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9 Things You’ll Find in a Cell Phone Accessories Store


Up from $224.69 billion in 2018, the mobile phone accessories market will reach $284.06 billion by 2026.

After all, even when you think that you’re getting a bare phone, you’ll want to get a tempered glass when you have to repair your cracked smartphone screen, which you’ll undoubtedly brick for the fourth time in a row. Besides, you’ll also hit your closest cell phone accessories store to get a phone case.

If you’re an owner of a cell phone repair shop, then you should take advantage of an excellent opportunity to increase your total earnings by upselling and cross-selling these add-ons. And, if you’re a customer, you’ll still want to know what’s available in the cell phone repair shops in your vicinity.

Keep on reading for our full breakdown of the nine most common cell phone accessories you should find in a cell phone repair shop.

The Basics in a Cell Phone Accessories Store: Chargers

We’re all in need of new chargers. Unfortunately, most of them aren’t good enough to last a year without a replacement, or we’ve misplaced our original charger. In addition to regular wear and tear, you’ll find that as time goes by, they become less effective.

Having chargers on hand might thus allow you to enhance sales and income. You won’t have to worry about your phone’s charging port becoming obsolete since most phones (except Apple) feature a standard charging port.

Tempered Glass

To ensure the safety of customers’ devices, this type of glass has been heat-treated, making it more resistant to breaking.

Regardless of whether they have a new or old phone, everyone needs to secure their device and its precious screen. So tempered glass comes in handy. In addition, the most significant moment to cross-sell is just after the screen repair. Next time you drop your phone, use toughened glass to encourage consumers to do the same.

For Rough Handling: Full Body Protection System

Tempered glass is taken to the next level by the full-body protection system. Allow customers to design their tempered glass and protective skins to meet their demands and preferences.

Choose from various devices (including the most recent ones?) to protect your screen with ProtectionPro by InjuredGadgets cut skins.

A more significant profit margin is possible due to your involvement in cutting and installing the protective system yourself.

Bluetooth-Enabled Gadgets

The popularity of Bluetooth gadgets is on the rise. The market for wireless audio devices is expected to reach $134.2 billion in value by 2025, up from $57.3 billion in 2020. Hands-free calling and gesture detection are two of the most critical Bluetooth-enabled smartphones nowadays.

Consider stocking Bluetooth equipment, such as headphones and speakers. Skullcandy, MyBat, and Baseus are just a few of the popular Bluetooth gadgets you should have in stock.

Wired Earphones and Headphones

While you might have noticed that Bluetooth is replacing the wired sector, it is not going away soon. Using wired headphones, users may listen to music or make phone calls even if their mobile devices are running low on battery power (which is a little tricky with Bluetooth).

They’re a touch cheaper than Bluetooth headphones, to top it all off. Whenever a consumer complains about a high price, you now have an answer. Shoppers might feel more secure when choosing from popular brands like Skullcandy, HyperGear, and MyBat while purchasing from a retailer.

Phone Holders

Customers will be able to keep their devices secure, thanks to this. Phone holders are often used by those with a lot of work to keep their phones secure on their desks.

To attract consumers, stores should sell a range of mobile holders, such as vehicle mount kits, magnetic car mounts, and wireless charging gravity car mounts. Portable phone holders may also be seen on automobiles to make it easier for drivers to find their way around. Because they keep people from looking down, they keep them from tripping.

Portable Power Sources and Batteries

People increasingly own more than one piece of technology (phone, Bluetooth devices, smartwatches, etc.). The importance of the gadget known as a power bank can no longer be overstated. Thanks to these universal and portable chargers, people may use their phones while they’re still charging.

With a power bank, you don’t have to have your devices plugged in all the time. Using many connectors, consumers may charge several devices at once with power banks. As a result, they have plenty of power banks on hand and actively urge clients to purchase one.

Protective Cases for Phones

An item such as a phone case enables us to safeguard our devices from accidental falls and damage. Using a case is a good idea since many smartphones nowadays have glass backs.

Stock phone cases in various styles meet the diverse demands of your consumers and help you make more money. Customers may even design their own phone cases. You should shop these new cases, especially if you’re running low on great quality ones for Androids. 

Wearables and Smartwatches

Smartwatches have become commonplace items in our daily lives. Features such as internet connection, taking phone calls, texting, checking caller ID, GPS tracking, and fitness monitoring capabilities are driving sales. It’s predicted that the worldwide smartwatch market will grow at a rate of 19.6 percent between 2020 and 2027.

Stock up on smartwatches at wholesale costs to attract gadget-obsessed clients and boost your profit margins.

Wholesale Mobile Accessories: Ready to Increase Your Revenue?

You can be starting your little cell phone accessories store, or you’re just a fan of them. You’ll want to know what kind of gadgets and items you should expect to see or have on hand. We hope that our guide has shed some light on the nine essential things you should have. 

And, if you’re hungry for more tips and tricks on running a tech-based store, you should check out our technology and business sections right away. 

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