Important Benefits of Social Media Marketing Every Business Should Know

Are you considering buying social media followers to boost your brand’s presence? But is it truly beneficial? And more importantly, is it right for your brand?

In this blog, we will discuss about buying social media followers. We’ll discuss its benefits, the risks, and the potential drawbacks. We’ll also look at the debate of quality versus quantity. Additionally, we’ll provide alternate strategies for increasing an audience organically without paying for followers. So, let’s get started;

Benefits of Buying Social Media Followers

Boost perceived credibility and social proof

When your follower count is high, people tend to think of your brand as more reliable and popular, enhancing its social proof.

Increase initial follower count for a new or small brand

If you’ve just launched your brand, gaining a solid follower base can be difficult. Purchasing followers can provide that initial boost, giving your brand the jump-start, it needs.

Attract organic followers through the appearance of popularity

A high follower count can attract more followers organically, as people often follow accounts that already seem popular.

Enhanced Visibility

More followers mean more engagement. And more engagement translates into enhanced visibility. That increased exposure can help your brand emerge from the sea of social media content, making waves in the vast ocean.

Risks and Drawbacks of Buying Social Media Followers

Low-quality and inactive followers

Buying followers isn’t about gaining a passionate fanbase who’ll engage with your content. Instead, you’re likely to end up with a bunch of dormant, low-quality accounts that hardly interact. In the world of social media, quality trumps quantity, and these ‘ghost’ followers won’t do your engagement rates any favors.

Damage to brand reputation and authenticity

Despite the immediate gratification of having a larger follower count, it can significantly harm your brand’s reputation. Your audience values authenticity, and if they sniff out your purchased followers, it could lead to lost trust and potential followers or customers.

Lack of real engagement

Social media is about interaction, conversation, and community. Buying followers might inflate your numbers, but it won’t bring meaningful engagement or build a community around your brand. Real people bring real conversations, and purchased followers can’t offer that.

Violation of Social Media Platform Policies

Social media platforms have policies in place to maintain a fair and authentic online atmosphere. Buying followers is like playing with fire – you might escape unscathed, or you might get burned. Penalties include reduced organic reach, suspension, or even deletion of your account.

Focus on Quality over Quantity

Quality is the magic word in the social media world. It might be tempting to boost your visibility overnight by purchasing a large number of followers. However, it’s essential to remember that having genuine, engaged followers is much more beneficial for your brand than having numerous uninterested ones.

Short-Term vs. Long-Term Gains

While buying followers can give your brand a short-term boost in visibility, remember it’s a temporary solution. In the long run, these purchased followers won’t provide the engagement or conversion rates that genuine, interested followers would.

It’s the difference between a flash in the pan and a slow-burning candle – the latter gives a more consistent and valuable light over time. Prioritize long-term growth; it’s worth the wait.

Alternative Strategies to Organically Grow a Social Media Following

With patience and perseverance, you can organically grow your social media following without buying followers.

Here are some simple and effective strategies:

  • Regularly sharing relevant, high-quality content
  • Be consistent and be authentic
  • Engage with your followers through comments and messages
  • Collaborate with influencers in your niche
  • Run competitions or giveaways
  • Use relevant hashtags to reach a broader audience


Q: Does buying followers help your brand?

A: Buying followers can give you a quick boost to your follower count, but it won’t necessarily produce real results in terms of increased engagement. The followers you purchase are typically not real people who will be actively engaging with your content and helping to build up your brand’s authority.

Q: Is it ethical to buy followers?

A: Buying followers isn’t technically “illegal”, it does raise ethical concerns. If your followers are discovered to be purchased, it may damage your brand’s reputation and trust with your real audience.

Q: Is it good to buy followers on Instagram for business?

A: Purchasing followers on Instagram can be against the platform’s terms of service. It’s better to grow your following organically, through engaging content and authentic interaction with your audience. Organic growth ensures your followers are genuinely interested in your brand and more likely to engage with your content.

Q: Can you get banned for buying Instagram followers?

A: While purchasing followers won’t necessarily result in a ban, it does go against Instagram’s community guidelines and can negatively affect your account’s performance. Plus, Instagram regularly purges fake followers, and penalizes your account visibility. It’s always safer and more beneficial to grow your follower base organically.

Wrapping Up

It is clear that buying followers for your social media account is a shortcut to gaining visibility and popularity. Remember, it’s not about the number of followers, but the quality of interaction and engagement. So, to ensure you’re creating a strong social presence, it’s wise to invest in organic growth strategies such as consistently producing engaging content and responding timely to customer inquiries. So, good luck and thanks for reading!