import and Export invests any B2B business with extra opportunities for growth. 

Free Magento 2 Product Feed Export add-on

Reaching out to a new audience is the most natural and efficient way of boosting your business. The free Magento 2 Product Feed add-on of Improved Import is a great means to increase your revenue sources, engage buyers from all over the world, and ensure a constant flow of visitors to your store.

The add-on allows exporting your catalog to the largest marketplaces out there and gives the ability to sell your products on new ecommerce scenes. With the software, such giants as Amazon, eBay, Google Shopping, and many more appear within your reach as promotion platforms. 

All the file formats that can be processed with Improved Import and Export are available for the product-to-feed transformation:

These options enable multiple opportunities for you to connect with various databases regardless of their technical references. Thus, you are able to stay flexible with providing your offers.

These and other extensions you can find at the FireBear site. For more details on Improved Import and Export visit the product page.