What was once just a small part of the entertainment during weekends and after school for kids has now evolved into a vast industry capable of drastically altering many socio-economic factors of the world.

As the internet is becoming more accessible and affordable to people than ever before, thanks to the long fiber optic cables laid down by companies like Facebook and the Starlink satellites of SpaceX, the gaming industry is making its way from high performing desktops and gaming consoles to even a mid-tier smartphone.

Even tech giants like the trillion-dollar company, Apple, have been extensively investing in giving their consumers a better gaming experience.

Due to the present COVID-19 pandemic, most industries all over the globe have been hit badly. But this does not seem to be a pattern that seems to be showing up for the major players in the gaming industry.

The quarantine and lockdowns all over the globe significantly boosted people €™s interest in gaming, and Play Station even launched their latest gaming console, the PS5, just recently.

Hence, this is the best time for engineers, UX design company, and pretty much anybody in the video game development sector or those who want to learn how to make a video game to come with amazing video game plots inspired from and during the quarantine. Here are some tips to help you make a killer marketing video.

Awesome Video Game Plot Ideas

Before you jump into the plot you are first required to boil down some things like your theme, genre, and niche.

There are many different genres of video games you could choose from like the first-person perspective (FPS) shooting games, adventure gaming, and simulation games like X-Plane.

Companies like Apple and Google have been pouring in a lot of money into immersive gaming genres like virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) gaming.

Once you have decided on your genre, it is time to decide the theme of your game like fantasy, horror, gore, and sci-fi. The best way to do this is to keep your target audience and their age group in mind.

When you are done with all of them, you are good to proceed into the next phase, i.e., ideation of a video game plot. Here are five cool ideas that you can use or get inspired to create the next viral video game!

 1. Simulate the Everyday Kitchen

Quarantine has been making people cook like crazy. From the Dalgona coffee to the Oreo cake, people have been taking a lot of interest in learning to cook and experimenting with new cuisines from the comfort of their homes.

However, the downside to cooking is that if you want to try something new, it is hard to learn to make it quickly and even harder to memorize all the right ingredients. Often, people are disappointed because they do not have all the necessary ingredients for their next new dish available in their kitchen.

Since immersive and simulation games seem to be trending and picking up space, the concept of developing a game that helps players experience real-world cooking but without the need to buy ingredients or having to wait for long.

In this game, players can simply put on their VR headsets like oculus quest 1 & rift s prescription lenses and start playing, experimenting, and learning. If not VR, then you can incorporate augmented reality (AR) where people can just walk into their actual kitchens and simulate a full-fledged cooking session at a fraction of the actual time.

All of this can be easily done thanks to innovations like their LiDAR scanner and their incorporation into portable devices like the iPad Pro.

2. Mutant Coronavirus Zombies

Do you want to make a game filled with thrill, horror, blood, and gore? Then this is the right one for you!

The whole pandemic situation is horrific as it is, but imagine if the SARS-CoV-2 virus were to evolve or mutate into something more deadly that is turning people into zombies! That would make one hell of a story plot.

A group of friends is tasked with the burden of surviving as well as finding the cure to this awful disease and help the world get back on its feet. You, the leader, are shouldered with the responsibility to protect your teammates against the deadly zombies!

With the advancements in technology, you can even make a mobile version of this game so that people from any part of the world can join you in this multi-player, action-filled, horror-thriller adventure from just a smartphone.

Such a game would be a really massive hit if developed well because it is a mix of action, survival, simulation, and interaction.

3. Build a World in a Room

This concept arises from the world of fantasy and imagination. It is best suited for people who are quarantined in a single room for weeks or those people who prefer to spend a lot of time locked in their room.

You can develop a game the uses the potential of the cutting-edge AR technology in modern smartphones to enable players to make virtual mini-worlds or cities right in their room.

Such games are also very useful for kids in terms of education as it can potentially teach them the socio-economic constructs, governance, and much more!

4. Virtual Pets

Who does not love cute, fluffy, and cuddly little animals?

The lockdown in many countries forced people to stay in their homes for very long. This concept emphasizes the idea that this time spent alone at home can be used by people to learn how to raise pets without getting one.

For first-timers, this will be really helpful because they can then make better decisions on how adopting a pet animal will affect their routine and overall lifestyle.

Most people adopt animals without giving much thought to what is involved. A pet animal is a long-term responsibility and going into the wrong hands or house can endanger a life. Hence, this video game will make a great fit both in terms of entertainment as well as education.

5. Build Your Own Car Race

A car racing game is cool, but a racing game that you can make on your own and compete with your friends is on a whole new level of cool.

This is an interactive racing game concept. You can develop it such that one player customizes an entire race circuit on his mobile or desktop device and can then invite multiple friends to race his car on that track.

This game not only stimulates quick brain response and agility through racing but also helps the players hone their creative skills.


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