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6 Tips To Help You Improve Your Game’s Fps


FPS is the abbreviation for Frames Per Second. It is the frequency of the flow of images in a video. FPS as a frame rate measure in games is quite popular and commonly used. The graphics settings and GPU decide the FPS rate of a computer system. A GPU (Graphics User Interface) is the CPU that handles 2D and 3D graphical operations. It is widely cited as a graphics or video card. Paying a lot of money for the latest game only to have a sloppy gaming experience on your PC is frustrating. Games like Cyberpunk 2077 and GTA V demand a very high FPS. For which sometimes even the best computers fail to deliver.

What Affects FPS?

Apart from the numerous factors that affect the FPS, the most common ones are –

  • The system hardware like GPU and memory.
  • Graphics and resolution-related game configurations.
  • Adaptability of the game with the system or GPU.

6 tips to increase FPS in your game are:


1. Modifying the Game Settings


By changing the display quality of the game, a high FPS can be attained. Turning off various special effects can result in a massive change. Some common special effects that engage a lot of FPS are-

  • Shadows
  • Reflections
  • Ambient occlusion 
  • Motion blur
  • Field depth
  • Texture density

It makes the gaming experience smoother. Lowering every display setting to ‘very low’ will do just the trick for you. It is a reliable technique for any gaming platform.


2. Driver Update 


We know that the graphics card driver plays a key role in measuring FPS. Staying updated with the latest driver boosts the FPS. Official websites of the graphics card manufacturers can get you the latest versions. It can be quickly done by following steps. Go to the Control panel and click on ‘Hardware and Sound.’ Open ‘Device Manager and find the ‘Display Adapters’ tab. Click on that pops an “Update Driver’ option, and clicking that will make Windows update your driver.


3. Clear Unwanted Applications


Unnecessary software or malware engages the RAM. It slows down the gaming speed and affects the FPS. It is vital to get rid of such applications as it clears the memory. Controlling too many applications makes the RAM overloaded. Removal of such applications increases the RAM’s efficiency, hence improves the FPS.


4. Disable Background Programs


Many applications start in the background once a PC is turned on. Ending the useless programs and tasks frees a lot of RAM. You can end the trivial programs in the Task Manager. Otherwise, the software can be put in a state of hibernation. Click on the Startup bar in the Task Manager and select the software you want to deactivate. By clicking on the ‘Disable’ option, the selected software goes into sleep.

5. Activate Game Mode

By switching to the game mode in windows settings, a higher FPS can be achieved. It is a default accessory provided by Windows to free the RAM. You have to visit ‘Settings,’ where you can find the ‘Game mode’ option. Enabling game mode optimizes the system for gaming without any manual customization.

6. Get Your Windows Updated 

While focusing on various tools and techs, people overlook an essential thing. It’s a Windows update! Repetitive and familiar, yet essential for the whole system. A Windows 10 update brings a lot of features like DirectX12 libraries and Xbox. They help the system to enhance its capability. It can be done by going to ‘Settings’ and then clicking on ‘Update and Security.’

Final Words

Apart from these, various online tools accelerate the system’s ability to generate high FPS. While these tools are potent, they might bring dangerous bugs and malware. It harms the system and its integrity, so it needs to be checked. Getting the best out of your PC is not an impossible task, only if the PC is well protected and maintained by the user. Asking too much from an old system by adding more and more tools is suicidal. It degrades the actual hardware and makes the operating system weak. 

It’s advisable to experiment within limits. Only trust and download tools from secure websites and service providers. This is why a secured FPS accelerator is everything a gamer needs in his arsenal. Apart from these hacks one can use a HWID spoofer modern warfare tool or various bots to ace the overall game play. So what are you waiting for? Let your PC flaunt an incredible gaming experience.

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