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How High Will Polygon Crypto Go?


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Polygon Crypto Guide

“Scalability is a big issue with most cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH). It can be said that the first founders of digital currencies had no idea that their projects would be so in demand that they could hardly take the pressure off the net. For this reason, the public appreciates all the work solutions that reduce the network load and raise the speed of transactions and reduce their costs. Polygon (formerly Matic Network) is designed to solve this problem, which is why it is so in demand. As long as the scalability issue persists, the design of the landfill will be very relevant and in high demand. The only tangible risk for the project is Ethereum 2.0, which should solve the scalability issue and make Polygon a little irrelevant.

“However, the transition to Ethereum 2.0 is a relatively long process and will not solve all the problems at once. In addition, the founders of Polygon set themselves a very ambitious goal to make the project literally on the internet of blockchain, allowing them to interact. 

Similar projects already exist, such as the cosmos (ATOM) or the Polkadot (DOT), but at the moment, such solutions have no real use and are far from perfect. Investing first, it is important to remember that plans are ambitious and do not mean that the project will achieve its objectives and become a leader in its field. Polygon is a promising project, but it is important for investors to think about how the team achieves its objectives. “

Matic Price Prediction 2021

Some algorithm-based forecasting services share optimistic views on MATIC’s price forecasts for the rest of the year and beyond. Remember that any price prediction may be wrong and should be investigated before placing a trade.

At the beginning of January 2021, the Matic exchange rate was $0.0018. Also, in late January, the price began to rise, reaching $0.043. On March 12, MATIC suddenly peaked at $ 0.5089 and continued. The signal has been shown to be working properly. But the market has fallen again in recent months.

A massive morphological introduction was adopted in 2021, which lowered the MATIC price. Partnerships and alliances increase network scalability to 1,000,000 transactions per second. As we go further, we see that the MATIC price could go up to $3. The polygon ecosystem is very popular in many projects.

According to Digital Coin, MATIC could be a profitable investment for years to come. Its price targets suggest that MATIC could hit $5.79 in 2026 and $7.32 in 2028.

Another analytical source, Wallet Investor, offers an average price target of $4.33 for the next 12 months. Think of MATIC as a “great” long-term investment. Based on its price forecast, the price of cryptocurrency will rise to $15.49 by 2026.

CoinPedia suggests that the USD MATIC forecast could reach $3 by the end of 2021. But if the project fails to catch the attention of some investors, it could drop as low as $ 0.72.

Final Words

Please note that the forecasts above are generated through in-depth learning technologies and technical analysis data. You shouldn’t base your investment decisions on them. Remember that past performance does not guarantee future returns. Also, you should never invest funds that you cannot afford to lose.

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