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Importance Of Oracle Testing Automation


Testing has been an integral part of the software development life cycle. It continues to be one of the most coherent assets that look after enterprise management software’s efficiency, performance, correctness, and stability. But often, with changes in goals, the testing has to undergo changes to adopt a better testing mechanism. This blog will try and gauge the complexities and types of testing involved in Oracle testing

Oracle – A business management software technology

Oracle is relational database management technology owned by the Oracle Corporation. It is a multi-model database model that helps with data warehousing and grid computing of enterprises depending upon their needs. Presently, it is one of the most cost-effective and streamlined solutions for the database management proposed so far. Along with that, the products of Oracle are secure and scalable. Enterprises from any business profile can make use of the technology to ensure high performance and efficiency. 

But, as it is a software solution, it demands coherent testing so that its software solutions perform explicitly where desired. Therefore, a well-designed testing demeanor is of utmost importance. Let’s understand why oracle software testing is important. 

Importance of Oracle Testing 

Testing is an evaluation mechanism that helps to understand whether the software has passed the functionality assigned or not. It helps test the desired output of a system and recognize the problems, in the case of Oracle, Oracle Problems. The problems are later addressed so that the software performs efficiently. Testing also-

  • Helps device the parameters of quality assurance
  • Saves money associated with development in the long run
  • Prevents catastrophic software emergencies at the corporate level
  • Helps maintain great User Satisfaction or Experience
  • Improves organization’s efficiency and productivity 

Oracle testing – Manual and Automated 

Manual testing is the most common and versatile process. Testers work on the product to conduct formal/informal tests to verify its functionalities and limitations. Although manual testing adds more value to the enterprise solutions, it comes with cost and risk factors. Therefore, to meet the specific deadline of software deliveries and reduce the risk, businesses nowadays rely more on test automation. 

The test automation addresses the risk and cost associated with manual testing by investing more in automation tools. The tools help with scripting the interaction and recording them with the help of building scripts and screen recording. But as the whole process is based on codes, the process requires industry specialists and great resources.  

The benefits of Oracle test automation

  • The automated Oracle testing model changes with the change in business process.
  • Comes with pre-build and ready-to-use tools to speed up testing.
  • Reduces cost and associated risk by identifying the need for the functionality to be tested.
  • Promotes a hybrid approach and works efficiently with other testing tools of the manual approach.
  • Has a faster feedback cycle which helps with the production line of new features to be added to the software sooner or later.
  • Helps save a lot of time and cost associated with manual testing.
  • Has a better test coverage than manual testing.

About Opkey 

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