9 Benefits of Cloud Enterprise File Sharing in B2B Environment

If you are part of a B2B company‘s leadership team and you have been considering an upcoming investment in new file-sharing capabilities, there are numerous factors to think about. Because file-sharing solutions are usually not small investments of time or money, it is important to understand the reasons for your purchase. For example, consider some of these benefits of enterprise cloud file-sharing solutions in B2B environments.

1. Reduced Costs

How much money does your company spend on storage management every quarter? In most cases, physical storage is more costly than virtual storage. One of the biggest benefits of switching over to cloud enterprise file sharing is the reduction in costs. A major reason for this is because of the ability to share files directly over the internet which, in turn, eliminates the need for physical machinery or storage. Less physical investment usually leads to lower maintenance costs as well.

2. More Time

Dollars matter, but they definitely are not the only currency that matters in the business world.  Another big benefit to appreciate is saving time. Take a moment to think about the days before cloud filing-sharing capabilities existed. Now, instead of having to save files to a device, transport the device and then insert the device into another computer for accessing files, your employees can simply click a few buttons to instantly share their files. This can save each person significant time.

3. Increased Accessibility

It can be difficult to work when you or your employees cannot access or share the files that you need to complete a particular task or project. Something else that is great about cloud file sharing is the ease of access. Anyone in your organization who has valid network login credentials should be able to access their shared files at any time, regardless of their location. This increase in accessibility can allow work to continue through numerous scenarios when it would have previously not, such as on snow days. It also increases access to a variety of different devices as well.

4. Improved Security

Every year, thousands of businesses face data security risks. When a data breach occurs, it not only puts your personal information at risk but also your entire company’s reputation and trustworthiness. Did you know that the type of file-sharing approach your organization takes can have an impact on your risk level? Although many people still use VPNs to increase network security, leveraging the cloud can eliminate this necessity. This is because secure file sharing allows workers to access and share files without a VPN and it works hand-in-hand with in-browser file access.

5. Increased Collaboration

How often do your employees collaborate on projects? Because file-sharing solutions make information readily available for so many individuals in the same workplace, it can also increase collaboration in multiple ways. With the ability to simultaneously edit and contribute to shared documents, businesses can turn to enterprise cloud file sharing to improve teamwork and efficiency at the same time.

6. Reliable Business Continuity

In the event of an emergency or natural disaster, your file-sharing solution should play a critical part. For example, if your business faces a power outage or crashed hard drives as a result of a severe storm, cloud filing sharing can keep your files protected in a remote location that is completely separate from the physical location of the weather-related damage.

7. Better Communication

With more accessibility and collaboration in a B2B environment, better communication is often another benefit that naturally occurs. When employees have more opportunities to work together on common goals, it also increases the chances they have to improve individual and group communication skills. As an organization, your business can benefit from better communication in numerous ways.

8. More Productivity

As another natural benefit of all of the other good stuff that occurs as a result of cloud enterprise filing sharing, an increase in work productivity overall is also common in B2B organizations. When employers have better access to files and an improved ability to collaborate, it allows them to get more work done in a shorter amount of time. As a result, your company naturally becomes more productive.

9. Regular Updates

Change is inevitable, but finding ways to quickly respond and adapt can mean the difference between success and failure for a business. An additional bonus of cloud file sharing is the subscription to regular updates that most service providers offer. By consistently initiating updates, a file-sharing solution can keep your B2B organization well-prepared for whatever jobs you need to handle.

Finding the right file-sharing solution for your business is critical to B2B organizational success. Understanding the different benefits can help you make a well-informed decision.

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