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How to Start a Marketing Agency


The world is full of people who can throw up a LinkedIn profile, send off some proposals and call themselves professional marketing consultants. But it takes more than a nerve to start your own marketing agency.

Sure, there are plenty of things you could cut corners on when setting up shop: business cards, stationery, even your website domain name if you want to be particularly penny-wise (and pound foolish).

But there are also some rather significant areas where it’s worth spending large amounts of time and money even before you open for business. Not least among them is making sure that your target customers know that they exist – something that the vast majority of the self-promoting wannabe entrepreneurs fail at miserably.

Fortunately for you, in this guide, I’m going to walk you through exactly how to make sure that people understand what your business can do for them right from the very start.

If you follow the steps outlined in this article, here’s all you’ll need to know about marketing agencies when it comes to whether or not they’re scams:

What is a Marketing Agency?

Starting a marketing agency would be the best way to keep up with all the changes in the world today, and it can easily take care of businesses’ varied marketing needs. Marketing agencies are companies that specialize in advertising and promotion for other companies. These agencies are in the business of marketing, in all forms possible.

A marketing agency can take care of all aspects of advertising and promotion, including:

  • Ensure a consistent flow of information between the company and its stakeholders.
  • Public relations strategies are being implemented properly.
  • Social media presence is made positive by updating websites regularly and promising timeframes for responses.
  • Generating marketing plans that are customized to the company’s unique needs.

How to Start a Marketing Agency?

Identifying the Heart of Your Business

Before you even begin to contemplate opening your doors for business, you must understand what the heart of your business should be.

The answer may not always be cut-and-dried depending on how experienced an entrepreneur you are, but it will have a profound impact on everything else in this article so take some time to contemplate it before moving forward with this step.

An easy way to determine what type of products/services should be included in your business is to find a problem that you solve for people. This can be anything from social media marketing, logo design, brand development, etc.

Interviewing Target Customers

Your website or brochure may contain all the information you think your potential clients need to know about your company, but before you even open the doors, it’s worth spending some time speaking with them directly.

Talking directly with your future customers can be highly beneficial because it will allow you to understand what they want out of a company like yours and how you are best positioned to help them achieve their goals.

After identifying which areas of marketing better suit your skill set and previous experience, begin with people who could potentially become your clients, let them know you are thinking of starting up a business in this area because you’re interested to hear their perspective on the industry.

Use free online survey tools like SurveyMonkey or Google Forms to create an anonymous survey that allows you to send it out via email to the people you want feedback from.

Personalizing Your Products and Services

Your marketing agency should tailor its products and services around each client’s needs, which means understanding what they specifically need for their business to thrive is vital when determining how best to market them. To free up your team’s time for more creative and important tasks, use digital marketing software for agencies to automate all repetitive tasks and enable your employees to run successful marketing campaigns for all of your clients.

The more personalized your service is, the more significant opportunity for your clients’ businesses to succeed. One way of achieving this is by offering one-time services, like targeted social media ads or a one-time email marketing campaign designed specifically for them.

Creating the Right Domain Name

When you start your own business, the first thing people will see is your company’s website (hopefully). Your website’s domain name should be creative but not over the top and indeed easy to remember for it to stick in clients’ heads.

Your domain name can also help you achieve SEO goals if written correctly. Therefore, make sure to do some research before deciding what to call your business.

Setting up Professional Email Addresses

Email addresses are essential when communicating with clients, so make sure they are organized and clean from day one. You can select a custom domain name as your business email address by spending a few extra dollars per year on your email hosting plan.

Although this may not seem important now, it will be in the future when people have grown accustomed to reaching out via email instead of social media or phone calls.

Designing a Good Website Experience

Website design is a significant factor in determining whether a company’s website will succeed. A clear and easy-to-navigate site is vital for encouraging potential clients to stay on your website and digest the information presented there.

Paying attention to how modern websites are designed can help drastically create an effective marketing agency’s website. If you want your site visitors to engage with you immediately, ensure that the first thing they see upon landing on your site is your brand logo, business name, and mission statement. If you need your team to work together on the project you might want to get a professional agency management software that can help you track and manage tasks. By doing so, you can be sure that you won’t miss anything or do something worse than is expected. 

Socializing With Your Community

When you start marketing consulting, it can be challenging to gain traction with potential clients if you don’t have an established network for people to contact when they need help. Setting up social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn will give you a platform from which you can begin networking online.

Make sure these pages are set up professionally and include links to relevant content that showcases your expertise within this industry.

By establishing a strong online presence early on, your company’s digital footprint will continue to grow as you add more information about yourself, including how long your agency has been operational, the industries you serve, testimonials from past clients, and a portfolio of your work.


If you are looking to start a marketing agency, be sure that your business is built on the foundation of what it feels like to work with you. The more personalized and tailored your products and services are for each customer, the easier it will be to connect with their experience when they think about returning or referring others.

One way to make this happen is by asking yourself some serious questions before opening a shop, things like, who am I working for? What do my customers need from me? How can I help my customers solve problems in ways no one else can?

After answering these things, develop a unique domain name that reflects your brand identity, then set up professional email addresses across various platforms. Finally, create a website that makes it easy to navigate, then begin networking with your community.

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