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Apex Legends : Surviving Tips For the Beginners


Battle Royale game Apex Legends provides you with pulsating and dynamic battle phases. You fight alongside one or two other players in this EA game as one of the 20 Legends.

In the world of battle royales, you’re surely aware of the frenzy surrounding the game Apex Legends. Regardless of what you may have heard about the game, if you really want it enough, you can become an Apex Legends champion. You must follow the rules while incorporating your own tricks when necessary.

In Apex Legends, new players commit a tonne of mistakes that can be avoided. In order to avoid the  errors we will be giving some tips that helped you succeed in Apex Legends. Grab some Apex Legends cheats from Cobracheats.com to reduce the learning curve before all that.

Pick characters that suit your style

The extensive character selection that players must make before playing Apex Legends is one of the game’s demanding features. While you can choose any character at random and start the game, we don’t recommend it. Choose a character that suits your preferred playing style instead. The characters are thankfully divided into defensive, support, recon, etc.

For instance, you’ll need a character like Gibraltar or Caustic if you wish to defend your team. Gibraltar has the capacity to create a cocoon that protects his team members under dire circumstances. Additionally, Caustic is able to drop canisters that will produce odours and deter approaching opponents.

Be careful not to misuse your skills

Who wouldn’t like to show off their superpowers and watch their enemies quiver in fear? You can, but doing so in Apex Legends comes with a cost that you might not be willing to pay. When engaged in combat, wait until things get heated before using your Ultimate or Tactical skills. This is so because the majority of these abilities have lengthy cool down periods. 

Get to know your surroundings

You must refrain from doing what new players want to do, which is to go about accumulating things and spamming their abilities at opponents. It is best to take advantage of this time when playing Apex Legends for learning the maps. Landing at several random locations throughout matches is a useful method for achieving this.

Keep an eye out for areas that are suitable for looting, flanks, covers, vantage points, escape routes, etc. As you play more, you’ll become more comfortable with the map, giving you an advantage over less experienced and more experienced gamers.

Always keep your teammates close by

In battle royale games like COD or Fortnite, you can have a decent chance of surviving when playing solo. However, in Apex Legends, you must play as a team and be a member of one. This is significant since various individuals have complementary skills.

You may be as aggressive as Octane or Fuse and still pass away for a pittance. To make your team more connected, you’ll require Bloodhound or Valkyrie’s recon abilities. You’ll also require defence and healing from your friends. Always remain with your teammates because their skills will be to your advantage.

Keep an eye on your inventory

You’ll need guns in some circumstances even with your character’s incredible ability. You will have a white backpack with little storage when the game first starts. As a result, you must choose its content carefully, prioritising the most pertinent information.

A first aid kit and some ammunition for your gun must be in your backpack. Additionally, you may include some grenades for unique encounters. You’ll also need shield cells and batteries. Your backpack will grow as you progress through the game and add more spaces. Put ammunition and first aid kits in those spaces.

Use every weapon possible

The use of the same weapons in every game is one of the most frequent errors. Although you could prefer one weapon over another, it can be dangerous to never use other weapons. In fact, you’ll be compelled to play something else without fully understanding how the weapon you have in hand works if you can’t find your preferred weapon.

Throwing a weapon to take up a position, for instance, can be helpful if you have a sniper at your disposal and the advantage of the terrain. Despite the initial disadvantage, if you don’t know how to use that sniper, you risk giving the enemy the upper hand.

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