What video editor are you going to think about when it comes to video editing? Premiere Pro, Final Cut, Sony Vegas, or Davinci Resolve? They are certainly one of the greatest software that offers you the most professional features and the best performance. But most individuals that edit your films are at the beginner’s level, it’s reasonable to assume. These professional publishers aren’t always the greatest options. For one reason, high-performance computers are necessary for this program. There is also a significant learning curve before you can utilize it efficiently.

In this scenario, you will need an easy-to-use video editor which will help you edit your movies fast. I’m now utilizing the AceMovi Video Editor AceMovi Video Editor, which I certainly would suggest to all the newbies. Follow up, I will examine this video editor including the UI, key features, and PC requirements. Scroll down for more information.

User Interface


AceMovi Video Editor is a sleek user interface without flashy buttons and windows that presents all the key functions you need on the screen. All key buttons such as elements, music, text, filter, transition, animation, split-screen and regional effects may be simply navigated.

You may drag your edges to change the size of this window at the top center of the screen. What strikes me the most is that you can remove the lens from the UI and set it anywhere you want to personalize your workflow.

The timeline might be the location where you spend the most time in your editing and the AceMovi Video Editor team can properly narrow it. The timeline may include any form of material including video, audio, picture, GIF, and split-screen presets. The scale slider allows you to scale down and up the schedule as required.

Main Features

AceMovi offers a wealth of fundamental editing functions, such as splitting, zooming, cropping, rotation, scaling, and color modification. It also has unique features like background music and sound effects, animated text, filters, transitions, animations, and a partition screen.

You may find them directly in AceMovi if you require certain materials such as stickers, background pictures, music, and sound effects. Its integrated stock library provides you with a large variety of static and animated components and sounds.

AceMovi is placed as an all-around video editor on the computer with a screen recorder to record the display and the sound. The screenshot also enables microphone input, so that both your voice-over and the computer screen may be recorded in real-time.

Keyframing has come into play with its newest version. You may add a keyframe to the video or picture and add another at another time. Customize media opacity, orientation, size, or position in one keyframe to generate animation on the screen.

How does AceMovi Video Editor work?

AceMovi Video Editor AceMovi is a great video editor that handles both standard and sophisticated features well. This is what it offers.


On Board Assets

It may be a long process to find appropriate materials for your video. With the included stickers and backdrops, you can simply use AceMovi Video Editor AceMovi to locate various static and dynamic stickers. Add and edit the project’s media assets without the usual wait times.

Audio Resource

A video is nearly impossible to describe as fantastic without sound. Sound is apparently playing a significant role in a video, compensating for the missing information from the graphics. There are plenty of sound effects and background music to be found in AceMovi’s audio collection. You may modify the level, apply fade in/out effects, and get rid of noise with the audio editor. The equalizer also allows you to alter the equalizer settings.

Text-Editing Tool

Adding words to explain what’s happening in your video can be done easily. With so many distinct texts presets to choose from, you’ll be able to find the exact look you’re going for with your static and dynamic text in AceMovi.


Do you want to make some changes to your video? And then filter it if you can. The filter is a function that lets you easily change your settings and moods by filtering through them. There is a tonne of filters and special effects in AceMovi that are quite useful for beautifying your films.

Interesting Transitions

Transition is a crucial aspect of video editing. Transitions help smooth out any changes you make to the plot, setting, or characters, even when you’re changing multiple things at once. It has a wide range of effects for transitions, like fading, sliding, swiping, pushing, merging, splitting, whisking, and zooming. The duration and mode-change parameters can be used to adjust each transition.


Keyframing provides you a lot of room to work within your movie, and you can use it to modify whatever features you include. It’s possible to modify a clip’s opacity, orientation, scale, and position with keyframes. Editing a video will be easier with this function as you can bring out your creativity.


Have you ever thought about creating a home film with your spouse or some of your favorite memories from family events? When you use the split-screen feature, you can have your frame display two or more screens by using a preset that you select. AceMovi allows you to partition up to six screens, and control parameters for each screen.

Pros and Cons of AceMovi Video Editor


  • Very user-friendly.
  • Accepts and can be converted into several video formats.
  • There is a free trial available.
  • Fantastic library constructed in


  • The free trial allows you to export watermark video files.

System Requirement

AceMovi is a well-designed Windows and Mac program, you simply need to select the proper version for your machine. The necessary system setup is also a minimum. All previous versions of Windows, including XP and macOS 10.8 are compatible with the program. The CPU required is just 1GHz and has a RAM of 512MB or a Mac of 256MB. The necessary screen resolution is 1024 x 768, or a little more than 720p. It does not need a new system for running this program, even a decade-old system may fill the box. News systems will of course improve performance, but even older systems will not deceive.


AceMovi Video Editor offers free trials across various versions of Windows and Mac. With a free trial, users may access all functionalities. To export your project with no watermark, you need to pay for a $19.95 per month monthly plan, a $39.95 yearly plan, or a $ 59.95-lifetime plan.


The AceMovi Video Editor Video Editor is one of the greatest video editors on the market with its flexibility. It supports not just the most common, but also the lesser-known video formats. You will certainly obtain a polished, professional result with the available effects, transition, and audio and video libraries. Features are not a restriction, because you may split-screen presentation, divide two movies together, or add audio to your material.

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