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Smartphone Repair: 6 Easy Ways to Fix Your Smartphone


Did you know that 63 percent of smartphone owners avoid getting a smartphone repair because of the high costs associated with these repairs? Many phone owners take measures to protect their smartphones but sometimes that isn’t enough. Even worse, many people assume that the damage is beyond their ability to fix it even if they have a smartphone repair kit.

There are many different options that you have at your disposal when your phone gets damaged, and the best thing that you can do for your phone is to learn about the things that are within your ability to fix. The good news is that you’re in the right place to learn all about how to get your smartphone screen repaired and fix your iPhone accessories when they get damaged.

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Restoring Your Charging Capabilities

If you’re experiencing issues with charging your phone then it is natural to think that something might be wrong with your charging cord. If you’re worried that it is the cord then try charging a different device with the cord you’re having trouble with. You can narrow down the options of what’s going wrong.

Many times it turns out to be a faulty charging cord, but sometimes there are issues with the charging port. It is a popular place for lint and dirt to congregate and cause issues for your smartphone. The dirt and lint in the charging port keep the charger from connecting and result in a slower charge or no charge at all.

A good way to get rid of this issue is by taking a safety pin and running it along the inside of the charging port. After you do this, try charging your phone again and see if the issue persists. You should also look at these iPhone cases to protect your phone and keep debris out of your charging port.

Get Rid of Fuzzy Noise

Many people use their smartphones for streaming shows and listening to music. If you’re trying to listen to audio over your phone and you experience a fuzzy noise then that means that something is wrong with your speakers. Similar to your phone’s charging port, your speakers can accumulate dust and lint over a period of time.

This is even worse for people that are on call at their business and need to know when someone is calling them. If you can’t hear the noises in your phone’s speakers then you might miss important calls. If you’re worried about issues with your speakers or your headphone jack then you should use compressed air to try to clear them.

Supplies like compressed air and q-tips are the perfect remedy for getting that dust and lint out of your phone so you can hear again. It is also wise to use alcohol wipes to clean your phone and speakers.

Replace a Damaged Screen

One of the most common issues that people encounter when it comes to smartphone repair is a damaged or shattered screen. Many people are afraid to risk replacing a damaged screen even with a smartphone repair kit on hand. There are risks that you could cause further damage to your phone by trying to handle repairs on your own.

If you’re willing to take the risk then odds are that you can replace the screen on your own and save yourself some money. One thing to keep in mind is that you’ll need particular tools in order to do the job without causing damage to other parts of your phone. 

There are also certain types of phones that are easier to do screen replacements for. iPhones require a bit of heat for the screen in order to make the adhesive a bit softer. You can slice the adhesive and gently lift the broken or shattered screen away using this process.

If you have an Android phone then you’ll have more difficulties with smartphone screen repair as a DIY project. You’ll have to remove the backglass in addition to the screen in order to handle repairs on a Samsung phone.

Revive a Wet Phone

Water damage is the worst nightmare of many phone owners because it is almost impossible to fix. Many people resort to the classic move of placing a drenched phone in a bag filled with rice. If there is an excessive amount of water then the rice becomes sticky and gummy and will clog the pores on your phone.

The rice will do a great job of absorbing any moisture on the outside of the phone but there is no guarantee that it will dry out the internal parts. Instead, remove your phone from the water and power it down as soon as possible. Let the phone sit for a number of hours before trying to run it on and use it again.

Replace the Phone Battery

The batteries in phones start to lose their life after a number of charging cycles. Your phone will start dying sooner and sooner until you take the steps to replace your battery. Many people choose to take their phone to a repair expert rather than attempt a battery replacement on their own.

Most phone batteries are glued in place but an ambitious person with DIY skills can replace a battery in a smartphone. This process is much easier with an iPhone than it is with a Samsung phone.

Improve Phone Lens

Many people use their phones as their digital cameras. Having a clear lens is vital for capturing the videos and photos of your favorite events and adventures in life. Improving your phone’s camera lens is another fix that you can do yourself at home if you have the patience and the right tools.

Handle Your Own Smartphone Repair Today

Smartphone repair doesn’t have to be the end of the world or a big expense that harms your bank account. There are a number of things that you can fix at home with a good smartphone repair kit. With patience and a bit of confidence, you can fix damaged screens and charging ports.

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