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Splitting pages is not complicated when you know what online tool is perfect for these changes and how to utilize their tools properly. PDFBear is, by far, the best online splitting tool developed. Through following simple steps and clicking a few buttons, you will successfully make changes to your pdf files, in this case, splitting desired pdf pages.

The split tool of PDFBear can be accessed anywhere and with any device. PDFBear is an online tool that runs on the cloud, making it very accessible to all. If you are worried that you might not get split pages when using your phones, PDFBear can also run and work with your files even on handheld devices because they do not restrict their excellent services to gadgets.

PDF File Uploading 

If you want to know how to split pdf pages online, then this article will show you the three steps on how to break pages using PDFBear features successfully. With the PDFBear split tool, you will be able to split the files in under a minute. PDFBear lets users utilize their devices free of charge, but if you want to access more features, you can pay for a pro subscription.

Uploading a file is accomplished by selecting data from your device or dragging a pdf to the web interface. Dragging a file is quicker, but either way, the file will still be uploaded quickly. PDF files that you wish to have splitting modifications will now be available for modifications or changes according to your preference. Options below the box given are there to have accurate outputs.

The PDFBear Split Tool

The split tool provided by PDFBear is easy to navigate and use. Once a file has successfully uploaded to the PDFBeear server, you will see a blank provided for range. There you will input the page number “from” and “to” for PDFBear to know where to start and end the splitting process.

Once you have inputted the specific pages you want to split, click the “Split PDF” button. The time that it takes for splitting pages on your document is only seconds of your time. PDFBear is less time-consuming but still give outputs with high accuracy and quality.

Most people get confused about what splitting pages are, they often link it with merging, but they are both different in terms of pdf processing. Splitting and merging are both added modifications to a file, but splitting is mainly for breaking pages from a document, and merging is combining the pages of a pdf file.

Download Your PDF Document Safely

For the third and final step, after the splitting process is complete, you will now be able to download your pdf file to your device. A blue button labeled “download” is located beside the finished output. Clicking the button will transfer your file to the device’s storage.

PDFBear also permits users to share their files to their cloud storage. This online splitting tool is user-friendly and very secure. PDFBear has safety protocols and systems to make sure your files are guarded and away from possible data theft problems. PDFBear will erase your uploaded files from their server after one hour of not using it.


Finding a perfect splitting tool on the web is easy, but finding a tool with the best results and is packed with many features, PDFBear is that tool jam-packed with features that will benefit users. If you use their services, you will be able to obtain the results based on your needs. If you want to split pdf in a go, PDFBear is a must-try tool to utilize.